Second Chances or A new Love?

Callie Jacobs and her best friend Lexi Moyer just graduated High School and are now preparing to go off to England for College together. They have been dreaming about this day forever and it was finally here. What Callie doesn't know is that her ex-boyfriend, Joseph is also planning on going to the same College. When Callie and Lexi get to England they find an apartment to share just down the road from their College, and the same day she finds out that her ex is living right next door. The girls also run into a really cute guy named Harry, who lives in the apartment right above the girls. Find out the real reason Callie split with Joseph, and why it impacts her decision to be with him or Harry. Will she give Joseph a second chance or will Harry be her new love?


3. Graduation

Callie's POV

I woke up with a huge hangover, even though I didn't drink much. Heavy liquor usually does that to me. I looked over at the clock and it was 11:05 am. I nudged Lexi to get up and to start getting ready to go to our graduation practice. It was this thing we had to go to at our school, where we practice our walk and get assigned a partner to walk with, and sit next to at the graduation. I quickly got up and ran to the bathroom. I took a quick shower and changed into some tan shorts, a light blue halter top and some Toms. I let my hair down, and let it dry naturally then I applied some mascara and eye liner to my eyes.

By the time I was done getting ready, Lexi was just getting out of the shower. She borrowed a pair of my skinny jeans, one of my crop tops and also a pair of my Toms. We walked downstairs together to see what my Gram was making for breakfast. Her and my Mom were making waffles, eggs, and bacon. 

When we were all done eating, Lexi and I volunteered to clean up the kitchen while my Mom got herself and the twins ready to take Lexi and I to the practice. After we were done cleaning up, we waited in the living room with my Gram for my Mom and the boys, and after waiting a while we finally all left.

Once we got there Lexi looked for Jake, and I helped. Once we were all there, our principal called us each one by one and told us who we'd be partnered with. Lexi and I didn't get paired but I did get paired with a girl I had in my music class, she was nice. Once everything was settled, Lexi left with Jake and I went with my Mom. She told me she would come over early tomorrow morning to help me get ready for the graduation.

-next day-

I woke up and saw that it was 7:30 am. I had a text from Lexi saying she would be here at 8:00, so I decided to get in the shower. By the time I was done, and walked out of my bathroom Lexi was already laying out outfit's for me to choose from.

"Hey, so I think this shirt would look really awesome with these jeans. But maybe a dress would be better, like more formal. What do you think?" she was switching her eyes back and forth from me to the two outfits she had layed out.

"I think a dress, just so that after when we take pictures and all I can look at least half decent." I chuckled.

"Oh shut up Cal, your beautiful. But I do agree with the dress choice too, I think I'll do the same."

I quickly changed into the dress and picked out a pair of black flats to match it, the dress was a deep purple color so black would totally look great. Lexi did my make-up and curled my hair, and when she was finished I turned to look at myself in the mirror. I then noticed my Mom standing at my door, almost in tears, admiring what I was wearing.

"Mom, your going to ruin your make-up. Save the crying for later." I laughed, and also had to hold back my tears.

"I just wanted to let you know that your father's flight just got delayed an hour so he won't get here until just before the graduation." 

I was so excited to see my dad, even if he was only able to stay for just a week. At least I would see him before I move. My dad is in the army, so he is gone a lot and only gets to visit a few months out of the year. I'm so glad he will be here for my graduation though, I've missed him so much.

It was 11:00 now and we had to be leaving soon for the graduation at 1:00. Lexi's parents, and older sister showed up at the house at 11:30 and by 12:15 we left the house and were on the road to the school. Lexi and I made our way to where we needed to be seated, and our parents went over to the audience section. Just as I was settled into my seat I got a text that said 'Turn around gorgeous(;'. It was an unknown number so I didn't know who it was until I turned around and saw that familiar face. 

Perfect, way to just ruin my day. I quickly turned back around ignoring him as the ceremony started.

The principal was calling people up to receive their diplomas, when I heard my name I got up and walked up to the stage. I noticed my Mom and Dad in the audience, and in that moment I didn't care about anything else but the fact that I had two proud parents and a great life ahead of me to start.

