For The Sake Of The Pack, I Do

Moving is hard, it's even harder when you're a werewolf and have to marry someone you've never met so pack rivalry will stop. When Alison's father demands her to marry the alpha of another pack she has no choice but to pack her things and be on her way.


1. The Move.

Alison sat on her old bed and looked around her barren room.  All of her things had been packed and were in the truck ready to be delivered to her new home.  

She held her diary in her hands and decided to write one last entry before leaving her childhood home for good.  

Dear Diary,
 Today is the day I have to leave my pack.  I've grown up here and I don't want to leave but dad says I have to or else a pack war will start.  Which I don't want to happen.  I'm going to miss Heath, though.  He told me to run away with him; that we could leave and not have to worry about all this pack drama.  That we could find a new pack in Europe.  I contemplated  running away with him and the thought excited me.  I would never do that though, it would bring dishonor to my pack.  Heath was disappointed but understood when I told him I couldn't leave.  Dad is most likely getting impatient, I should go now.

Alison xx 

Alison set her diary in her satchel and looked around her room one more time before leaving it forever.  Walking down the stairs she couldn't help but wonder what her new pack would be like.

Will they be welcoming and friendly?  Or will they hate her because of her family?  She wouldn't know until she got there.  She had heard of the alpha's strength and how handsome he is but she doesn't care about that.

 She just wants to make sure her pack is safe and that her father is proud of her.  "Alison! We don't have much time, you need to say goodbye."  Her father looked at his watch irritated.  

"I'm sorry dad.  I'm just going to miss everyone,"  Alison sighed and couldn't help the frown that made it's way onto her face.  "Oh honey, I'm so sorry.  But you have to do this,"  Her father pulled her into a hug and rubbed her back.  

"If you're mother were here, she would never have allowed any of this to happen.  She'd probably charm the other pack and we'd be allies without having to arrange a marriage."  Alison hugged her father tight and wished she didn't have to leave.

He was right, if her mum were alive things would be different.  She wouldn't be leaving her home and the pack would still be number one in the state. 

But after her mother's death the status of her pack didn't matter to her dad.  He just wanted revenge for the bastard that murdered her.  When he finally came to his senses he had made quite a few enemies and never caught the man who murdered Alison's mum.

A loud cough interrupted their hug and they both pulled away.  Heath stood at the doorway smiling sheepishly at Alison with lilies in his hand.

Alison smiled, they were her favorite and he knew it.  "Can I please have a few minutes with him?  Father please." Alison begged.  She didn't know when she would see him again.

"Of course, make it fast though.  We have to leave soon,"  Alison just nodded and was thankful.  When her father was finally outside she nearly pounced on Heath.  

Jumping up and wrapping her legs around his waist she pressed her lips to his in a passionate kiss.  His hands groped her ass while she carded her fingers through his brown hair.  

Alison pulled back and stared into his hazel eyes.  "Hi," She murmured leaning her forehead on his.  "Hi,"  He whispered and pecked her lips again before setting her down on the ground. 

 Heath pulled her flush against him and wrapped his arms around her.  Alison buried her face in his neck and closed her eyes content. After a few minutes Alison finally spoke up.  "I'm gonna miss you,"  She hugged Heath tightly wishing she didn't have to leave him.

 "No reason to miss me we're still gonna see each other.  No way am I losing you,"  Heath whispered into her hair meaning every word.

She sighed and listened to the sound of his heart beat before they were interrupted by her father.  "Alison!  I'm sorry hun, but we need to leave. It's time to meet your mate,"  Pulling herself out of Heath's arms was one of the hardest things she ever had to do.

She pretended not to see the angry look in his eyes as she left him.  Who wouldn't be angry?  Alison and Heath had been in love since they were 13 and now she was 18 and being sent off to marry someone she's never met.

Getting into the passenger seat of her dad's ford she waved to Heath who stood on the porch watching her.  When they finally left Alison couldn't believe it.  

She was really going to marry someone, an alpha.  Trying to take her mind off things she turned on the radio to the country station and looked out at the countryside.  
Sometime along the drive Alison dozed off to sleep.  She was walking in her old house and was going to ask her mum if she wanted some tea.  Opening the bedroom door Alison started to ask when she saw the knife to her mother's throat.

Before she could shift to wolf form her mother's throat was ripped open and squirting blood.  She snarnled and shifted jumping towards the man who had just murdered her mother.  "Alison! Wake up! It's just a nightmare!  You're okay, I'm here!"  Alison jumped awake in a cold sweat and had hot tears streaming down her face.

Her father was beside her telling her she was alright and that they were almost there.  But she wasn't alright, she never would be.  Her mother was dead, and it was her fault.  If she had been there earlier, her mother would be alive. 

One day, she would find that man and kill him.  Even if she'd get herself killed in the process.

A/N:  Tell me what you think please?  I know it's kind of crappy right now but it gets better, I promise. xx  


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