Its Got To Be Him

this story is about the love and passion of two teens that fall in love. It has heart ache and loss. so sit back and enjoy my fanfiction. 'Its Got To Be Him'.


2. The Truth

I wake up the next morning with bloodshot eyes and a broken heart. I get ready for school and pack my bag. I leave early so I dont have to walk with Josh.

*bell rings*

As I walk to go to roll call, I pass Eliza and suddenly fall, I dropped my books and fell face first on the ground.

"Watch where you’re going nerd" Eliza says.

I pick up my books as she laughs at me, I get up and turn around and see Josh walking in the door.

By then Eliza had left and gone to roll call the hall was deserted.

"Hi Kathryn" Josh says.

"Hi"  I say in an angered tone but still sounding nice.

I turn to go to roll call and he grabs my wrist, he spins me around so I'm facing him.

I stare into his eyes, blush and look down, he tilts my head up and starts speaking.

"Kathryn what's wrong" He says.

"Nothings wrong" I reply.

"Kathryn dont lie to me I can see you're upset and angry" He says.

"Eliza tripped me and I'm annoyed that even though I'm you're best friend all of the girlfriends you've had treat me like dirt it's bad enough that I get called nerd, freak and fat" I sigh.

He stood there blank faced and shocked.

"I didnt know she was treating you like this and the only reason they treat you like that is because they're jealous of you Kathryn" He says.

Jealous of me...I think to myself, but then snap out.

"What do you mean jealous" I say.

"Well...urm there's kinda no one else I would rather spend my time with than you" He says.

"I like you" he adds in a quick tiny whisper he hopes I won't hear but do.

I smile and blush and so does he.

"I like you too" I say.

"You like me too" He says.

"Yes" I say.

I give him a quick peck on the cheek, we both blush.

"Come on we better not be late for roll call" I say.

We held hands until we got to just before the door, so nobody would know and so Josh could break up with Eliza.

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