Is This Real?

Elleny is an unpopular girl at school. But one day the guy that she likes Niall Horan, the most popular boy in school asks her out. does he really like her? why did he ask her out? what does she do when her parents get divorced? was she always unlike at school? And most importantly, what will happen do their love?


3. The best day ever


" did you get my text Elleny?" He asked 

"Yeah, yeah i did" 

"so... Is it a yes or no?"

"i don't know... I'll text u when i get home"

"Elleny... Are you playing hard with me?"

"pffft. What no!" Okay i lied! I was playing it a little hard! But i had to be cool. 

" why are you playing hard when this is what you wanted since what, year 7?"

" Im not playin- WAIT WHAT? How did you know?"

"words get around."

"who told you?"

"Your friend kat" he said then turned around to point at kat but she was gone! So were the rest of my friends! How long have we been alone for?

"She's so dead!"

"so is our date on or not?"



"Finally, so can i have a hug from my sexy girlfriend now?" 

"Hell yeah!" I said then jumped in to his arms. It felt great to be in his arms hugging him and smelling his sweet smell. 




sorry if the chapters too short but i promise ill update tomorrow! Plz like, faveroute and comment what u think. It would mean the world to me! So plz do that! Thanxxxx:D

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