Love struck

A 22 year old named Riley and her best friend Anna were shopping at the local Londan mall when they bump into a beautiful blond Irish boy and Riley ends up falling in love but that boy isn't all that regular it was the Niall Horan. How does Anna feel about all this and what will the upside of having a best who is in love with Niall Horan turn into a good thing read to find out more.


2. shopping is a saint

 Rileys pov


Knock knock knock "Anna come on its time to go shopping" i yelled through the door. The door flung open. I'm ready Anna said grumpily. Alright than lets hit the road i screamed. The ride to the shops weren't all that long about a 5 minute ride. When we got to the shops we parked the car and hit all our favorite stores and boutiques. After about 2 hours of shopping Anna and I  walked into the nearest Starbucks and ordered 2 chocolate chip lattes. On my way out i dropped a few napkins and the wind carried them along the pavement s following with my eyes chasing after napkins i bumped into someone causing them to spill a drink on me and me spilling my latte on them :( Oh god i so sorry i said looking into a pair of beautiful pair of blue eyes . It was hard not to stare. oh  im so sorry he said. his irish voice full of concern. Yyyyaa  im fine i stuttered realizing i was talking to the NIALL HORAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG total fan girl. He laughed  cause he knew i was a fan by the shock in my eyes. He handed me a few napkins and one from his pocket smiled and left. I turned to Anna and she was stunned I swallowed hard and screamed as did Anna i was jumping up and down and turned around he and four other lads were starring and smiling too i blushed and then froze i realized he was with Harry Liam Zayn and Louis i stared at them and ran. All the way back to the car Anna followed. i jumped i the car and screamed. i calmed down and realized i had what seamed like coffee spilled all over me so i took the napkins niall gave me and started to dry off a little when Anna grabbed a napkin and screamed what the heck i said Niall.... gave ... omg .... his number... saying call me she stuttered Omg what  i grabbed the napkin out of her hands and read it. it had his number on it saying call me and srry bout the spill and then a winky face ekkkkk. breath riley hes just a person i say to myself of calm down Man when you two get married and have kids can you name the girl after me anna asked sure i said sarcasticly man shopping is a saint i say and then drive home to call NIALL HORAN eeeeeeekkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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