I'll try to remember__sequel to I have loved you forever__

ever since Emiy has given birth she can't remember who she is who she loves ,she had memory loss so the boys ae trying to jog her memory again ...........


6. Chapter 6

Officially. I feel like I'm doing all the work. It feels horrible! But Niall does help. I am learning also. It's been a few months since I came back home, I've met a few friends, even though I had no idea who they were they were supportive. The boys have been helping as well, Harry driving me places. The boys said he used to not like me, but he's being nice to me now. Maybe it's just because I don't remember ? They said he didn't like me because I was a fan that suddenly just appeared and he didn't want Niall getting hurt. I didn't want to hold a grudge so when I heard all of this I just said it's alright, it's not as if I really remember, so there is no way I'm going to hold a grudge on you Harry!

  The boys were rambling on about something, I have no idea what, as if I was listening.  "Emily..... Woohooooo?!" Louis says waving his hand across my face trying to get some attention. "Mm, what?" I say looking at him. "Were you even listening em?" He chuckles sitting down, I shake my head blushing slightly "Sorry," I whisper with a giggle. "So we were asking where Niall went. Do you have any idea?" I look about the room. Infused and notice all the boys except from Niall is here. I shake my head sadly and they all sighed, "he wasn't ere this morning , so he'd obviously left last night. We have an idea where he could be , but we're unsure." "Oh.." I mumble biting my lip. I look down at Emily who is sitting in the bouncy chair at my feet, she was sleeping, "Guys , can I ask you something?" I whisper looking up at them. "Sure em. You can ask us anything!" Liam says smiling. "Do you guys think Niall is being distant to me?" I ask biting my lip nervously. sadly "You do know me that Niall is just bummed because it took you a while to remember him." Zayn says, "And it also took you a while to remember us.." He smiles sadly and hands me a tissue. I don't know what it is for then I notice I had been crying I sigh and wipe my eyes. "Thanks guys.." I whisper with a smile. For now on. I'm going o try my hardest to remember ! 
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