Love struck

A 22 year old named Riley and her best friend Anna were shopping at the local Londan mall when they bump into a beautiful blond Irish boy and Riley ends up falling in love but that boy isn't all that regular it was the Niall Horan. How does Anna feel about all this and what will the upside of having a best who is in love with Niall Horan turn into a good thing read to find out more.


3. does it mean anything

Rileys POV 



Omg niall horan gave me his number does it mean anything i mean i guess i would have to of meant something to him for him to give me his number all these questions were filling up my head while i was laying in bed with my phone in my hand do i or do i not text him uggggh sigh i was too over whelmed so my hands took over and texted hi its riley from the coffee place if u remember me and hit send immediately he responded hey how could i forget u i have a coffee stain reminding me of u i laughed and sent back haha its acually a latte he responded with haha uhh i was wondering if u wanted to maybe go out sometime i responded almost too quickly with a ya totally he texted back saying cool we'll meet at the same starbucks tommorow at 2 i responded with ya sounds cool i better get going im going to do something very important he sent back cool what i said sleep he responded haha night i texted night back then put my phone down and  whispered i guess it does mean something.     (a/n hey i need some girls for zayn harry an liam comment your name and what u look like i respond the winners later bye)

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