I'll try to remember__sequel to I have loved you forever__

ever since Emiy has given birth she can't remember who she is who she loves ,she had memory loss so the boys ae trying to jog her memory again ...........


1. who are you again?

Emily's P.O.V


Everyone is being so nice , there is this boy who I thnk is called Niall and he said he is my boyfriend, I have no memory of this . Niall walked in with a bundle in his arms.


Niall's P.O.V


I walked out side again , I cant beleive this has happend , I started to cry a bit again . Then the docter walked out of a little white room.

"I think it's time Emily should see her daughter,"The doctor said handing me her , we still don't know what to call her.

"Okay," I agreed and took the baby and walked inside , Emily looked at the bundle in my arms with confusion, "Emily , this is your daughter," I said handing her to her.

"Really?" She asked taking her out of my arms .

"Yes really, the docter said you can get out today, would you like to come home?"

"So I can go soon,?" She looked at me with confusion.

"You live with us Em" I reassured her.

"Okay , what did I call her?" She said looking down at the baby.

"It was between , Grace , Daisy, Asheligh or Darcy, what one do u like best ?" I asked her , she is never going to remember who I am !

"I really like the name , Ashleigh , I have always wanted that name , Niall?" She said wiat a minitue did she just say i have always wanted that name ?,

"Yes?" I asked looking up at her.

"Do we live on 23rd clear Avenue ?" She asked she's remembering.

"Yes we do !" I said giving her a hug still watching that I didn't hurt Ashleigh.The docter walked in the room and waited for me to turn round to mention for him too speack.

"Well Emily you can go home now , with ....." He didn't know the baby's name oh yeah.

"Ashleigh," I said

"With Asheligh, " we r going home yay !!!!!

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