Is This Real?

Elleny is an unpopular girl at school. But one day the guy that she likes Niall Horan, the most popular boy in school asks her out. does he really like her? why did he ask her out? what does she do when her parents get divorced? was she always unlike at school? And most importantly, what will happen do their love?


6. Louis know

Niall's P.O.V


i woke up the next morning when my alarm went off. I hit the snooze button and the first thing that came to my mind was my date with Elleny Later on today. I was thinking about how fun it would be when Louis barged into my room. No one know about this but Louis, Liam, Zayn, Harry and some are brothers. Yes the biggest boy band on earth are brothers. I know then why do we all have different last names, right? Well, that's because Louis told us to do that. He's the oldest, and since we're not leaving with our parents, he's like our parent. But unfortunately, he's the most immature one! Everyone knows we're the famous 'one direction', thats why were the most popular guys at school. You know being popular isn't so easy! Sometim- i was then cut off my thoughts when Louis finally spoke after staring at me spaced out for a while. "Niall, um sorry to interrupt your thoughts... But you're gonna be late if you don't move your ass and get in the car in 15 minutes!" He said with his sassy voice. "Okay, okay I'm  getting up!" I said trying to do Louis' sassy voice but... I guess he's the only one who can do it best. I got up and started to changed when i realised... "Uh Lou, a little privacy please!" I said. "Oh sorry! My bad!" He said and left.

As soon as Lou left i picked up my phone and mumble very word i typed. "Hey Ell, just wanted to remind you about our date tonight. Im really excited! Im looking forward to it as well! Dont forget to get something sexy ready;) see you at school~Niall" after mumbling each word i hit enter, lock my phone and got ready. 

MU checked myself one more time in the mirror, put my phone in my pocket and opened the door to find Louis standing there doing his evil smirk... Oh no! Oh no this is not good! NOT GOOD AT ALL! "Uh Lou, what are you doing?" I asked nervously. He could tell i was nervous. It's because i bite my nails every time i get nervous. "Oh nothing little bro, i just heard your little text message mumble to Elleny, thats all! It was cute... And flirty... A little too flirty i say! you like her don't you?!" Okay i never realised this but... THAT SMIRK CAN BE REALLY ANNOYING! 

"No i-" i was gonna deny it but what's the point? Louis is Louis, he always finds out everything he needs to one way or another. "Yeah... Yeah i do..." So i told him. "So just keep it a secret and dont blow it for me! Plz?!?" I begged. "Sure little bro! I'ii try to!" 

"Louis im serious!" 

"Okay, okay fine! I wont tell the boys, happy?"

"yes. Thanks Lou." I hugged him and we left for school. 



hey guys, i know I've been updating really short chapters but i will be updating (try to update) once every two day or so. So please be patient. And if i dont update its probably because i have too much homework. 

Thanks to everyone who has read my story so far. I know that its getting boring when i keep writing my authors note but i just want to say thanks to everyone who reads it because i really appreciate it! You know what would make me appreciate you guys more? If you would like, maybe favourite or become a fan of me. It would really mean alot to me. Oh and after the next few chapters ill be needing some girls to date some of the boys, but that will be after all ye boys but nialls part is done in their little plan so get ready girls for te challenge in the next few chapters! Bye xx 

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