Stole my heart

This is about a girl called Olivia who really doesn't like one direction she thinks they are stuck up and jerks. Until she unexpectedly bumps into them..find out what happens and please fav!!!


2. Chapter 2

Once we've opened I walk over to them to take their order. When Niall asks "you won't give us away will you?" "Ohh no I really don't want a mob if screaming girls in my restaurant" I say "this is your restaurant?" Ask Harry with a cheeky smile. he is such a flirt. "well it..." I don't want to talk about expesally them so I clear my throat but it feels tight and I can't speak, but they seem to understand. "I'm sorry" says Niall "yeah me too." Agrees Harry "there's no need. So what will it be?" I ask and try to smile.  Their faces look sympathetic. I dont want their sympathy they are jerks!

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