Let Me In(Harry Styles)

The mysterious boy Harry moves in next to August, a girl who has to deal with her parents' divorce and being bullied. August develops a special bond with her strange neighbor, but when the small town they live in is startled by a series of brutal murders ever since Harry moved into the flat, it seems he's more involved with them than August thinks. "Innocence dies, Harry doesn't."





He will keep you safe, he will keep you close, he will keep you forever./



The open window made the air in my room really cold, but for some reason
I needed it. I was sat down on my windowsill, watching the snow falling
down on the ground which was already covered with snow that had fallen
the last days. I saw Mrs. Barker, a woman in her thirties. But I never
liked her. When I would walk past her, she wouldn't say anything to me
so I never said anything to her. Actually, I've never heard her voice.

I looked to the apartment which was the one next to hers. As usual, I
saw Mr. Jenkons working out in his fitness room. He was really busy with
exercising, just like always. Every time I saw him, he was or working
out in his fitness room, or jogging down the streets. He was obsessed
with sports.

I suddenly heard an engine. My head shot towards the direction I heard
it coming from to see a truck parking on the parking area. I pulled up
one eyebrow and sat more up, so I could have a better sight of it.

The door driversdoor opened and I saw a man with grey hair stepping out
and walking to the back of the truck. He opened it and yelled something
which I couldn't hear. I then did hear another door slamming shut. The
man grabbed a few boxes, which weren't much, and then someone appeared.

He had brown curls and was only wearing shorts and a T-shirt. I pulled
up one eyebrow again, wondering why he was wearing these clothes in this
cold weather. The boy grabbed a few boxes and started walking to the
entrance of the flatbuilding in which was also our apartment. I noticed
he wasn't wearing shoes or socks, just walking on his naked foot.

The man followed him and when they entered the flatbuilding, I quickly
got up and ran out of my room to the front door. I stood on my tippy
toes as I looked through the little circled window in the door with one
eye. Footsteps filled my ears and then I saw him, the boy with the
curls. He walked past my front door and stopped only a few meters away,
but he was still in my sight. The boy leaned against the wall opposite
the front door of the apartment next to mine and I saw the other man,
who I assumed was his father, walking past my front door and I heard
keys twirling. I looked over at the boy with the curls again and saw his
eyebrows were frowned as he waited.

He suddenly looked at my door and I felt my heart skipping a beat when
his eyes met mine. Fortunately, he couldn't see me through the little
window. His eyebrows were still frowned as he looked at my door for a
few seconds with a hard glare as if he could see me, until the door of
his new flat went open and he slowly walked inside.

When I heard a door closing, I rested my feet back on the ground again
as I stared at the wood of my front door. I noticed how heavy I was
breathing and I felt my heart beating in my throat.

/But what I didn't knew then, was that this boy was going to get me into
a lot of danger./


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