Stole my heart

This is about a girl called Olivia who really doesn't like one direction she thinks they are stuck up and jerks. Until she unexpectedly bumps into them..find out what happens and please fav!!!


4. Chapter 4

We all stand and Niall starts for the door; once he is out of hearing range Harry says "hey do you want to like hang out sometime? An I can convince you that we are not stuck up" He smirks. I smile sarcastically and say "I don't think so curly" I say wiping off the counter. "How about as friends" I pretend to think about and tap my chin "ummmm... No" I say walking up to the counter and standing behind it. He sighs "okay..." He thinks for a moment. "How about two people that really hate each other?" He ask now sounding desperate. I think for a moment, maybe I can get something out of this. "Okay how about this.." He smiles now getting excited. "If you can convince me in some way that you are not five stuck up teenagers then you can take me on a date." He smiles "and if i don't?...." " then you have to buy me something and I get to pick it out... No objections" he hesitates before he answers "deal" he says extending his hand u shake it and give a nasty grin. I am defenetly getting a present. Then he slips a pice of paper into my hand probably his number. He smirks and walks out.

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