Death Eater? (On hold)

My name is Periwinkle. But my friends call me Perry... Lets see... What can I tell you about me? well... I'm an orphan. I have no idea who my parents are. Dumbledore took me in when he found out I was abused at my old home... and... Oh yeah!! I'm a death eater! Nobody knows this of course. except for maybe... Well Lucius Malfoy. Truth is, me and Harry are actually friends. But I don't know. He probably thinks of me as a hopeless little kid. seeing as I'm actually too young to be attending at Hogwarts. But Dumbledore thought that it was a good idea. And who am I to argue with a professor?


2. Gryffindor

"Believe you can, then you're halfway there."

After a while, I could no longer continue eating. This year was supposed to be different. I would get to be in a house. get to... 'possibly' play quiditch (as Dumbledore told me he would 'think about it') I would get to be like all the other kids! I know that sounds selfish. Every young wizard wants to be in Hogwarts at my age. And I was... But then again... I'm not like all other witches and wizards. "Hey, Perry!" Shouted George from across the table. I lazily looked over to him and made a look at him with a look that I supposed meant I knew he was going to say something stupid. "The food isn't just for looks you know. You can always try and eat it?" I sighed. The twins are always trying to turn an awkward moment into a funny one. "I'm not hungry." I replied. Trying hard not to sound like I was at all upset by not getting sorted. Though I caught the twins exchanging glances out of the corner of my eye.

         As the great hall was emptied, I continued to sit at the Gryffindor table, awkwardly staring at the unfinished food on my plate. The food looked very appetizing, as it always does. But right now, I didn't care if the food was charmed by goblins and make me the most powerful witch in the world. I wasn't in the mood. I would most likely end up having this feast many more times anyways, if I didn't get sorted...  "Hey, you gonna eat that?" I looked up just in time to see Fred poke his fork into my chicken. Him and George were still sitting in the same places they were before, instead of filing out of the great hall with Ron and Harry. "What are you guys still doing here?" I sighed. "We're still hungry!" Said George, with a laugh. I sighed as I pushed my plate away from me. "Miss Periwinkle?" I didn't even have to turn around to know it was professor Dumbledore. I stood up slowly. For some reason I was scared about what he was going to say. "Yes, Professor?" Everyone in the great hall was gone now, except for Fred and George. "I want to talk to you..." He trailed off and looked behind me at Fred and George. "That's okay, Professor." Fred said and smiled. "We're listening." George finished. I sighed. "Fred...George, you-" "That's okay, Periwinkle." Dumbledore looked over at the twins. "You can stay. I want you two to hear this also."

        Dumbledore had conjured up a stool and sat across from me and Fred, just as George jumped over the table and sat next to me, before Dumbledore saw him. House elves began to stroll into the great hall to clean up after the feast. They ignored us of course, and cleaned around us. "I'm going to have to continue doing what I've always been doing... aren't I?..." I said a bit bitterly, though I didn't mean for it to be. Lucky for me, Dumbledore either didn't notice or ignored this. "Like I said before, I need you to start taking classes this year. Just because you didn't get sorted, doesn't mean you can't start taking your classes." He said. "But..." I trailed off. I always wanted for my first year of Hogwarts to be just like everyone else's. I would get sorted into a house, share a dorm with all the other first year girls, and get to actually gain and lose house points, instead of just getting detention. "I'm not saying you're getting to chose a house... But you can sleep in the first year dorms with the girls." He looked like he didn't absolutely seem too entirely sure about what he was saying. "Which dorms?..." I asked. Dumbledore sighed. "Whichever ones you want." I widened my eyes at him. "Really, sir?" He simply nodded his head. "So Gryffindor it is then!" shouted Fred. I rolled my eyes at him. Honestly, I really didn't know where I would stay. I didn't even know which house I wanted to be in... "But sir..." Fred started. "What do we have to do with this?" Dumbledore looked at them both, strangely serious. "I want to make sure you will keep her out of trouble. I don't want another incident like last years..." I looked down at my shoes and felt my face get hot. I heard George chuckle. "Not sure you're asking the right people for the job sir..." "But we'll do our best." Finished Fred.

             We were just leaving the great hall. I looked behind me at Professor Dumbledore, then realized he was no longer behind me. "C'mon Perry! we'll show you to the Gryffindor common room!" Said Fred. I didn't remember saying I would stay in the Gryffindor common room, but I allowed them to drag me there anyways. I didn't feel like arguing with them tonight. Plus, I was planning to go with them to the Gryffindor common room with them anyways. Its not like I could go to the Slytherin common room... Sure the older Slytherins are used to me... but the new ones... My second choice would have of course been the Hufflepuff common room. They're all so nice there.

