I'll try to remember__sequel to I have loved you forever__

ever since Emiy has given birth she can't remember who she is who she loves ,she had memory loss so the boys ae trying to jog her memory again ...........


8. chapter 7

Niall's P.O.V


I started to feel bad about leaving her and I sigh making my way outside to my car. I had just wanted out the house and ended up for like an hour sitting inside a hotel. (Away from screaming fans that stood outside a while ago) I start the engine and quickly make my way back to the flat. I walk in seeing Ashleigh and pick her up spinning her around "hello my baby girl!" I coo. And look behind her and see everyone with their confused eyes on me. "What?" I grumble.

"And where have you been?" Emily buts in , in a wifey tone.

I chuckle, "that. That my darling is none of your business." I smile evilly and carry Ashleigh into the kitchen with me leaving everyone gaping.

"That prick!" I hear Ashleigh exclaiming from inside the living room. I can't believe I am in-love with that ... That ... Thing!" She shouts. Ouch. Harsh.

I walk back into the living room "but y'know if you ... You were never pregnant we wouldn't be in this state would we love?" I ask bouncing Ashleigh up and down she starts giggling.

"You . You are the one that never used protection!" I says doing those weird hand gestures with her hands and puts her hands on her hips.

"Uh oh..." I hear Louis mumble behind us.

"You know what fuck you and fuck us." She says before walking out the door. Had... Had... Had she just left me? I watch the door open mouthed and see Louis shaking his head.

"Mate that was cold." He says sassily before he goes after Emily.

Louis's P.O.V


I find Emily sitting at the bottom of the stairs sobbing. I race down them and sit beside her pulling her in for a hug.

"I love him Lou.. I love him." She sobs against me.

"I know you do em. Shh." I soothe.

"I-I remember about us before. How we were always cuddling and always caring and I was the pushy one the one that demanded stuff." She whispers and that sets her into harder sobs.

"At least you remember some more. That's good. Isn't it? Shouldn't you go tell him?" I say seeing if she'll agree. She suddenly snaps her head up with a shocked look on her face.

"he can speak to me god damn himself!" She gasps and stomps back up the stairs I chuckle quietly and follow her. Well at least it got her back into the flat. She walks in and just sits on the couch with arms crossed playing with Emily's baby chair with her feet with her nose stuck in the air setting all the boys into a fit of laughter. Even Harry.

"What?" She asks confused. Harry does a mimic of her and she starts laughing . And we all start. And that was us. We were on the floor holding our stomachs in pain.

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