Crazy Sins

Oozie is the mate to Satan, making her the Queen of Hell. Her life is great, with everything she could want. That's what she thinks, until she runs into an old demon who tells her who her mother is. Curiosity gets the better of Oozie and when she finds out what her past is, she's determined to get revenge on the person who lied about everything.

Prequel to the Succubus Series. Book 1 is Red Succubus


9. Die

I stormed through Hell. After a day at Elektra's, which she said would help calm me down and it didn't, I had come here. I pushed people out of my way. And knowing who I was they didn't say anything. Except one guy who I promptly punched and sent flying backwards. As I stormed into the castle a maid came up. "Queen! Oh Satan has been looking for you! He's in the dining hall."

I growled and ran in. Satan looked up. "Oozie! I've been looking for you!" He came over and hugged me.

I stood rigid. He pulled back, confused. "What's wrong my dear?"

"What's wrong?! You tell me, DAD!" I screamed and shoved him back.

He stumbled and stared at me. "Elektra told me what really happened. I can't believe you, fucking your own daughter!"

"You believed her?"

"No more lies Satan!" I hissed.

"Fine. Yes I'm your father. I banished Elektra because she betrayed me!" Satan growled.

"Whatever." I snarled.

"Won't you forgive me?" Satan murmured.

"No!" I roared and ran at him.

I pulled back my fist then let it fly. It hit his jaw and he stumbled back. He growled and grabbed my hair. He yanked my head and flung me to the table. It cracked under the force. He lunged and I pushed my legs into his stomach. He stumbled and I tackled him. I punched and kneed his stomach. He grabbed my clothes, lifted me over his head, and flung me into a wall.

I rolled out of the way as he tried to kick me. He turned and punched me between my shoulders. I screamed and lay still. He stood back. "I'll let you live because you are my spawn. Get out of hell now. Attack me again and I will kill you." He threatened.

I stood. "you...this isn't over." I hissed and ran out.

People moved as I ran. No I wasn't going to stop there. I'd kill Satan for what he did! He'd pay for it. I screamed and punched a hole into a wall. People stopped and stared. "WHAT?! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG I CAN DO WHATEVER THE FUCK I WANT!" I screamed.

People backed away. 'Im going to kill Satan I swear on my life.' I thought. 

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