Its Got To Be Him

this story is about the love and passion of two teens that fall in love. It has heart ache and loss. so sit back and enjoy my fanfiction. 'Its Got To Be Him'.


1. Another Day

*Bell rings*

"We will continue our lesson on physics tommorow" said Mr Cronck

I go out of the classroom and I am happy that it is time to go home. I walk home every day and enjoy the peacefulness. I walk past Josh and blush a little. I've had a huge crush on Josh since the first day of high school. I know its silly and I'm in year eleven now but I can't help it. Josh isn't popular but is very attractive. The other thing wrong with it is that he is my best friend. Yes, that's right I'm in love with my best friend. I forgot to mention that Josh is my next door neighbour and he walks home with me.

"Kathryn, wait up" said Josh

"Hi Josh" I say

"So how was your day?" said Josh

"Boring, good, ok I guess" I say

I stare into his gorgeous green eyes that sparkle like little stars. I then snap out of my thoughts.

"So how was your day?" I ask

"Great actually, I asked out Eliza" he says cheerfully

" asked Eliza out?" I ask

"Yes, and the second best thing is she said yes" he says cheerfully with a smile on his face.

"Great" I say sarcastically

We walk home and talk about school. We get to our houses and he asks if I want to go over to his house but I make an excuse of having to much homework to complete. I go inside the house and run to my room upset of what had happened. I didnt leave my room all night I sat on my bed upset and thought why....why Eliza out of all people. My enemy, my ex-best friend. Why?.

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