For The Sake Of The Pack, I Do

Moving is hard, it's even harder when you're a werewolf and have to marry someone you've never met so pack rivalry will stop. When Alison's father demands her to marry the alpha of another pack she has no choice but to pack her things and be on her way.


2. Meeting The Alpha

Alison couldn't seem to fall back asleep after her nightmare.  She was used to having it but didn't want her father to see her cry. Usually she would wake up crying and shaking ready to kill someone.

But her dad woke her up before it got too graphic.  "How much longer?"  Alison asked the third time in twenty minutes.  "Actually, we're just about to pull in.  But I want to give you something first."  He pulled off to the side of the road and cut the engine. 

Alison stared at her father confused.  They were never close and he had been rushing their departure all day.  "I know you think that I don't care about you leaving, but I do.  I will miss you.  You've been my rock since your mother died.  I probably would have lost my alpha ranking if it weren't for you and keeping the pack in shape."  Alison smiled shyly at him not quite sure what to say.

"I told you that  I threw out all of your mom's things, I lied,"  He reached into the glove department and pulled out a white gold locket.  Alison couldn't help when she gasped.

It was her mother's locket, she never took it off.  It had always been around her mother's neck no matter what they did.  It was heart shaped but see through and had swirls on it.

Inside it was a green liquid, she had always wondered what it was but never asked.  "Alison, I want you to have this.  You need to be wearing this  at all times.  Now I'm going to tell you something and you have to promise not to freak out.  Okay?" She raised an eyebrow but told him to carry on.

"You've heard of the stories, of how vampires exist and how their population is rising.  Your mother and I have always denied the rumors but Alison, they're true.  Your mother was killed by a vampire,"  Alison shook her head.

"You're lying,"  Alison furrowed her brows, angry at him for making up such a lie.  Her mother would never lie to her about something like that.  "Alison, I'm really not.  It's true, the vampire that killed her was in love with her,"  Was he trying to upset Alison before she met her new pack? 

He was lying. He had to be.  It was too much to take in.  She opened the truck door and shifted to wolf form, her clothes shredding in the process.  

She heard her father yell after her but ignored him and ran into the woods.  Trees whizzed past and she loved the feeling of the wind on her fur.  She has been pushing her wolf down the past few days, not shifting when her wolf needed too.  

Just as she went to jump over a creek she felt teeth latch onto her tail and pull her into the cold water.  She yiped and kicked her hind legs.  Her wolf growled in satisfaction at the whimper she heard. 

Turning around she saw a large black wolf with light blue eyes in front of her.  It was not her father.  His coat was breathe takingly beautiful, she almost wanted to shift back to human form to pet it. 

She didn't.  Snarling her teeth at him they walked in a circle watching each other waiting for the other to make a move.  A twig snapped and that's when Alison made a mistake.

She turned and saw her father yelling at her to stop whenever the black wolf pounced on top of her holding her down.  She bit towards his neck hoping to hit an artery when the wolf's eyes glowed red showing his alpha status.

Alison bowed her head in submission but couldn't help the growl that escaped before she shifted back to her human form.  The wolf on top of her shifted also and fell on her. 

He held himself up by putting both his palms on either side of her head and looked down at her.  When Alison finally looked up to meet his gaze she almost forgot to breathe.   

Her green eyes met with his light blue.  He looked to be twenty five at the oldest.  His dark brown hair was a little scruffy from rolling on the forest floor and he had light stubble around his mouth and jawline.

She had the sudden urge to touch it.  The urge was becoming overpowering so she did it.  She lifted her hand to touch his stubble and he closed his eyes in satisfaction.

It was slightly rough but felt nice against her palm.  She felt little shocks of adrenaline shoot from her hand through her body.  He started to hum with closed lids when she pulled her hand away remembering the situation and shoved him off of her.

"Alison!" Her father yelled at her.  "That is the alpha of your new pack!"  He said furrowing his brows.  "Alpha or not I don't want some stranger lying naked on top of me."  She was grateful her long hair covered her boobs but was in desperate need of clothing.

"Dad, give me your coat!"  She snapped.  "Feisty one, you are.  But yes, Charlie give her your coat.  I don't want any of the pack seeing my mate naked," He barked to Alison's father.

She rolled her eyes at him and slipped on her dad's coat.  It only went to mid thigh  but covered her goods so she was thankful.  "Zip it up,"  Alison did as he said. 

"Are you always so controlling?"  She asked raising her eyebrows at her new alpha.  "Are you always so difficult?" He shot back taking a step towards her.

She glared at him and went to hit him but he caught her wrist.  She tried to ignore the zings of electricity she felt from his touch but he seemed to be affected by it too.

