His Contact

It started with a contest. One simple contest. I didn't mean to fall for both niall and harry! And if Niall hadn't added his stupid contact into my phone everything would have been fine! I don't want to choose between them! if niall would have just left everything alone! I thought I would just be another fan they meet! And sure its every fans DREAM to have niall and harry fight over you, But not like this. I didn't want this. I guess I'm not just another fan. It probably would have been better if I was.


19. Chapter 19: Jealous Much?

"oh hi megan" I smiled at her. "I'm Emma"

"hi emma, nice to meet you" she smiled back. She had longish dark brown hair and big brown eyes. She was also American. pft! stupid perfect American girls. She was half the height that harry was. It was cute. I didn't like it he wasn't supposed to date cute girls. He was supposed to date ugly ones. Whatever though its not like I care. I walked out the front door with niall following behind me. We got into the car and drove off to Nando's.

~~~~~~~~~~HARRY'S POV~~~~~~~~~~

I walked megan inside the house. We walked upstairs into my bedroom and I popped in The Vow. I loved this movie. I jumped onto the bed and nuzzled myself under the covers next to megan. I put my arm around her and she laid on my chest. It was quiet, and kind of awkward. It felt better with emma. I mean not that I still like emma I'm totally over her, and I really like megan. It's probably just because I knew emma a lot more than megan. And emma came over more often rather than megan who had only came over once and that was today. Right now. I nuzzled up with megan. she looked up and smiled at me and pecked me on my lips. "Pft! lame!!" I said sarcastically. "oh really?" she replied

"why don't you show me whats not lame?" she had spoken again

"alright, but don't get overwhelmed" I laughed

I lifted my finger under her chin lifting her head up to look straight into my eyes. Her eyes were gorgeous. Big brown eyes, she had amazing rosy cheeks and her smile was absolutely beautiful. I leaned in slow tilting my head to the side and pressing my lips against her softly. I backed away smiling bigger than ever. she looked at me with wide eyes. I laughed " what?" I asked she shook her head "nothing just uhm, if you want to show me what a lame kiss is not feel free to do so any time...."  I laughed she was so damn cute. we layed back down and and drifted into a sleep.

~~~~~~~~~~EMMA'S POV~~~~~~~~~

We pulled back into the driveway. And we were starving. Nandos was closed for the day. I guess it was a lame holiday or something. We walked up stairs and headed to niall's room just to talk and hang out. we passed harry's room and the door was open. Harry and megan had fallen asleep cuddling how cute. I smiled niall looked at me with a grin on his face, like he had an idea. "hey love, wanna pull a prank on them?" I shook my head " yes!"

"ok get your camera pulled up on your Iphone. I'll be right back!" niall tiptoed down the hall and came back with 2 air horns. I smiled at him big. great maybe this will make megan mad and leave! wait no I did not just think that! I am not jealous!! I have niall. I took one of the air horns and I set my camera up on one of his dressers and niall and I tiptoed over to the bed

"on 3!" niall said he lifted up 1 using his fingers 2, 3. and then nodded smiling deviously. I got right in megans face and blasted the horn right in her face as niall did the same to harry. Harry shot straight up breathing hard megan doing the same but she tried to get up and start running but instead of running away from the wall she ran straight into it. Niall and I dropped down on the floor laughing so hard we were crying we couldn't contain it, It was hilarious! "I think I'm gonna go home" megan got up to leave and harry chasing after her. I felt great inside good. we got her to leave. I would have apologized but I was to busy dying of laughter on the floor with niall. we finally cooled down and walked downstairs. I saw harry sitting on the couch alone watching a game of football. he shot us a dirty look. "oh c'mon harry. we were joking around" niall said

"well you got her to leave. you happy?" said harry

I smiled a little bit. " harry c'mon we were playing a joke!"

" you know what emma, sometimes jokes go to far. and if you could wipe the smirk off your face that would great. If you haven't realized I've moved on. I don't care if your jealous but don't take it out on my girlfriend" harry yelled back at me.

I looked at him with huge eyes in shock. he got up and ran upstairs. niall looked down at me "Niall I swear I'm not jealous. I'm happy with you"

"I know em, its not your fault your not the jealous one. He is."

********AUTHORS NOTE************

hey guys! I'm sorry I haven't been updating! school just started and Ive been busy! I'm trying to publish chapter Whenever I can! and I've gotten sick so I haven't been feeling so great but I'll update Whenever I can! and thank you so much for reading liking, favoriting ect... it means the world! :)

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