         "So the common room is at the end of this hallway and up the stairs... You see the portrait of the-" started Fred. "Fred... I've been in the common room before..." He rolled his eyes at me. We raced each other up the stairs and didn't even have to say the password... The fat lady's portrait swung open with a small shriek, from fear of us running into her and tearing a hole in her nice smooth canvas. When we came in, nobody seemed to have noticed us at first. everyone was greeting old friends, or in the first years case, upstairs unpacking. Lee Jordan called the twins over. 'God Lee!! Really!?' I thought. Luckily he didn't notice me... Don't get me wrong. Lee is cool and all. Its just... He seems to think I'm 'cute'. He probably thinks I'm some kind of dog that muggles keep in their purses. I ended up standing around for a few moments, awkwardly. Eventually, Percy noticed me and waved me over to him and his friends. I thankfully hopped over to them, gave Percy a hug, and said Hi to all his other friends. Percy and his friends are all in their 5th year. I don't usually hang out with them... But they don't seem to really mind when I do. His friends are pretty nice. They gave me a butterbeer and acted as if I was the same age as them. That's why I like Percy's friends. They always act as if I'm like them. After a while of awkward silence, Percy's friend, Haylen turned to me and asked "Hey, are you still sleeping in the professors quarters?...or...why are you here?..." I shrugged. "Dumbledore told me I could stay here... I'm not really sure why-" "Perry!" I jumped in surprise. It was Fred and George, they had snuck up behind me. "Is Percy harassing you again!?" Fred said. Percy furrowed his brow at them both. "Wha-" "C'mon, Perry! We'll protect you!" George yelled. They both put their hands under my arms and pulled me up. "Um... I think I'm going to go to the dorms.... find my stuff..." I mumbled and left before they could say anything else. I quickly ran up the stairs to the girls dormitories. There were seven doors in a small hallway. There were three doors on one side, three on the other side, and one on the wall opposite from the stairs. Each door had a different number on it. I went to the door opposite the stairwell, which was for the first years. The door opened with a creak. There were four beds in the room. Two on one side, and two on the other. On the right side of the room, both beds were already taken. It seemed as if instead of unpacking they both threw everything onto the top of their bed. a girl with long black hair was sitting on top of the first one. She was talking to a girl who seemed slightly taller then her. She had blonde hair that fell around her shoulders in perfect curls. They didn't seem to notice me come in, they were too busy talking their faces off... on the other side of the room, it was completely neat and tidy. There seemed to be only one bed that had been taken. There was a girl with obnoxiously bushy hair sitting on her bed reading a rather large book. The bed next to her was empty. I walked into the room silently, but the girl reading the book still however noticed me. "Are you supposed to be in here?" She asked. I shrugged. "I guess so." I explained once again about what Dumbledore had told me. She didn't say anything to this. Instead, she went back over to her book and continued reading. I walked over to the empty bed, then realized my luggage was sitting next to it. I caught the girl glance up at me quickly, then looked back down at her book, though her eyes did not travel over the words. Instead they were squinted, as if she was thinking hard about something. "My names Perry..." I blurted out. I couldn't stand the awkward silence. The girl sighed and stood up. "I'm Hermione Granger." She said and held out her hand. I shook her hand and watched as she sat back down. "What are you reading?" I asked. "Flesh eating trees of the world." She said proudly. "Oh. I read that." She seemed to be surprised, so for the rest of the night we talked about books that we've read, haven't read, and want to read.

             The next day I was heading down the stairs to breakfast with Hermione. I jumped the six stairs, as the staircase decided to try to take me to another landing. I stuck the landing, proudly I might add. Just as I was regaining my composure, someone ran into me, knocking me over. "Watch out, Juvenile!" The person shouted. "Juvenile?!" I looked up. It was the one boy who was making fun of me before the sorting. Draco Malfoy I think? The boy glared at me and continued his way down the hallway, continuing to ignore us. Juvenile!! I'm only two years younger then him!  Hermione helped me off the floor and we continued after him into the great hall. The great hall was brighter then last time, it seemed. The ceiling, which looked like the outside sky, was sunny and bright, unlike yesterday when it was night time. Ron and the twins called me over from the Gryffindor table. As we walked over, I could just catch Ron glare at Hermione, though Hermione chose to ignore it. I sat down next to Harry and George, and Hermione sat down across from me. "Took you long enough!" Said Fred from the other side of the table. I looked from him to my watch. "Its only nine o five..." I said. "Exactly." Said Ron through a mouthful of food. "Which means you only have 25 minutes to stuff as much food in your mouth as you can." Hermione looked at him, disgusted. That's when I realized I haven't talked much too Harry at all. I looked over at him. He was sitting next to Ron, Looking at professor Snape, with a pained expression on his face. I looked at him with curiosity, and looked away, just when professor Quirrel walked by. I knew what was going to happen. My forearm began stinging and burning. I grabbed it and held onto it, clenching my eyes closed, waiting for him to pass by. Though he didn't. he stood there, watching the ravenclaw table

*Btw guys!! I'm soooo sorry for the really late chapter!!! I've been very busy over the summer. I'll try to get a chapter done every week from now on!!


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