One Direction's Dream

being a cousin of one of the bands is not i think it would be. hello my cousin is zayn. yes, zayn malik from one direction. my name is zenita and he is my cousin, its hard since people ask me a lot of questions about him and being chased around everywhere i go is creepy. not to mention his friends are reckless and arrogant as he is. except maybe one. . .


1. hi

Zanita POB:


"Zayn you idiot." i ran down the stairs and ran towards the living room, seeing him and four of his friends on the couch. as my black short hair bounce all over my face "what is the meaning of this!?" i look at him with my most evil look. he looks towards what i was holding. i was holding a piece of clothing from a girl.

"its yours isnt it?" he questions.

"No!" i yelled, he was always bringing girls from all over into our house in california.

"Oh. . . .. . . .   . . . . . " he brang up a long pause.

"who's this?" i asked, pointing towards te pink shirt

"ut's from alice. i'll bring it back to her tomorrow."

I then heard laughing and snickers from behind him. i look at the couch and saw his friends. which were all very familiar. they were niall, harry, liam and louis. all of tem are sooooooo immature, i hate them with all of my heart.

"Hey, zenita. come on. be easy with your cousin, we all bring a lot of girls." harry said, his voice deep and low.

"Thats true. or it's just harry." liam said with a grin.

"Sht up!" He yelled, the room fell quiet except for liam's laugh filling the room.

"okay fine," i sigh and threw the shirt towards niall in which he catches on time and i smirk.  he smirks back. 


i have a liking for niall but i know it willv never be. he's a member of 1d and im just zayns cousin. we'll never have make a relationship.

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