Let Me In(Harry Styles)

The mysterious boy Harry moves in next to August, a girl who has to deal with her parents' divorce and being bullied. August develops a special bond with her strange neighbor, but when the small town they live in is startled by a series of brutal murders ever since Harry moved into the flat, it seems he's more involved with them than August thinks. "Innocence dies, Harry doesn't."



8. Chapter 7:Voilence is forbidden.

All my classmates and I walked towards the big lake and I looked at the
ice with pure horror on my face.

"I hope you do can skate, otherwise I hope you break your neck.", Kenny
said as he pulled his arm around me. I turned my head and looked him in
the eyes. He smirked and then pushed me away. I rolled my eyes and put
on my skates. I grabbed two sticks which our teacher had carried with
him and slowly started to skate on the ice, but almost fell. I landed in
two strong arms which quickly put me back on my feet. I turned around
and was about to thank that person, but didn't when I looked into
Kenny's blue eyes.

"What do you think you are doing?" He laughed and his friends behind him

"Trying to skate.", I said quietly and looked down. Kenny started
laughing again and I felt lonely.

"You know what I think? I think you can't do a thing, and if you do
something, you always do it wrong. You keep making mistakes, and the
worst thing is; your parents did the same when they thought about
creating you." He snapped at me and I felt the adrenaline rushing
through my veins. 'You have to hit them, do it harder than you dare.' I
heard Harry's voice in my head and before I knew what I was doing, I
flung the stick in the air and smacked it at the side of Kenny's head.
His eyes widened and he fell to the ground before screaming the air out
of his lungs. I saw the blood dripping onto the ice and I stood there
watching him in pain, just like his 'friends' also did. Suddenly, I
heard more people screaming and my head shot up towards the place I
heard it from. I saw people surrounding something. Not caring that Kenny
was still lying on the ice while screaming, I slowly skated towards the
crowd. When I finally reached it, I had a hard time looking over their
shoulders since I was the shortest person from class. But when I finally
found a place to stand, my breath started to shake until it finally was
gone and my heart stopped with beating.

There he was, lying in the ice with no colour in his face, his eyes wide
open, blood on his sportclothes and a hugebite-print in his neck.

Mr. Jenkons.




"August, do you know that violence is strictly forbidden in and around
our school?" The principal said as she looked at me. My mum nudged me in
my side and I sent a death glare before nodding and looking down.

"And you do understand that we'll have to punish you for this?" He
principal asked me and I nodded, not wanting to argue.

"I'm sorry, but I have to give you two weeks of detention.", She said.

"I think that's a good punishment." My mum explained and I gave her
another death glare.

"And you have to apology to Kenny and I expect you to do it, otherwise I
will give you more weeks of detention." I sighed and nodded again.

"Then we are done." The principal said and her voice annoyed me. She
stood up and gave me and my mum a hand before leading us out of her office.

"I'm very disappointed in you, August." My mum said before walking away.
I stood there, watching her walk away and after, I ran a hand through my
hair. The bell rang, signalling we had our second break. I decided to
apology as fast as possible, so walked towards the sportarea. I turned
around the corner, but hid myself behind the wall as soon as I saw them
walking. Suddenly, I heard a scream and I carefully looked around the
corner to see Kenny'sbrothing messing with him.

"Jesus Christ, let go!" Kenny yelled and his brother did what he said,
but was laughing loud. Kenny immediately held his hand on the side of
his face.

"Dude that kid got you." His brother said and laughed.

"Shut up!" Kenny yelled. "Why are you here?"

"Oh yeah, I forgot my keys so I want yours." His brother stopped
laughing and held out his hand. Kenny looked at it in pure disgust.

"Give me the keys." His brother demanded in a deep voice. Kenny looked
at him and sighed before digging in his pockets and handing the keys to
his brother.

"See you later bro." His brother laughed and ruffled Kenny's hair.

"Jake stop!" He yelled. Kenny's friends started to laugh and Kenny
turned around to face them with an angry expression on his face.

"Stop it!" He yelled before walking away towards my direction.
I quickly hid myself behind the wall, but it was too late; Kenny turned
around it and bumped into me.

"Look where you go shortstuff." He snapped at me.

"Wait Kenny.", I said before he could walk away. He turned back around
and faced me with his eyebrows raised.

"What? It better be something good to listen to because I've got many
better things to do than listening to you." He spat.

"I just wanted to apologize.", I said quietly and looked down. It stayed
quiet so I looked up to see Kenny looking at me with his eyebrows
frowned. When my eyes met his, they narrowed as they watched me intensely.

"Whatever." He mumbled before walking away. I leaned my back against the
wall and breathed out all the air I had held in. I wondered why
he didn't gave me my normal routine. Did I scared him by that accident?
A smile started to grow on my face and although I was going to get
punished, I felt proud.




"August! You need to do grocery shopping because the dinner
I prepared was the last food in the house!" My mum yelled from the kitchen.

"Why can't you do it?" I asked her as I walked into the kitchen and
leaned my back against the wall next to thedoorframe.

