Death Eater? (On hold)

My name is Periwinkle. But my friends call me Perry... Lets see... What can I tell you about me? well... I'm an orphan. I have no idea who my parents are. Dumbledore took me in when he found out I was abused at my old home... and... Oh yeah!! I'm a death eater! Nobody knows this of course. except for maybe... Well Lucius Malfoy. Truth is, me and Harry are actually friends. But I don't know. He probably thinks of me as a hopeless little kid. seeing as I'm actually too young to be attending at Hogwarts. But Dumbledore thought that it was a good idea. And who am I to argue with a professor?


1. Easy disapointment

"We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone."


"First year!" A boy with platinum hair scoffed. "You look like you're nine years old!" two boys who were standing behind him laughed. I nodded. "Yeah. I am." we had just gotten off of the boats. Professor Dumbledore had thought it to be a good idea for me to ride the boats with all the other students. Now, I guess you're wondering why I'm at Hogwarts. Well, to be honest, I'm not sure why myself! Professor Dumbledore just told me that I needed to start this year, said it would be 'somewhat necessary'. I didn't know what he meant by that, but I didn't argue, after all, it was weird, I've been in Hogwarts since I was 5. I wouldn't take any classes, although sometimes I would walk into a class room and sit down in an empty chair, or sometimes I would even just sit down in the corner of the room on the floor. Everyone seemed to get used to me. I would sit up at the teachers tables and eat my meals. I knew everyone in the school. It was nice, although... again, it was a little awkward, so it was good that I would be taking real classes, and actually be sorted into an house.

"Lay off, Malfoy!" I turned around on my heels. It was a red haired boy. He had dirt on his nose. He had to be a Weasley. The twins, Fred and George told me that their brother would be coming to Hogwarts. I watched as the boy called Malfoy glared at the boy, but walked away all the same. I turned around to face the boy, when I realized there was another boy with him. black hair, glasses... I heard Harry Potter was coming to Hogwarts... but I hoped it wasn't true...

"Hey I know you! you're Perry, right? I mean, Periwinkle?" I smiled and nodded "And I know you!...Well...I mean I don't know your name... but I know your brothers! Percy, George, and Fred, and I know Charlie too! He came to Hogwarts last year... Because of an incident..." he laughed "I'm Ron Weasley" I turned to Harry Potter "And your Harry Potter!" He nodded. "I heard you'd be coming to Hogwarts this year." I said and gave him a smile. "Fred and George told me that you'd be coming this year. They talk a lot about you...god... I really hope you're in Gryffindor!" He laughed. "Although, by the way it sounds you could either end up in Gryffindor or Slytherin!" He laughed. I laughed too. "Yeah. And don't worry. I'm sure you'll get Gryffindor." I said. someone tapped me on my shoulder and I spun around. It was Professor McGonagall. "They're ready for you now." She said and started walking towards the big arched doors that I recognized as the great hall. A few stares were thrown my way from people who didn't know I was going to be sorted this year. And some of the first years gave me questioning looks. Everyone suddenly stopped, and I almost fell into the person in front of me. Professor McGonagall was saying something, probably about the sorting hat, but I wasn't listening. I've seen this happen plenty of times. Soon, she began to call names.

Of course I wasn't paying much attention to that either. I was really thinking about what house I wanted to be in. Even after all of these years of staying at Hogwarts, I still haven't decided. Every time I think I know what house I want to be in, someone always comes along and changes my mind. At first I thought I oughta be in Gryffindor, with the Weasleys. Then I thought I should be in Slytherin. I mean all the other... well... all the other people like me were in Slytherin. But then I decided I didn't like the people who were like me... Yeah it seems complicated... But if you were like me you would understand... well actually.... If you were like me you probably wouldn't understand.

"Hermione Granger!" I watched as the girl who was in the canoe with me slowly walked towards the stool which had been sat right in front of the teachers table. Once she sat down I had to stand on my toes just to see the top of her head, which was soon not in view, as McGonagall had placed the sorting hat on her head. After a few moments the sorting hat shouted "Gryffindor!" And the bushy haired girl,  by the name of Hermione hopped off towards the table with the red and gold table cloth. a few more names of people whom I didn't recognize.

"Ronald Weasley!" I turned to Ron and gave him a slight smile that I hoped seemed to mean 'good luck'. I followed his red hair with my eyes until he sat down on the stool and I had to stand on my toes again. I felt someone's gaze on me and I turned around. It was that one kid. Harry. right when I met his eyes he immediately looked away. I stared at him for a moment and then turned back around to hat who immediately shouted out "GRYFFINDOR!!" I was actually relieved that he got Gryffindor. His whole family was in Gryffindor. It would have been terrible if he wasn't.

After a while there weren't many people left. That platinum haired boy was somewhere towards the front. Harry was standing behind me, and there were about maybe five others who hadn't been sorted yet.

"Draco Malfoy!" The Platinum haired boy stepped up to the stool. I decided that instead of standing on my toes for the rest of the time, I pushed my way to the front so that I could see.

Just before the hat touched the boys head, it called "SLYTHERIN!!" I widened my eyes. It hadn't even touched his head!!

Three other kids whom I didn't know were called, then

"Harry, Potter!" I watched as he walked up to the stool. He seemed nervous. The sorting hat was set on his head... after a few moments, I watched as he closed his eyes and started muttering something. "GRYFFINDOR!!" He smiled as everyone in the great hall began clapping. even Dumbledore had a twinkle in his eyes.... although he always does so....

After a few more names, I was the only one left. I was holding my breath, though I didn't know why. I got a few strange stares.

"Periwinkle Elddir!" I walked forward and sat down on the stood, and tried to make myself look as tall as possible as McGonagall sat the sorting hat on my head. The rim fell over my eyes. I heard a few people laugh as McGonagall adjusted it so that I could see. The sorting hat began mumbling something. I immediately tuned my ears so that I could hear it.

"Interesting.... Very interesting... very intelligent I can see.... extremely brave....yes....and kind, all the same...and yet....sly...yes. very sly.... But wait! This is interesting.... very.... Oh, but, how old are you?! nine... nine years old! suddenly it shouted "I CAN NOT SORT HER!!" I drew in a quick breath. What!? "SHE IS UNDERAGE!! I CANNOT SORT HER, SHE IS UNDERAGE!!!" after a few seconds of utter silence, the hat was taken off of my head. I looked up. Dumbledore had token off. "Perry, just, go take a seat at any table. Go on." he said. even Dumbledore looked confused. I nodded and looked around the great hall. I felt awkward and wasn't sure where to sit. That's why I was so thankful for Fred and George when they waved me over to the Gryffindor table to sit with them. I walked quickly over when I realized that they were sitting with Harry, Ron, and Percy. I sat down next to one of the twins and Ron. They were staring at me and I looked down at the golden plate.

"Hey, well it wasn't lying now was it?!" Fred laughed. "You are underage!" I sighed and looked up at Dumbledore. He seemed to be having a conversation with the sorting hat. It wasn't long before food appeared on our plates. I began eating, but every piece stuck in my throat.

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