I'll try to remember__sequel to I have loved you forever__

ever since Emiy has given birth she can't remember who she is who she loves ,she had memory loss so the boys ae trying to jog her memory again ...........


9. chapter 8

Emily's POV


I haven't talked to Niall in a day now and.. And I'm remembering things more and more with the passing days. I haven't told him. I don't want to be the one to break the silence between us. He's the one who can do it. No way am I going to do that.

"Hiya baby." I coo as I hold up Ashleigh cuddling her after seeing her awake. I smile down at her and wander down the stairs. "Hey boys." I mumble without looking up.

"E-Emily?" I hear someone mumble in a low voice. I look up and see Niall. "Please. Darling. I can't do it. Please talk to me." He begs. I go over to a couch and sit down rocking Ashleigh. He follows and kneels in front of me. "Please Emily. I love you. I regret what I said please." I look at him and tears stain his cheeks and new ones start to fill his eyes. "P-please." He chokes on a sob and rests his arms on my lap. I place a hand on his cheek and smile in a comforting way. I wipe away astray tears and peck his lips. "I'm sorry Emily." He whispers looking up at me.

"I'm sorry too Niall.." I whisper and set Ashleigh in her rocking chair beside me rocking it with my foot. Niall stands and sits on the arm of the chair at my side doing the yawn and stretch thing so he places his arm around my shoulder and I laugh. "That's so cheesy.." I giggle and smile up at him. "Niall?"

"Mm." He mumbles looking at me.

"I remember how we first met." I smile and he grins.

"Really?! How did we first meet??" He questions.

"Well when we were younger we used to be best friends then you went away for the x-factor." He nods. "A couple of years later my dad started to do stuff again and I escaped when I escaped I hid in a alley and then you helped me." I try thinking for more details. "And that's all I can get..." I look down with a sigh.

"ThAts brilliant darling!" Niall gasps cups my face and kisses me. I kiss back with a giggle and push him away when I hear coughs.

"Well hello there." Louis laughs and I look at Niall and see he's grinning up at the ceiling. I roll my eyes and look down at Ashleigh smiling contently.

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