His Contact

It started with a contest. One simple contest. I didn't mean to fall for both niall and harry! And if Niall hadn't added his stupid contact into my phone everything would have been fine! I don't want to choose between them! if niall would have just left everything alone! I thought I would just be another fan they meet! And sure its every fans DREAM to have niall and harry fight over you, But not like this. I didn't want this. I guess I'm not just another fan. It probably would have been better if I was.


22. Thank you note from the author!

Hey guys :) thank you for reading i really hope you liked it! sorry if its kinda short but i had to wrap the story up. ive been really busy with school but I'm a gonna come out with another book whenever i can. :) tell me what you thought about it :) love ya'll!

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