For The Sake Of The Pack, I Do

Moving is hard, it's even harder when you're a werewolf and have to marry someone you've never met so pack rivalry will stop. When Alison's father demands her to marry the alpha of another pack she has no choice but to pack her things and be on her way.


3. Introductions make a difference dear!

They drove down the dirt rode in silence.  Alison leaned against the window and stared at all the woods that would soon be her territory.  She had been told they owned over 100 acres and that they were all woods.  

That was the only thing she was excited about; being able to  explore new territory in wolf form and it be legal.  This was all her's and she'd be an alpha!

Alison as an alpha female!  Who would've thought that?  Well, considering her father is alpha at her old pack it could be a possibility.  She had always watched how her mum and dad interacted and worked so well together as alpha male and female should.
Would Jace and her be the same?  Surely not, Alison and Jace hardly knew each other and her parents had been in love since they were pups like her and Heath.

Heath.  Her heart swelled thinking of how lonely she would feel without him.  They always went to each other in their times of need.  Even if they were mad at one another if one was upset it didn't matter.

Alison would miss sleeping with Heath. They started sleeping together after her mother's death, he insisted because her nightmares were so bad so it became routine.  They've gotten better than they used to be, they're still awful.

It not something you can ever get over, witnessing your mother's death.  The bond between a mother and her child is very strong.  Alison and her mother were always very close.

Alison grabbed the locket at her neck and closed her eyes.  She missed her mother so much that sometimes she would refuse that she was actually dead. 

Heath and her would fight about it because she would yell at him telling him to stop lying but then she'd have flashbacks.  To seeing blood gush from her mother's throat and seeing the horror in her mother's eyes.

The worst thing was holding her mother in her arms and watching as the life drained from her eyes.  Alison sat there holding her mother's dead body in her arms rocking her back and forth for two hours until her father came back with his beta from a hunt.

He had been frozen at the doorway staring at his daughter covered in blood that clearly wasn't hers.  When he saw his wife, Karen, lying motionless in her arms he moved towards her.

He took Karen from Alison's arms and started to shake her telling her to wake up and that the joke was over.  But it wasn't a joke but man did he wish it was.

"We're here Alison,"  Charlie shut off the engine and looked over at his daughter.  She clutched the locket he gave her earlier in her hand which was trembling. 

He grabbed her shaking hand from the locket and put it on her lap. "Alison, we're here.  Your new pack is waiting for you.  No more being childish.  It's time for you to be responsible,"  He said sternly.  Alison's head turned to face his so fast she thought she'd have a slight case of whiplash.

Was he kidding?  After everything they had gone through these past months he's calling her the childish one?

"Time for me to be responsible?  No more being childish?  What have I been doing the past few months then?  Hmm? Taking care of the pack? Of you? That wasn't responsible enough for you?!  Since you decided to fucking stop being responsible I had to be!  You were the one who was childish! You weren't there! You didn't see her die! You had no right to put all that pressure on me!  I'm the one who watched her die! Had her bleed out in my arms! So how dare you tell me it's 'my time to be responsible' I have been! While you have been mourning mom's death and not giving me the chance too!"  Alison's heart was beating fast now because she had finally said it.

After holding it in for so long she couldn't help but feel a little relieved.  Charlie and her never really got along but she always bit her tongue.  But no longer would she be quiet.  Charlie's teeth clenched and his grip  on the steering wheel tightened.  Never in his life had Alison been so disrespectful to him.  

Facing her Charlie raised his right hand and smacked Alison across her face.  A loud wack! sound was made and Alison held her cheek.  "You don't ever speak to me like that again.  Do you understand?  I am your alpha-" Charlie was interrupted by his door being flung open and him being pulled out and thrown onto the ground. 

"Actually, she's an alpha now, MY alpha female, MY mate and you just hit her on my territory.  You must be pretty fucking stupid if you think you can do that,"  Jace growled.

He was obviously suppressing his wolf but was finding it difficult.  Alison jumped out of the truck, her cheek still stinging and ran over to where Jace and Charlie were.  

Wolves started coming out of the woods curious as to what was happening.  "Jace, it's fine.  I'm okay.  Just let him leave, I don't want this to be what I remember from my first day in my new pack,"  Alison said hoping to calm him.