-after graduation-

After the graduation, we took pictures and then went out for dinner. I was so happy to finally get time with my Dad, I missed him so much. 

After dinner we went home, and when I got up to my room I checked my phone and saw I had a missed call and two new text messages from Lexi. Both text messages said the same thing, 

From Lexi:

Call me ASAP!

I dialed Lexi's number, she answered almost immediately after the first ring.

L: Thank God!!

C: Hey Lex, what's up?!

L: Party tonight, it's at Jake's house and I have no idea what to wear!

C: *laugh* Ok, ok, calm down. Just come over here and we can pick out something together.

L: Wait, your going? I thought you said, because you-know-who was going to be there you were'nt going to go?

C: I'm not going to let that hold me back Lex, I'm going to that party and I have to wear something really hot so I can make you-know-who drool over the chance of wanting to get back together.

L: There's the Cal I knew. Ok, I'll be over in 10!

Lexi calls me a lot for reasons like that. She sees me as the super fashion expert, mainly because I wear a lot of designer clothes and my choice of career, which is modeling/dance. I meant what I said though, I want to make Joseph drool over his chances with me. After tonight he will regret everything he did to me last year, but I'm so glad that after tonight I won't have to see that bastard ever again. 

It was just after 8 when Lexi came over, we both did each other's make-up, I chose a cute light blue mini-dress for Lexi to wear and for myself I wore my new purple strapless mini-dress. Once we perfected our looks we got a ride from my Dad who said he would be back to pick us up at 3. I felt bad for not spending time with him tonight, but he told me not to sweat it and that tomorrow I could make it up to him by planning a whole day for just him and I.

-at the party-

It was around 10 when Lexi and I got there, and you could tell people were drunk already. Lexi and I went over to Jake and a group of his friends which included Joseph, and started taking some shots. I could tell a lot of people, guys especially, were staring at me and I could sense Joseph getting tempered. He used to always be so protective of me,making sure guys weren't staring at my ass or taking a glance at my chest. Once he almost got in a fight with his cousin when I met him, because he thought he was flirting with me. I didn't care about all the people staring at me, all that mattered was that I had Joseph where I had him, he was jealous. 

Next thing I know I'm walking up the stairs in the house to a mysterious bedroom, I didn't know who was dragging me up the stairs until he turned to face me after closing the bedroom door.

J: What the fuck do you think your doing Callie!!?

C: What-t are you-u talking about?

J: Throwing yourself around at guys, wearing shit like that. What happened to you?!

C: *i was inches away from his face* You don't like my dress, I wore it just for you.

J: Stop it Cal, this isn't you.

C: I thought you wanted me like this Joseph, don't you still love me?

Joseph's POV

After seeing Callie acting the way she was I couldn't take it anymore. I grabbed her and brought her upstairs.

J: Stop it Cal, this isn't you.

C: I thought you wanted me like this Joseph, don't you still love me?

J: Still love you? Are you fucking kidding me Cal, I've always loved you!

I was holding onto her hands, her small petite hands, I missed this. How could she think I ever stopped loving her? I know what I did in the past was wrong, but I'm different now. I wanted to tell her so badly, and maybe now was my chance. But it wasn't, I couldn't tell her now. She is way to drunk so she probably wouldn't remember anything if I told her. So instead I took her phone out of her purse and put it in my pocket, it would give me an excuse as to why I show up at her house tomorrow. I lead her downstairs, where she ended up passing out on the couch. I went over and told Jake where she was so he could inform Lexi when they left.

Hopefully my plan works tomorrow, and that I can convince Callie to give me a second chance to earn back her love and her trust. It's all I wanted.

-next day-

Callie's POV

I woke up the next morning with a huge hangover, as I ran to the bathroom to throw up whatever I had put in my system last night. How could I let myself get so drunk so quickly, I don't remember half the stuff that happened at the party. The last thing I remember was being dragged upstairs by some guy. All I could think to myself was, did I have sex?, did I get raped?, what happened?.



Sorry I took so long with this chapter, I made it extra long for the missed days. I hope you guys like it!! Please, 'LIKE' and 'FAVORITE'!! 

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