Second Chances or A new Love?

Callie Jacobs and her best friend Lexi Moyer just graduated High School and are now preparing to go off to England for College together. They have been dreaming about this day forever and it was finally here. What Callie doesn't know is that her ex-boyfriend, Joseph is also planning on going to the same College. When Callie and Lexi get to England they find an apartment to share just down the road from their College, and the same day she finds out that her ex is living right next door. The girls also run into a really cute guy named Harry, who lives in the apartment right above the girls. Find out the real reason Callie split with Joseph, and why it impacts her decision to be with him or Harry. Will she give Joseph a second chance or will Harry be her new love?


9. Is love in the air?

Callie's POV

We landed at LAX around 2:30 am, because I had slept so much when we first boarded the plane I was awake now. Harry was asleep with his head nestled on my shoulder, and his curls kept tickling my face. I woke him up a few minutes before we actually landed, as well as everyone else who was sleeping. I looked in the seat behind me to wake up Lexi and Niall who were cuddled up to each other, it was really cute but I told him that she was off limits until she gets over Jake. I don't want her rebounding or something and breaking his heart, but I know how much he likes her so I wouldn't mind if they started dating. I quietly whispered for them to wake up and told them we were landing soon.

After getting off the plane and getting our bags checked, it was now almost 3. My mom texted me saying she was outside with the car, so we all went in that direction. I was so happy to see her, even if she was only in her pj's. I ran up to her and engulfed her into a hug, even though it was only a month since but I left I missed her so much. Lexi was behind me and she also gave her a hug. Next was Harry, I could tell she was impressed by him. He kindly gave her a hug and I introduced them.

"Mom, this is Harry"

"Mrs. Jacobs, its really nice to meet you. Callie has told me a lot about you."

"You can call me Karen, and its really nice to meet you too Harry and all your friends."

"Oh, I'm sorry. These are my friends Louis, Niall, Liam and Zayn."

"Well it's nice to meet all of you, and I look forward to getting to know you more while you are here. So we should probably go, grandma is up waiting with some hot tea for all of you."

We all got into the mini van which seated all of us, Lexi sat in front with my mom and the rest of us sat in the back seats, myself next to Harry. My grandparents' only lived about 20 minutes from the airport so it was a short and quiet ride. When we pulled into the driveway I noticed there was an extra car aside from my grandpas pick-up.

"Mom, who's car is that?"

"I was hoping he would put it away at least."


"Yeah, he flew in two days ago and I was hoping to surprise you. His deployment ended early so he doesn't have to go back for 2 more months."

I ran inside forgetting about Harry and everything, I couldn't wait to see my Dad again. 


I ran to him and gave him a huge hug. I was so happy to see him, and I was looking forward for him to meet Harry now. We video called each other a couple times and he met Harry once. He nailed him with a few questions, but overall he said he liked him so far. For my dad to meet Harry is a big deal, when he met Joseph after we started dating him and my mom told me they had a bad feeling about him, and I guess they were right about that one.

"Hey sweetie, I've missed you so much."

"I've missed you more, but I'm glad your back."

"So your mother told me you brought Harry along with you?"

"Yeah, him and his friends and Lexi are out probably bringing in all their stuff now."

"Well why don't we go help."

Harry's POV

Callie ran inside so fast I almost didn't know she was actually gone at first. I knew how important her dad was in her life, she told me how much she would miss him when he was gone and how happy she gets whenever he gets to come for a visit. I was happy when I got to video chat with him, I think I made a pretty good impression. I was actually really happy when she told me that her dad told her he had a good feeling about me. I was excited to meet him.

"You must be Harry."

"Mr. Jacobs, it's nice to finally meet you sir."

"Likewise, from what I know you guys will be staying with us for the week."

"Yeah, I told Callie if it gets to much the guys and I can always go stay in a hotel."

"Don't be ridiculous, we'd love to have you, all of you."

After doing introductions again we all went inside and Callie's grandma, Ann showed us to where our rooms would be. It was actually a fairly large sized house, Callie told me that they used to foster kids together for a few years. It was 2 stories, and all the rooms except the master were upstairs. Niall and Zayn shared a room, and Louis, Liam and I shared a room. Lexi and Callie shared a just down the hall from ours and her parents and little brothers were in the room next to them. It was going to be hard to resist sneaking into her room in the middle of the night to get into bed with her and wake up with her in the morning. I was going to respect her parents, and her grandparents since we were in their house and keep to myself. 

As everyone was heading off to bed Callie and I decided to watch some TV before going. We sat on the couch next to each other still drinking our tea her grandmother made as she scrolled through the channels for something to watch.

"How about this one?"

"No chick flicks tonight babe, we should watch something funny or actiony."

"That's not even a word."

"Ohh, how about that one?"


"Yeah, it has action and love stuff."

"Love stuff?"

"Yeah, lets watch it."

"Fine, but the next movie we watch I get to choose."

I laid back on the couch as Callie did the same on to me. We laid there with each other watching the movie for about an hour before she fell asleep. So I carefully picked her up and brought her upstairs to her room. I laid her down into her bed and just as I was about to get up and leave after giving her a kiss she pulled me down next to her.

"Stay with me tonight, please."

"Fine, just until you fall back asleep though."

I laid there next to her and wrapped my arms back around her. I always loved cuddling with her. After about 20 minutes she went back to sleep and I got up to go back to my room.

"You really love her don't you?"

It was Lexi, she must have heard me bring Callie in here.

"More than anything."

"That's good, I can tell she feels the same way. Just promise me, promise you won't ever hurt her."

I look down at Callie sleeping and think to myself how and why anyone would want to hurt someone like her.

"I promise."

I kiss Callie on her forehead before leaving to go back downstairs.

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