Stole my heart

This is about a girl called Olivia who really doesn't like one direction she thinks they are stuck up and jerks. Until she unexpectedly bumps into them..find out what happens and please fav!!!


3. Chapter 3

Allyson  walks over to us to take our plates, she looks beautiful with her brown hair that looks like it has red highlights in it, and her magnificent shining brown eyes. I didn't think brown eyes could be pretty, I had always fancied green eyes but her eyes..... 
We stay in the café until it closes.  Once Taylor has finished cleaning off the counters she comes over to us and sits by me. "So what are two famous stuck up singers doing in a small town in Texas?" She asks. She has made it very clear that she dosnt like us. " Ouch... well that was a little harsh!"I say. She shrugs her sholders "well it is the truth" she replies "i dont think you would think that if you got to know the band" says Harry. "Ohh yes i would" she says with a nod. "Well anyways, Don't tell anyone but we are here on a brake." says Harry he likes her or other wise he would have never told her. "Yeah because you need a brake from doing absoultly nothing.And why here?" She asks "well because it is a small town not as many people will notice us here and Niall likes the accents" Harry smirks at her. I was right. "You think just because it is a small town we all live under rocks and dont know who you are?" She asks getting angry. "No thats not what i ment! I ment that there arnt alot of people here and less people will see us!" Says harry quickly trying ti cover up his slip up. 

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