"Alison, please back up.  I know this man is your father but I do not tolerate a man hitting a woman without plausible cause and just because you told him the truth is not one.  So please get back, I don't want you getting hurt," He barred his teeth and growled at Charlie who still lay on the ground  looking absolutely petrified.   

"Oh for fuck sake!" Alison stepped in front of Jace and put her hands on his chest.  "As your alpha female I suggest you let him leave unharmed, as your mate I demand it," She said looking him straight in the eyes.

There were gasps from the other wolves from her boldness but Jace ignored them.  All he could focus on was Alison's hands on his chest.  He grabbed her small hands in his.  

Stepping around her Jace stared down at Charlie.  "Leave, I don't ever want to see you here again.  If you do decide to come here, I won't show the same mercy.  Jason, get her bags and take them into the house,"  Jace said his tone clipped and serious.  

A blonde haired boy with green eyes, who Alison assumed was Jason, grabbed her bags and took them into a beautiful three story cabin Alison hadn't really noticed it before.

She should have.  Alison stared in amazement at the stunning log cabin in front of her.  The first floor's siding was in an exquisite gray stone that seemed to be cleaned often.  The second floor had a deck that went across it and formed stairs to outside.  The third and final floor's windows were huge and impressive.
Coming out of her daze she watched as Charlie scrambled up and into the truck.

Less than a minute later he was down the road and the wolves from her new pack were approaching Alison and Jace.  "Well, that was interesting!" Jace said smiling at the wolves.

"Everyone, I'd like for you to meet your alpha female. This is Alison,"  Jace said gesturing towards her.  Alison smiled and murmured a hi.  All of the wolves bowed their head showing respect except one that seemed to growl instead.

No one noticed except Alison but she just shrugged it off figuring not everyone has to like her.  "Tomorrow will be the binding ceremony since it's a full moon and it will be stronger if we do it then.  I'd like to show her around so you can all continue with what you were doing.  Supper is at it's usual time,"  Jace nodded to them and they dispersed most running back  in the woods others towards different cabins throughout the woods. 

"Exactly how many log cabins are there here?"  Alison asked.  Jace chuckled and started walking down the stone trail that lead through the woods with Alison beside him.  "Well, we fit two pairs of mates in each cabin and there are about 10 pairs here so we have 5 cabins, not including the main cabin.  Which is where you and I will live.  There are a few other people that live there as well but don't worry they won't ever bother us,"  Jace winked at Alison and she blushed lightly. 

"The cabin is absolutely gorgeous and Jace?" Alison said looking at him sideways.  "Yeah?" Jace said kicking a rock off the path.  "M'sorry," Alison mumbled.

"For what?"  Jace said watching her closely now.  "Well that scene with my dad, I hope I didn't upset you.  I mean, it's my first day here and look what I've already done,"  Alison tucked her bangs behind her ear and sighed.  

Jace stopped in  his tracks and grabbed Alison's hand to stop her.  "This is not your fault at all?  Okay?  So promise me you won't blame yourself?  Cause I swear I am not upset with you Alison,"  Jace said looking her in they eyes.  

Alison half smiled at her even though her eyes were watering.  "I promise," She said her voice quavering.  Oh god, she was crying her first day here.

Dammit Alison! It was just too overwhelming for one girl to take in.  She was leaving Heath to join a new pack, where she'd marry someone she didn't know because her father made rivals because he reckless after Alison's mother died IN HER ARMS.  

Not to mention the new vampire information and her father had just smacked her minutes ago!  So ya know what, she had a right to cry!  "I'm sorry,"  Jace said and pulled Alison into his comforting arms. 

She didn't even know what he was apologizing for but she just really needed to cry.  Jace's arms around her felt so right so she wrapped her arms around his waist and buried her face in his neck crying silently.

Jace rubbed her back and whispered relaxing things into her ear.  After a good five minutes Alison pulled back and wiped her eyes.  "That never happened,"  She said seriously.  

"Never happened,"  Jace smiled and Alison punched his arm.  "Come on I wanna get to know my new territory,"  Alison sniffled and trudged on in front of him.

A/N: So guys, I'm writing this at 3:30 and don't have time to edit this so if there are errors I apologize and will fix them when I can! But I won't be able to get on tomorrow and thought you waited long enough so I'm posting this!  So I just typed this up real quick so if it is awful I am so sorry.  Please comment. xx  

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