Murder Day

Note: It might a little disturbing for some of you.


1. Murder Day

A loud bang, a loud crash,

I turned around to see what’s happening,

But something blurred my vision,

I was dreaming again, and I knew it.


I was in a house,

A huge one which was scary,

I stood alone in the dark,

A candle lit the room dimly.


Suddenly I heard screaming.

But what were they shouting?

I quickly rushed outside

Coming in contact with the reality.


Men and women were slaughtering each other,

Shouting “Murder Day!

You come out,

You get slayed!”

I was screaming,

I was scared,

My heart was pounding,

My makeup smeared.


They shouted again,

“Murder Day!”

You will die,

You will get slayed.


I turned around only to come face-to-face with a man in black.

He pulled me inside,

My mouth pressed under his rough hands,

And then he whispered.


“It’s Murder Day

And you poor girl, came in our way”

Then he snapped my neck,

And just walked away.

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