Second Chances or A new Love?

Callie Jacobs and her best friend Lexi Moyer just graduated High School and are now preparing to go off to England for College together. They have been dreaming about this day forever and it was finally here. What Callie doesn't know is that her ex-boyfriend, Joseph is also planning on going to the same College. When Callie and Lexi get to England they find an apartment to share just down the road from their College, and the same day she finds out that her ex is living right next door. The girls also run into a really cute guy named Harry, who lives in the apartment right above the girls. Find out the real reason Callie split with Joseph, and why it impacts her decision to be with him or Harry. Will she give Joseph a second chance or will Harry be her new love?


6. New Relationships?

So I said I was going to post this chapter right after the last one but my computer froze up and it all got lost, so I had to re-write. I'm sorry guys but here is this one and the next one should be up within the next hour(:

Harry's POV

Waking up to Callie's beautiful face was like a dream, she was absolutely perfect and I so badly wanted her to be mine. I was unsure if she wanted the same thing until last night when she cuddled up next to me. I was so happy, so today my plan was to take her out on a date, on an adventure of the town. I got up and found a piece of paper and pen, I wrote a note to her and put it on the pillow. I quietly left to go up to my room and get changed. Today was going to be perfect.

Callie's POV

I woke up and was disapointed when I noticed Harry was no longer next to me. But I saw there was a note so I picked it up and read it.

Cal, morning beautiful

wear something nice cause I'm taking you out today!

Love, H xo

I smiled at the note and quickly got up to get ready. Harry texted me after I was out of the shower saying he would be down in 10, so I dressed into a nice pink and purple floral print dress and a pair of white flats. I decided to go natural and not wear any make up, and put my hair into a bun. I looked at the clock and it was 10:30, Harry should be here any minute. At 10:35 there was a knock at the door and I quickly got up to answer it. 

Harry's POV

When she opened the door and I saw her in that cute dress I couldn't take my eyes off of her. I stood there for a moment before I slowly walked in.

"Wow you look, amazing."

"Thanks" she said as a hint of pink grew on her cheeks.

"So where exactly are we going today?"

"Well I was thinking of taking you down to the bakery today to show you around there, but its not open today. So as an alternative, we are going to take a drive to Bradford."

"Bradford? What's there?"

"My friend Zayn is having a party there tonight and I thought maybe we could go."

"Ohh, well that sounds like fun but maybe I should go change into something a little more fit for a party."

"You could just pack something and change over there?"

"Good idea."

As she went and disappeared into her room I walked into the kitchen and started unpacking some of their kitchen supplies. I was so focused and didn't even realize she was standing in the doorway watching me. 

"Oh-erm, I was just helping put some of the stuff away."

"Thanks. Are you ready to go?"

"Yeah, lets go."

Callie's POV

I have to say when Harry mentioned going out to a party I was a little hesitant at first. The last party I was at Joseph was there and all that stuff the next day with him kissing me was crazy. I was going to let myself have fun here with new people, I was going to have a good time tonight with Harry and his friends and forget about Joseph.

We got to Bradford about an hour later, and the house we pulled up to was huge. Harry got out and opened my door, we were greeted at the house by the guy who was throwing the party whose name I found out was Zayn. He walked us inside and introduced us to his other friends Liam, Niall and Josh. I asked Zayn where the bathroom was or a spare bedroom so I could change and he pointed me in the direction upstairs. I could tell Harry didn't really know what to do so I asked if he could help me.

"Could you come up and help me Harry?"

"Erm, yeah sure I guess."

I grabbed his hand and we walked upstairs together, we found the room which I assumed was Zayn's parents' and luckily we didn't walk in on a sex session by anyone like people do in the movies. Harry had a seat on the bed while I went into the bathroom with my bag. I quickly changed into my dark purple mini dress which I couldn't zip up by myself, so I left it and put my heels back on. I walked out and asked Harry for help with my dress, and as the kind gentleman he is, he did.

We went back down and I asked Harry if he wanted a drink while he went over to his friends, he nodded in agreement as a yes. I walked over to the keg where Niall was.

"Hey your Callie right?"

"Yeah, and your Niall?"

"Yuup, and wow Harry was right about you."

"Right about what exactly?"

"He talks about you a lot, he really likes you."

I couldn't help but blush as he nudged me and asked if I liked him back.

"Well I don't know, kinda I guess."

"You guys would make an awesome couple, and I can tell Harry is different around you. A good different of course."

I laughed as we walked back to the group of guys together. I handed Harry his beer as he whispered something into my ear.

"You look really hot babe."

"You don't look to bad yourself."

It was then that Harry grabbed me and pulled me into a closet.

"Harry what are we doing in here?"

"I need to tell you something... I like you, a lot. Ever since you came into the bakery that day and I was trying to impress you-"

I stopped him by smashing my lips up against his.

"I like you too Harry, so much."

Kissing Harry was nothing compared to kissing Joseph, with Harry there were fireworks and sparks, everything was perfect when we kissed. In that moment I knew I was in love with this boy, my hopes were that he felt the same way.

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