"Because I'm extremely tired and want to go to bed." She sighed and
rubber her eyes.

"But I'm not going outside with that man walking around!" I yelled at
her astonished she wanted me to get out this late.

"I don't care. Now go.", She said and before I could even say something,
she walked away into her bedroom. I sighed and with shaking hands, I put
on my coat and scarf and headed out the door. I buried my face in my
scarf and demanded myself to listen to every noise and watch every
suspicious thing that could be evil. The walk to the supermarket wasn't
long, fortunately. I was constantly looking around, trying to see if
someone was following me or walking nearby, but I didn't saw anyone. The
streets were dead and there was fog hanging in the evening-air. The
lights of the street was the only thingthat gave you just enough light
to have a clear eyesight. I finally reached the supermarket and pulled
at the handle, only to find out it was locked. I looked at the door and
saw a sign saying it was closed. I sighed loudly before turning around
and walking back home. When I almost reached the alley, I suddenly felt
a pressure on my chest and someones stare. I quickly looked behind me,
but saw nobody. I started to breathe heavily and my hands were shaking
really fast. Suddenly, I heard footsteps behind me so I turned my head
to see a figure running towards me. My eyes widened immediately and my
heart skipped a few beats. The first thing that came into my mind was
that I needed to run. I pushed my feet on the ground and started to run,
but tripped by taking my third step. I fell against the wall of the
alley and down on the ground.

"August!" I heard the voice yell and weirdly, it sounded quite familiar.
I wanted to stand up and run again, but theperson was already standing
in front of me. I was sure this was the end and waited for the impact,
but nothing came.

"August it's me, Harry." The familiar voice said and the figure held out
a hand. I sighed and felt him pulling me up. I took a quick look at him,
to see he was again wearing only a T-Shirt, trousers that ended above
his knees and no shoes.

"Thank God it was you, I was so scared.", I said as a tear escaped my
eye and rolled down my cheek before it came in contact with the cut on
my cheek. It immediately burned and as I leaned my back against the
wall, I held my hand on my cheek. When I looked at my hand, I saw it was
covered with blood and I looked down to see a fewdrops of the liquid
falling down my cheek and on the ground. I looked at Harry, to see him
looking at the ground where the small pool was getting bigger and
bigger. I heard his heavy breath and saw his chest rising up and down as
he stared at it.

"H-Harry?" I whispered. Harry didn't respond, but fell to the ground,
his head above the little pool of blood. I watched with wide eyes as he
licked the liquid from the ground. I quickly took a step back and my
whole body started to shake when he looked up. The color in his face was
gone and his eyes weren't green anymore, but now they were golden with a
hint of red in them. But what scared me the most, were the fangs that
were sticking out of his mouth. When his eyes met mine, I took another
step back and wanted to run away, but my feet refused to move any further.

"Get more." Harry growled in the monster voice that I recognized as the
voice that I had heard a few nights ago. Before I could do something. He
stood up and shoulder-bumped himself past me. He ran down the alley and
I watched him disappear, totally in trance. When he was out of my
eyesight and had reached the playground, I came back to reality and
started to run towards it.

As I reached it, I looked around, but saw no sign of Harry until I heard
a heavy breath coming from a higher level. I looked up, to see him
sitting in a tree 10 meters away from me watching something. I looked
down again to see what he was watching, when I saw Mrs. Barker
walking. I wanted to scream to her to run away, but there was no time; a
loud growl filled the silence as I watched Harry falling down onto her.
I heard her screaming for help and Harry growling as he dug his fangs
into her neck. I watched it and couldn't get my eyes to look away, or my
feet to ran away.

When Mrs. Barker stopped screaming and I only heard Harry gulping, I
took a step back, but stepped on a stump which broke and caused a loud
sound. Harry immediately looked up at me with blood dripping out of his
mouth and my eyes widened. Before I knew it, he started to run towards
me and finally, my feet did what I wanted and I started to run away.
When I reached the dark alley, I heard his footsteps were near me. Just
before I wanted to run even faster, a hand grabbed my shoulder and
pushed me against the wall. I wanted to run away, but Harry pressed his
arm against my chest so I couldn't move. I tried to wiggle free, but he
was too strong. He leaned in as he growled and I felt his cold lips
against my neck. I tried to tilt my head to the left side, so he didn't
had space to do what he wanted, but his head was already there and so I
couldn't move mine anymore. Then, I felt two sharp things pressed
against my skin. I squeezed my eyes shut as I waited for the skin to rip
open, but it never did. I opened my eyes when I felt he pulled his head
away, but when they were open, they were met by his face only a few
inches away from mine. I stared into his golden-red eyes with probably
pure shock and scariness written on my face as he stared into mine with
his eyebrows frowned and his heavy breath striking down on my
face. Suddenly, hegrowled in my face before letting go of me and running
away. I watched him disappear again and when he was, I leaned my back
against the wall. I brushed my back down until I was sitting on the
ground. I pulled my knees up and hugged them tight and replayed what
just had happened in my head, causing the tears to stream down my face.


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