Bad Boys and Good Boys {A Larry FanFic Mofos c;}

Louis was always known as the bad boy of the school.. He ditched school for no reason.. Cussed at teachers and didn't give a shit.. He didn't give a fuck if talked about another peer in front of them. Then there's Harry.. The boy that followed ever single rule.. Listened to the teachers and did all his homework.. He never talked behind someone's back and/or in front of their face.. He was known as the good boy. Finally, after 3 years of high school.. Harry and Louis meet. Louis always had an attractions towards girls but he felt something different with Harry.. What could it be.?!
Warning: does have sexual content, cussing { a lot.! c; }, and A lot of Larry moment.!
No hate.! Just Rate.!(;


1. Chapter 1


     I sat down in an open seat near the back so the teacher won't see me and I won't be called on. It was my first day of Junior year. Yay. I've been at this high school since I was a freshman and I have a uh bad reputation but a good and bad ass one with my friends. I was known as the bad boy. Every girl wanted to have sex with me and every guy wanted to party with me and become best friends. Not a shocker. I lived the life of every teenagers dream.! My parents were rarely home, they were probably home for a good 1 hour or so before running off for another far away meeting. My mom, Jay, was wealthy. My little sisters were close to me but was sadly tugged along with my mother. But anyways, since my mom was wealthy and didn't really care about me, she always left put a lot of money into my credit card. I have a Harley and basically live in a huge two story house all by myself. I usually attended parties, I never had them. My thought got interrupted by a boy being tripped by some buddies of mine. I felt bad for the kid. I got up and ran down the aisle and catches the boy before he hit the ground.



     I felt two muscular arms grab me before I hit the floor. Everything went silent.. I would usually hear laughter coming from Michael and Steven after they would hit me and trip me and kick me. "You okay, lad.?" I heard a concerned but deep voice say. The two muscular arms that had caught me helped me up. "Yeah, thanks." I said with my head still down I grabbed my papers that went on the ground and pushed past without making any eye contact to the guy who was kind enough to help me. I sat in the very back, in the corner, so no one would notice me. "Guys, why are you being so mean to him.?! Apologize now.!" I heard the same but now angry voice that helped me. "Louis' he's.." Michael and Steven said but the guy, which I'm guessing his name is Louis, interrupted him, "Now." Michael and Steven walked over to me. "Sorry." They both mumbled while looking at the ground. They returned to their seats and Louis gave them a nod. Where have I heard that name before.?! Oh. My. God. Louis Tomlinson. I've heard about him. He's the most popular kid in school. Every girl wanted him and every guy wanted to be LIKE him. I could feel someone sit beside me. I looked to my right and stared out the window. "Are you sure your okay.?" Louis said with concern in his voice. I nodded my head never knowing that someone would actually care about me. I could feel tears swelling up in my eyes. I didn't want them to be released so I kept them in and refused to turned around to face Louis. I didn't want him to see me like this and then he will for sure think I'm a stupid kid. I guess Louis knew what I was thinking because the next thing he said was, "Listen, it's okay to cry." A tear escaped my eye. I slowly turned my head to face the front of the classroom. I felt Louis' hand wipe away my tear.

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