His Contact

It started with a contest. One simple contest. I didn't mean to fall for both niall and harry! And if Niall hadn't added his stupid contact into my phone everything would have been fine! I don't want to choose between them! if niall would have just left everything alone! I thought I would just be another fan they meet! And sure its every fans DREAM to have niall and harry fight over you, But not like this. I didn't want this. I guess I'm not just another fan. It probably would have been better if I was.


1. Chapter 1: Shocked

I was laying on my bed playing on my phone and  listening to the radio. The usual. I never really had anything interesting happen in my life. Except for one time when Liam Payne tweeted back to me, that was pretty exciting. I mean to me anyways, I'm in LOVE with One Direction. I just don't get how they got 5 of the most hottest guys in one band with AMAZING voices. They are just pure perfection. Anyways the song treasure by Bruno Mars was over and the guy on the radio started to  announce a one direction contest. I immediately jumped up from my bed and turned up the radio. "So heres the deal for all you directioners out there, be the 28th caller and tell me the last song that was played and you will win A WHOLE DAY WITH ONE DIRECTION!! so grab your phones and get ready to dial" I ran back to my bed and grabbed my phone opening the phone app carefully listening to him " ok guys the number is 880-5252, once again 880-5252" I waited like 5 seconds to call because I had to be number 28. As the phone started to ring I crossed my fingers remembering the last song that played was treasure by Bruno mars. I kept repeating the song in my head and a ring later I heard a mans voice saying "hello, this KWZYN your talking to Henry here, whats your name ?"  "Emma" I replied, my voice was shaking I was so nervous. "Well Emma can you tell me the last song that was played dear?" " It was treasure by Bruno Mars" I said with my voice almost trembling " Well guess what Emma?, YOUR SPENDING A WHOLE DAY WITH ONE DIRECTION!!!  your caller 28!" I couldn't hold the excitement in my body! I screamed!! I was so happy and nervous my stomach had butterflies and I felt light headed. "Are you serious?!?" I exclaimed " Yes!" now all you need to do is text us your address, name, and email address so we can come and get you tomorrow to drop you off to the boys!". "Ok!" I said very happily my voice was shaking and so were my hands as hung up and I texted him the information. I was completely shocked!

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