Stole my heart

This is about a girl called Olivia who really doesn't like one direction she thinks they are stuck up and jerks. Until she unexpectedly bumps into them..find out what happens and please fav!!!


6. Chapter 6

The next day I take out my phone and go to make a new contact. I put in his number and for the contact name i put 'Harry' i text him "hey this is Olivia" he replies back emedeatly. "You dont sound so excited to talk to me :(" " you are just a normal person to me remember? in fact some random hobo is more important to me  ;)" "harsh! You can meet me at me and the rest of the bands apartment" great I have to meet all if them. "Fine where is it?"  I ask he gives me his address and get in the car,and I put in my GPS. I find his apartment and see he is waiting outside for me. I get out of the car and he rushes me inside. He notices that I'm taken aback so he explains "paparazzi, don't need them ruining your life too." Once we get inside I notice right away that the place is very clean. He wanted it to look nice. Then I see who I think Is Liam on the couch Niall in the kitchen and two other guys sitting on the floor on their phones. He introduces me to them. The guy in the couch was Zayn and the two guys were Louis and Liam. Louis looks at me and says, "So your the girl thats doesn't like us huh?" I click my tongue and point a finger gun at him. he just laughs. Niall walks past me and gives a sad smile. Liam, Zayn, and Louis all exchange sympathetic looks. Later me and Harry go out to dinner to 'five guys' the place is expensive but it doesn't seem to bother Harry of corse it doesn't he is made of money. I sit down and start to eat my hamburger when he says. "So how can I prove to you that I am not stuck up?" "You shouldn't have to prove it to me, I should know after a while." He nods his head yes and takes a bite of his burger. I look at him questionably. "What?" He asks. "Well I was expecting you to do something nice. To prove to me." I say "you told me that's not how it works. I'm just going to be myself and hopefully you'll see that I am not a jerk or stuck up."  He smirks and I roll my eyes. "You are a flirt and a womanizer" I say sounding harsh. "No I'm not you don't know me" he says looking hurt. He won't look at me the rest of dinner. When we are driving some where else the car is silent so I take that chance. "I'm sorry Harry, your right I don't know you." He smirks "what" I ask and a little grin appears on my lips but quickly stop it. "You just said that you where wrong." He takes me to a park and I see a boat with Christmas lights strung all along it. "What's this?" I ask. "We are going on the lake" he says with a cheesy grin. I sigh and he looks at me disappointed. "What?" I ask sounding a bit annoyed. He steps back and puts his hands in the air to say 'I surrender' "nothing, nothing!" I look back at the boat and I relies that I looks really romantic. No! Stop! I don't what to fall in love. I don't want to get hurt again. He grabs my hand but I shake him off and walk to the boat. He sighs and catches up to me. 

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