Crazy Sins

Oozie is the mate to Satan, making her the Queen of Hell. Her life is great, with everything she could want. That's what she thinks, until she runs into an old demon who tells her who her mother is. Curiosity gets the better of Oozie and when she finds out what her past is, she's determined to get revenge on the person who lied about everything.

Prequel to the Succubus Series. Book 1 is Red Succubus


8. What Happened

I stared at Elektra, across the wooden table. Ernie, the man, had gotten us water and stood behind Elektra's chair. We stared at each other. Elektra kept watching me, soaking in every feature on me, I felt it. I looked into my water. "So...if the story Satan told me wasn't true..." I glanced at my mother. "Then what's the true story?"

Elektra shifted. "I had been Satans mate at one point. But I got, bored. He just, wasn't what I wanted and he acted so evil."

I shook my head. "Satan isn't evil. He's wonderful and how do you get bored with him? He's a great mate. And I enjoy being Queen." I smiled.

Her eyes widened. "You're his mate? You've had sex with him?!" She sounded so shocked.

I nodded. "Ok here listen. I left Satan and came here on a job. I found Ernie and fell in love. I went back and had you. But Satan found me and he wasn't happy. He threatened me and I told him I'd fallen for a human. He banished me but made me leave you. I wanted to take you so badly but Satan wouldn't let me. He said that you were also his and that he would kill me if I returned for you." Elektra explained.

"I was his?" I furrowed my eye brows.

"What the fuck are you saying?"

"Im saying," She paused. "I'm saying Satan is your father. He's sick and twisted for having sex and making you his mate."

My eyes widened. "You're sick! Are you even my mom? Why are you lying to me?!" I yelled.

"I'm not lying I swear to you." Elektra's eyes widened.

Shock filled me. "Oh god. Oh my fucking god! I'LL KILL HIM I'LL MAKE HIM WISH HE NEVER DID ME!!" I stood slamming my fist on the table.

"Oozie sit! Please think first. This is Satan we're talking about, you can't just punch him and be done. No he might kill you." Elektra held out her hand.

Anger and betrayal churned in me. "All I wanted was to find you. Not to figure out my father has been fucking me the whole time." I choked out.

"I know it hurts but think about what you do before you go do it." Elektra came over and hugged me.

I took a deep breath. "I'm going to go and talk to Satan." I said. 

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