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It started with a contest. One simple contest. I didn't mean to fall for both niall and harry! And if Niall hadn't added his stupid contact into my phone everything would have been fine! I don't want to choose between them! if niall would have just left everything alone! I thought I would just be another fan they meet! And sure its every fans DREAM to have niall and harry fight over you, But not like this. I didn't want this. I guess I'm not just another fan. It probably would have been better if I was.


12. Chapter 12: Awkward

I walked into their house to see niall and liam on the couch in the living room. Talk about awkward. Niall looked up at me and a smile grew on his face as he got up off the couch and started to walk towards me "Em! your back!" he hugged me.

"hi niall" I smiled it was so awkward just pretending like I haven't seen him since the first time I came here. Liam started to talk, great this should be interesting.

"hey emma! how are you? you look tired I bet your real tired, did you get any sleep last night you look like you stayed up late maybe you were out... where you out last night? I bet you were out REAL lat-" he was cut off by niall "liam that's not polite to tell someone they look tired." he said with big eyes. I looked at him with a surprised face I had no clue what to say. " liam niall's right, its not very polite to do that, besides I think emma is beautiful tired." said harry he looked down and smiled at me and then wrapped his arm around my waist.

"yea I bet niall thinks that to..." liam said under his breath. Niall and I looked at liam with huge eyes. "sorry liam what did you say I couldn't hear what you were saying you weren't very clear" said harry. I looked at harry " he said he really likes...  orange...juice....." nice going emma. That was almost as bad as nialls shower song. " liam, I thought you hated orange juice?"

"well I guess I love it now..." liam replied. I just quickly grabbed harry's hand and walked over to the couch "lets watch some tv...shall we?" I plopped myself down on the couch and harry did the same. zayn walked out of the kitchen "Em! your here! did harry surprise you?" he smiled " he told me about it but I told him to do it today I thought you would like that" I looked up at zayn giving him a smile "oh. really zayn you told him to do it today, you have amazing planning. let me just tell you! today was going to be so ..very boring but yes I was very surprised." I was trying so hard not to sound sarcastic but it kinda slipped in there. my eye was kind of twitching, and I probably looked psycho. "uhhh emma you ok?" zayn asked

"oh yea zayn. im just dandy!"

"ok..." zayn looked confused and kind of frightened. "I'll be right back I'm gonna run to the store real fast I have to pick up a few things I forgot about yesterday." harry said. he got up from the couch and looked at me "ill be right back do you wanna come with me or stay here ?"

"I think ill stay here" I said smiling

"ok, do you need anything and food chocolate...anything like that?"

"uhm no thank you..." I said  why would he ask if I want chocolate...that was odd. "harry, don't you remember we went shopping yesterday... we have everything we need." said zayn.

" no we forgot something! ill be right back I swear..." harry turned around and walked out the door.

''that was odd..." said liam. we were all very confused.

niall looked at me and started to speak. " hey em have you seen upstairs?"

"no actually I don't think I have..."

"Iiam, do you want to come show her with me?"

"why would I want to-" niall cut liam off by grabbing his arm and running up stairs "come on em!" he yelled. I ran up the stairs following them and niall ran into his room with liam and I and shut the door and turned the lock. "liam, I'm going to ask you in the nicest way I can. CAN YOU STOP BEING SO OBVIOUS!"  goodness! harry might start questioning"

"niall, I said I would keep it a secret, I never said that I wouldn't hint about it" liam replied

"well please liam can you stop it?" asked niall.

"its fun!"liam said. I looked up at liam,

"liam please can you do this one thing for me?"

" uhhh! fine! but you guys cant play this on forever if you do thi your going to have to tell harry sometime.. so if I do this you have to tell him sometime next week or before other wise i'll tell him myself deal?" liam looked almost irritated about the situation. niall and I looked at eachother and then liam deal. we walked down stairs to sit on the couch. " and that was the upstairs tour!" niall said smiling. "it was a lovely tour" I said laughing right then harry walked in the door with 2 grocery bags.

"hey see I told you i'd be fast em can I see you for a sec?"

"uh yeah sure" I said kind of worried and confused he took me down the hall and into the guest room.

"so I bought you some stuff just in case you spend the night, and in case you didn't bring anything..."

my eyes got huge "uhm harry I don't do those thi-" I instantly stopped myself when he pulled pulled out a box of tampons (see you guys probably thought it was something else, you dirty minded little fans hahah) . "so im not sure if you are you know but just in case because the way you were talking to zayn sounded like you were mad and then when I talked to you, you were completely happy and that was a mood swing and your dressed in sweats and a hoodie so heres those and..." I face palmed and just shook my head harry kept talking and pulling out  just a ton of junk food and even Tylenol and ibuprofen. "harry im-" he cut me off "wait hold on theres more!" he pulled out a teddy bear and a box of chocolates. "I heard you guys crave chocolate when your you know..."

"harry, im not on my period. todays just a lazy day and im tired and cranky,"

harry looked at me with a blank face " well this is awkward..."

I started to laugh " no its ok harry it was very sweet of you!"

"well we will just save this for next time but here.." he handed me the teddy bear and the box of chocolates

"thank you harry" I said smiling and giving him a hug

" we can watch another movie tonight and eat the junk food then !" he said smiling

"ok that sounds good!"

" hes so cute and sweet" I thought to myself "wait! no! bad emma!!! you like niall! not harry" I shook my head getting rid of the thought.

harry had gone into the guest bathroom and put "the box" under the sink.

"just in case you need them at one point in time" we walked out into the living room and the boys were all sitting on the couch. so I sat on the floor and there was one more spot but I didn't want it so I let harry sit there I leaned against the bottom of the couch right below where harry was sitting. we all just sat there watching tv . harry leaned over and started to massage my shoulders I haven't had someone rub my shoulders since I don't know how long but it was sooooo relaxing! , "your tense love! are you stressed or something?"

"no actually, but I fell asleep on my floor last night watching tv and my floor is hard so that's probably why"

"mmmhmmm" liam remarked

I looked over at niall he was glaring at harry I could tell he was getting jealous it was kind of really funny.

" harry aren't you hands tired?" said niall

"not real-"

" here ill take over!" niall scooted harry over and removed his hands and started rubbing my shoulders, I started to laugh a little because of the situation. harry looked at niall with a confused face.

"niall, my hands weren't tired"

"oh! whoops well its to late now I guess ill just rub her shoulders!" replied niall I was smiling really big trying not to laugh. this was pretty funny.



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