"Can you feel that?" His eyes softened and he loosened his grip on her wrist.  Alison snagged her hand from his and rubbed at it acting as if he hurt her.  "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you.  My name is Jace, you're Alison I presume?" He said taking a step closer to her.  

Alison smirked tilting her head slightly to the left before stepping closer to him so they were chest to chest.  "Yes, I'm here to marry some big bad alpha who is a tad bit controlling and hands on,"  He slid his handss down her side and around her lower back smiling.  

"Hands on, you say?"  Alison wrapped her arms around his neck.  Two can play at this game.  "Yes, and he seems to not care about the fact he is butt naked in front of his soon to be father in law," She arched her eyebrows with a scowl and pushed at his chest attempting to make him fall but he didn't budge.

"Charles, you know the way to the house.  Can you take her things there?" Jace said to Alison's father not letting go of her.  "Actually, I was hoping she could ride back with me,"  Charles said hesitantly. 

Jace sighed.  "Very well, but please hurry.  My pack is very excited to meet their Alpha female.  They have waited for years for me to finally decide," Jace looked back at Alison and tucked a piece of her hair behind her ear.

She made a face of disgust but missed his touch as soon as it left her body.  Walking past Jace and towards her father Alison tripped over an overgrown tree root.  

Before she could put her hands out to break her fall two arms were wrapped around her stomach and pulling her up.  Jace smirked at her with his hands around her back. 

Alison huffed and put her hands on his chest.  "Thank you,"  She said not looking him in the eye, her hair falling around her face.  Jace grabbed the divot between her mouth and her chin and tilted her head up so she was looking at him. 

"You're welcome.  Now hurry up.  I've waited long enough for you,"  Jace's tone sounded as if he was joking but his eyes were serious.  Alison nodded and stepped out of his arms.

When they were finally back in the truck and Alison was dressed she realized she'd have to listen to the lies her father made up.  "Alison, I know what you're thinking.  But please just listen to me sweetie.  That's all I am asking of you,"  Charlie pleaded, hoping desperately she would believe him.

"It's not like I have much of a choice," Alison crossed her legs and leaned against the window with her back.  "Firstly, please put this on now.  When you shift the chain will grow with you to fit around your neck.  The metal is made from you're ancestors, it obviously has special powers to it.  You've seen your mother wearing it you know how it works,"  He handed Alison the necklace and she accepted it wholeheartedly.

Even if this was some bullshit it was something of her mother's and it always seemed to mean so much to her.  She put it over her head and smiled admiringly at it.  

"Alison, this is very important.  I need you to listen closely to me.  I don't know when I'll talk to you again, or if I even will,"  Alison nodded and told him to go on.

"The man that killed your mother was a vampire Alison, I swear it on the moon,"  Alison was silent for a second before speaking up.  "If he was a vampire then why didn't he just drink her blood?  Why did he slit her throat?"  She asked confused.

Charlie took a breath before speaking up. "To vampires werewolf blood is disgusting.  It is the absolute last thing they will drink and only in desperate measures," Alison thought back to how the vampire reacted to her mother's blood.

He had looked like a crack addict who had been on withdrawal and had a line in front of him.  His fangs drew out as he ran towards her.  She thought she had been hallucinating due to trauma.  

It was all making sense now.  Vampires were real.  Her mother was killed by a vampire.  "Alison?"  Waking up from the daydream she looked up at Charlie.  She had a strong feeling that she shouldn't tell him what it was about.

"The liquid in your mother's necklace is something called vervain.  It's a very rare herb.  Vampires have a certain power called compulsion.  They get into your head and make you do things against your will.  As long as you have the necklace on you can't be compulsed.  Vervain is also the only thing I know of that can harm a vampire if thrown on them.  But you don't break that vial, you understand?"  Charlie said sternly.

"Yes.  Do you know of any other ways to harm them?"  She asked determined.   "Rumors mostly.  I haven't been able to try myself.  I've heard that a red oak stake to the heart will do it.  But I don't know yet,"  He said turning the truck on.

"Wait.  You said the vampire that killed mom loved her?  He looked like he could care less about her before I bit into him,"  Charlie sighed.  "The vampire that literally killed your mother is not him.  He sent one from his coven kill her.  He knew if he came he wouldn't be able to do it,"  This wasn't making any sense to Alison.   

"What's his name?"  Alison said looking forward.  Her face showed no emotion but her mind was going crazy.  "Marze,"  The name would never leave her mind until she saw him dead in front of her.

A/N: Hey! I'm really sorry if this chapter sucks I was kinda iffy about it.  Please comment they are what inspires me to update! Favorite/Share/Comment whatever you want.  Thank you so much for reading. xx


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