Second Chances or A new Love?

Callie Jacobs and her best friend Lexi Moyer just graduated High School and are now preparing to go off to England for College together. They have been dreaming about this day forever and it was finally here. What Callie doesn't know is that her ex-boyfriend, Joseph is also planning on going to the same College. When Callie and Lexi get to England they find an apartment to share just down the road from their College, and the same day she finds out that her ex is living right next door. The girls also run into a really cute guy named Harry, who lives in the apartment right above the girls. Find out the real reason Callie split with Joseph, and why it impacts her decision to be with him or Harry. Will she give Joseph a second chance or will Harry be her new love?


7. Hallie

Harry's POV

After the party last night we decided to just stay over and leave in the morning. Callie and I fell asleep together in Zayn's room while the rest of the guys all passed out somewhere downstairs. It felt good to know that Callie was mine and that we felt the same way for each other, I love waking up next to her every morning. I got up and pulled my jeans on, I looked over at Callie still sleeping and wearing my t-shirt that was a bit big on her. I decided not to wake her up and I went downstairs to see what everyone was doing, Niall was the only one up and he was getting ready to go out.

"Where you going?"

"To get breakfast, you wanna come?"

"Sure we can take mine, where are we going?"

"Just down the road to McDonalds."

"Sounds good, but we'll also have to stop by the store to get a fruit bowl for Callie. She hates the food at McDonalds."

"What kind of crazy person doesn't like breakfast there?"

I laughed as we drove down the road, I dropped Niall at McDonalds while I ran to the closest market open. I got a fruit bowl and an orange juice for Callie. When we got back everyone was awake helping Zayn clean up, except for Callie.

"Hey Zayn, is Callie still upstairs?"

"Yeah, I think she just took a shower."

I walked up to the room and she was still in the bathroom. So I decided to fix the bed while waiting. A few minutes later she came out wearing the flowery dress she wore yesterday when we got here. 

"Oh hey, good morning."

"Morning beautiful, I got you breakfast."

"Harry you didn't have to do that."

I got up and walked towards her, and kissed her on the lips just like she did to me last night with the same passion. I could still hear the fireworks after, and I could feel the butterflies in my stomach.

"But I wanted to babe."

"Well thanks."

She hugged me and then we went downstairs to eat with the rest of the guys. They were all at the huge dining table, digging into their food. I gave Callie her fruit bowl and juice.

Niall's POV

"So I assume you guys are dating now?"

Callie looked to Harry and back towards me.

"I guess you could say so."

They looked so perfect together, and I was so happy for Harry. He used to talk about meeting the right girl, the perfect girl for him. I told him that we would all be able to tell when he meets that girl, and right now I can tell. He is a different person when he is with Callie, it's like he has found his soul mate and so has she.

"So we can call you guys Hallie, it's like Callie and Harry combined."

"Hallie? That's a cute nickname." Callie said

"So what's the plan for today guys?"

"Well I was thinking maybe we could go camping this weekend, maybe in LA?" Harry asked

"In LA, why there?" Liam said

"Well it's where Callie used to live."

"Actually my grandparents live there. I told Harry maybe we could go down and see them this weekend, plus my Mom and brothers will be there too."

"So your meeting the parents already Harry?" I said

"I guess so, but I think it would also be a fun vacation for all of us."

"Well I say we go." Zayn said

"It's a plan then, Callie and I have to head back to my place to get stuff ready. So how about we meet at the airport around 9, I can get tickets for everyone when I get home."

Everyone agreed, and Harry and Callie left. This was going to be a fun weekend, I haven't been to America for so long and I loved it there.

Callie's POV

I was so excited to get to go home to America for a few weeks, and I was even happier that Harry would be coming with me. The other guys coming is a bonus too. I called Lexi and told her that I would be back in an hour, she is coming too of course. She wanted to leave a few days ago because she found out Jake was cheating on her, long story short she went over to his house to surprise him because he moved here a few days before us and she walked in on him doing the dirty basically. He tried to say the girl was coming on to him but she was already too pissed. I told her to wait a few days because I would be going up, and that we could just go together.

We got home an hour later and Lexi was still packing some of her clothes, she was also ripping up pictures of her and Jake. I told her we would be leaving around 8 to meet everyone at the airport, I also explained that Harry's friends would be going too. She was excited to meet new people and be able to forget about Jake. I went into my room and didn't really have to pack much because I knew I would have enough bathing suits and extra clothes at my grandparents'. I took a quick shower and put some yoga pants on and a t-shirt. I brought my small bag of bathroom stuff and put it into my suitcase. It was only 4 now and Harry texted me saying he would be down at 5, he had to go pick up Louis. So as I was waiting I decided to check my laptop, I checked Twitter and Tumblr before I started watching some YouTube videos. 

Harry and Louis came down around 5:30 and helped Lexi and I bring our suitcases down to Harry's car. After everything was settled and in we went back up to our apartment and I called my mom, she said she would be able to meet us at the airport when we get there early tomorrow morning. I also mentioned to her that a few extra people would be with us and she was really happy about it. So to pass by the next couple hours the four of us decided to watch a movie that Louis suggested. After the movie was over it was already 8, so we made sure we had everything and left to go to the airport.

We got to the airport at 8:45 and our flight was due to leave at 9, Harry, myself, Lexi and Louis were all waiting and getting our bags checked when we saw Niall, Liam and Zayn come in together. Since we all bought our tickets in one order we were all together, I was sitting next to Harry and Liam. While Lexi sat with Niall, and Louis sat with Zayn. I'm glad I wore something comfortable because it was going to be a long ride, and to make me even more comfortable Harry let me wear his big hoodie and let me fall asleep on his shoulder. Everything was perfect and I couldn't wait to spend time with Harry in LA.

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