Its Got To Be Him

this story is about the love and passion of two teens that fall in love. It has heart ache and loss. so sit back and enjoy my fanfiction. 'Its Got To Be Him'.


3. Liar

After four boring periods it was time for lunch and I was excited to see Josh. I walked to my locker and my best friend since kindy Skylar.

"Hi Sky" I said cheerfully.

"Sup chika" Sky said.

"You'll never guess what happened" I said.

"What...Kat, tell me" Whined Sky.

"My crush likes me" I whisper.

Skys' mouth drops to the floor, her face white as if she saw a ghost.

"Wait, but he is dating...but he's taken, by ew that monster, but how and when, you tell me everything" she muttered in a big blur.

"It happened this morning and he told me after I told him what she was doing to me" I said softly so nobody but her could hear.

Smiling like a Cheshire cat she laughs and drags me to the cafeteria. I look around the cafeteria for Josh and I can't see him anywhere.

"Sky, Josh isn't here" I state.

"Yo, neither is Daddy's Girl" Sky states.

"I'm gunna go look for him, text me if he comes back, okay" I say.

"Okay see you later" Sky says.

I walk out of the cafeteria, where is he breaking up with her or what, I walk past the lockers, when I hear giggling and banging, urg I walk past the janitors closer not wanting to know what's going on in there. I get 1 metre from the closet. "Oh Josh" a female voice says.

I'd know that voice anywhere...Eliza, anger filled my body, my face was hot and fiery red. That liar, he made me happy and now I hate him. I went to the closet opened the door and they were full making out. I went over and ripped Eliza from josh and slapped him hard in the face. I ran out crying.

"Kathryn...wait" Josh said.

"Stupid nerd" Eliza yelled.

I ran home as I had no more classes for the day, when I got home I ran into my room and broke down. *5 minutes later* Josh burst into my room and...

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