Ashes21: Agent Trickster (Number XIII)

An agent is assigned to kill her mentor by the Corporation, also known as Ashes21, and is on the watch by not one but the entire Watchers' Division, a situation which has never happened in Corporation history. She knows that every step is fatal, every breath she takes is vital and ever move she makes will determine whether she has the courage to do something her entire body is rejecting to or to go against the people she works for.
The stakes are high, the iron is hot, will Agent Trickster pass this test to get her coveted position or will she fail it deliberately to join The Uprising to initiate what every top leader fears of, The Annexation?


3. Chapter 3

Articus Caleb

 “May I come in, sir?” a voice, which Articus knew belonged to Serrah the Watcher, asked. He was standing near the windowpane and looking at the people passing by. He thought they were oblivious to reality. A bunch of fools…

“Do come in, Serrah,” he invited and gestured her to take a seat. “Tell me that you have good news.”

Agent Trickster was proving to be difficult. Very difficult. She was highly qualified for Number XIII, but he was pleased that she did not know that. It was a delicate matter and Trickster, an important Whisperer.

“How is she?” he enquired. He had sent Serrah, the best in the Watchers Division and Extraterrestrial Observation Squad, to observe her. She knew how to act and probably Trickster let her guard down around her, which he really needed.

“She is,” Serrah paused struggling for the right word, “erratic.”

“Erratic?” he repeated, utterly shocked. Erraticity was in Trickster’s nature but not on assignments.

“She dodged all questions extremely well and gave no indication of approval or rejection of the assignment,” she explained. “There were no signs of fear and her fealty could not be determined. However… she said something rather queer towards the end.”

“What did she say?”

“The Annexation Has Begun,” she quoted calmly. “Don’t you think it’s strange?”

Articus’ breath stopped. No. It cannot be.

“Say that again!” he demanded. “Say it!”

“The Annexation Has Begun,” she repeated. “Those were her very words.”

Articus Caleb felt a fear within his cold-shelled heart. It is not possible. He could not believe that The Annexation Has Begun, or rather did not want to.

“You can leave now,” he told Serrah and rushed to his seat. Even before she left, he rummaged through his drawers and grabbed out a key. Unlocking the bottom left drawer with the key, he took out Phoenix’s portfolio, an ancient stone slab and a phone.

Fumbling with numbers, he managed to make a call.

One ring. Two ring. Third ring- “Hello, Caleb. I pray you have news for me.”

“Sir, it is the unlikeliest that I have ever heard,” he gasped.

“Did Agent Trickster turn rogue?” the voice asked.

“Not clarified but there are suspicions but she uttered The Dorian Rhyme.”

There was a pause. “Which line was it, Caleb?”

“The Annexation Has Begun, sir,” he answered. “She said, ‘The Annexation Has Begun’.“

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