Is This Real?

Elleny is an unpopular girl at school. But one day the guy that she likes Niall Horan, the most popular boy in school asks her out. does he really like her? why did he ask her out? what does she do when her parents get divorced? was she always unlike at school? And most importantly, what will happen do their love?


4. Lunch


Elleny's P.O.V


At lunch i was sitting with all my friends in the cafeteria, eating and talking about how excited we were about our dates with the boys and how awesome it was to go out with the most popular guy at school. We finished eating "guys lets go sit down outside" I told them getting up from my chair. "Ok!" They all said at once. We got out the cafeteria and went to territory one! We had numbers for places it went from faveroute to least faveroute. Territory one was where we usually sat, On the fresh green grass and just talked.

We started going on about how this was going to be the best date of our lives! I guess this would be the best date, and I will always remember it! Not just because I was going to date Niall, it was because he's... Well my first boyfriend! I know, i know! Yes that's right I've never kissed a guy, never been through seven minutes in heaven and rejected all the guys that asked me out (mostly because I never really liked them or because... Well I don't really know i just rejected them!), and never had the guts to ask the person i liked out! I guess this is why im not "popular". Im the only one, my friends all went out with at least 10 or 15 guys! Im not that kind of girl, I'll never be! Im so happy. Niall is the best thing that happened to me! 

I was lost in my thoughts again when I felt someone wrap their arm around my waist and kissed me on the cheek really softly. God he smelled perfect, I turned my head to see his beautiful smile and kiss me on the cheek again. I stared into his blue eyes and got lost in them. And then there were my eyes, dark brown! I mean im not the perfect girl he would go out with. Cme to think of it why did he ask me out anyway? 


"yeah babe?"

"why did you ask me out?"

"what do you mean?"

"I mean im not beautiful or have a good personality, what do you see in me that got you attracted?"

"Elleny, you are a beautiful girl with a great personality. That is what I see in you."


Niall's P.O.V

"I mean im not beautiful or have a good personality, what do you see in me that attracts you?" She asked me with a smile.

I felt bad! Really bad. I can't believe im doing this to her. To me... This whole thing is a game, but... To her it's real. I can't do this to her. Especially me! It should've been Louis or Harry going out with her because they're like professionals in things like this! I can't believe myself! I have to tell her the truth and brake up with her before this gets worst. But... How will she react to it? I mean she'd liked me for a few years now and im her first boyfriend, her heart will be really broken after she finds out her first boyfriend was fake! 

"Elleny you are a beautiful girl with a great personality. That is what I see In you."

I had to lie! I couldn't break her heart like that. SHE CAN NEVER FIND OUT WHY I REALLY ASKED HER OUT! 

"Thanks Niall." She smiled, and kissed me on the cheek and blushed.

"you're welcome Ell."

" so I'll pick you up at 7 tonight?" 

"Yeah!" She said sounding excited.

"you better wear something sexy!" I winked at her

"anything for you Nialler" 

Riiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnggggggg. The bell rang and it was time for us to go to class.

"see you later Ell." I waved and left.

"see ya" I heard her say as the boys and i went our separate ways from them.



here is the chapter as i promised! Hope you liked it! I'll probebly update tomorrow as well since its the weekend and i have nothing to do! Plz like and comment what you think plzzzzzz!

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