Crazy Sins

Oozie is the mate to Satan, making her the Queen of Hell. Her life is great, with everything she could want. That's what she thinks, until she runs into an old demon who tells her who her mother is. Curiosity gets the better of Oozie and when she finds out what her past is, she's determined to get revenge on the person who lied about everything.

Prequel to the Succubus Series. Book 1 is Red Succubus


7. Jungle

I walked through the jungle, grateful for the water bottle Barry had given me. The sun was hot and the humidity was unbearable. I was sweating hard, leaving sweat marks on my shirt. I panted and decided to stop under a tree. The shade was welcomed. "Shit, how much hotter can it get?" I panted.

I took out the water and chugged it. I looked around. I'd been walking for an hour? Maybe more. Id gotten like, two miles. 'I could run the rest.' I thought.

That would've been a good idea two miles ago. I got up and started running at super speed. Dust and grass whipped up behind me. Birds and animals scrambled out of my way. Sweat flung from my body. "Im coming mom!" I called.

I crashed from the trees, tripping over a root and face planting. I stood and looked. A large, crystal clear lake glistened with a sandy shore. A house sat on the shore. "Just like someone just dropped it here." I muttered, walking toward it.

I got very nervous. "Ok just knock on the door and explain who you are." I rubbed my hands together, looking at the door.

I stood there for a moment not moving. Taking a deep breath I knocked on the door. It opened a few moments later to a tall dark blonde woman with a hat over her head. She wore jean shorts and a belly top, her thighs had silver markings. "Hello, may I help you?" She looked at me.

A man with red hair walked up. He had freckles and green eyes. "Who are you?" He wrapped his arm around the woman's waist.

"Are you Elektra?" I asked.

"...Yes." Elektra stared.

"I'm Oozie. You're my mother." I said as butterflies erupted in my stomach.

She stared. "I'm a succubus and I know you're one too. I know you abandon me leaving me in hell and Satan watched over me all so you could be with a human." I started quickly. "And now I came to find you and I did."

There was silence. The man just stared. "That's not exactly how the whole story went my dear." Elektra said softly. "Come inside and we'll talk. Ernie, get us some water."

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