Let Me In(Harry Styles)

The mysterious boy Harry moves in next to August, a girl who has to deal with her parents' divorce and being bullied. August develops a special bond with her strange neighbor, but when the small town they live in is startled by a series of brutal murders ever since Harry moved into the flat, it seems he's more involved with them than August thinks. "Innocence dies, Harry doesn't."



6. Chapter 5: The Fair

I squeezed my eyes shut when I touched the cut on my cheek which was
caused by Kenny's ring. Slowly, I rubbed it clean with a wet
towel until the blood was gone. I never knew why Kenny and his friends
would do this to me. Did they had a reason or was it just outing their
anger on me? I sighed and leaned on the sink as I took a step back.

"August!" My mum yelled from the other side of the door.

"Yes?!" I asked yelling back.

"Your dad is on the phone!" She answered and a grin spread across my
face. I walked out of the bathroom and into the living room.

"Here she is.", She said to my dad into the phone before handing it to
me and walking away with her burning eyes.

"Hey dad.", I said into the phone and pressed it against my ear.

"Hi sweetheart, how is my lovely daughter doing?" He asked.

"Good, and how are you doing?"

"Fine. How's school?"

"Oh, just normal, like always." I answered and bit my lip.

"Good." He answered and I sighed quietly in relief. "Any handsome
looking boys who came to your way?"

"No." I answered and sighed. "They never come for me."

"Of course they do hun."

"Dad they don't. All the other girls in my class and in my school are so
pretty and I'm just.." I trailed off and let a tear escape my eye.

"August listen, you are really pretty, got a nice personality and I'm so
proud I can call you my daughter. One day, there will come some one who
will give you the love that you deserve. You just have to wait until he
comes." He answered.

"Thanks dad.", I said and smiled although he couldn't see.

"This is what a dad is supposed to do." My dad said and chuckled.


"Yes August?"

"Can I ask you something?"

"Sure darling, what is it?"

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes, "Why are you and mum getting a
divorce?" I asked and felt the tears brimming in my eyes.

"Oh sweetcheeks," My dad sighed."your mum and I aren't the ones for each
other." He answered.

"Why not? You got married and even made me.", I said and tears started
to leave my eyes. "Is it because of me?"

"August, don't cry." He whispered and I heard his voice was also broken.
"No of course not! Promise me that you willnever accuse yourself! It's
our fault, not yours. Life is unfair and that's something you will

"I just, d-don't understand." I croaked out.

"You will soon August. But I have to go now. I'll call you again as soon
as possible, okay?"


"I love you August, please remember that." He whispered.

"I love you too dad."

"Bye August.

"Bye bye.", I said before I heard the beeping sound, signalling dad
broke the contact. I brushed my back downagainst the wall and hugged my
knees tight. I broke down in tears and remained in the same position
until my mum walked past me, not even noticing I was crying, and said it
was time for dinner.




When my mum was in the shower, I silently tip-toed to the living
room and grabbed her wallet. I checked thebathroomdoor one last time and
saw it was locked before I grabbed $50 out of it. I laid the wallet back
downin the same position as it was before I had grabbed it and walked
into the hallway. As I pulled on my coat I yelled, "Mum I'm out!" and
then walked out of the apartment. I walked down the corridor and down
the stairs. When I opened the exitdoor, I saw Harry sitting outside in
this time a pair of jeans, a white shirt, white converse and a blazer. I
stopped dead in my tracks and admired how handsome he looked in it and a
bit bewildered now he suddenly was better clothed. I snapped out of my
thoughts when I saw him standing up and starting to walk towards me. As
I let the door fall close behind me, I walked towards him and smiled
when I saw he smiled at me.

"Hey Harry." I greeted when we were standing in front of each other.

"Hi." He greeted and smiled at me again.

"So I was thinking," I started and looked down. "there's a fair in town
and I thought you and I maybe could go together?" I finished and looked
up to see him looking at me with frowned eyebrows.

"I don't like going out in public." He mumbled.

"Oh." I answered a bit disappointed since to me it seemed like a fun idea.

"Were you excited go to it with me?" Harry asked quietly in a raspy tone.

"No no! I just, I just thought that, uhm, I thought it maybe was, uhm,
fun." I managed to get out and mentally slapped myself. Harry nodded
before looking down at his feet, just like what I did causing a silence
to start.

"What is a fair?" He asked as he broke the silence..

"Well, then people build up attractions and a lot of people go to it to
buy the candy or enjoy themselves by visiting the attractions." I explained.

"If it is just like you're telling me, then let's go.", Harry said and I
looked up to see him smiling.

"Harry you don't have to do that for me!" I stated, but Harry ignored me
and started walking. I caught him up and looked at him. He turned his
head to me and smiled, showing his adorable dimples. I smiled back and
together we walked down the streets in completely silence. When we
almost reached the square where the fair was, I could hear the music. I
looked over at Harry to see him looking in the distance with his
eyebrows frowned.

"I promise it will be fun.", I said, but got no response. We entered the
square and I looked over at Harry yet again.

"What do you want to do first?" I asked him as I saw he was looking around.

"What do you like the most?" He asked and looked down at me since he was

"I like the rollercoaster honestly." I explained.

"Let's do it.", He said and together we walked to pay desk. I paid the
tickets and we waited in line. I looked at Harry to see him looking with
fear in his eyes to the roller coaster.

"Relax Harry, I promise it is fun." I reassured him and he smiled. The
roller coaster stopped, the people got out and finally, we exited the
line to jump into the cars. I let Harry get in first and then sat down
next to him. A man closed our doors and checked our seatbelts before
moving on to the people behind us. Harry and I were pressed against each
other and I could feel his cold body, which still confused me. The car
started and I saw Harry's eyes widened and fear spread across his face.
Before I knew what I was doing, I grabbed his hand. When I realised it,
I quickly took it back since I wasn't expecting from a guy like Harry to
like this kind of physical contact, but I changed my mind when Harry
again took it and held it tight. As soon as we were falling down and
going in different directions, I looked at Harry to see a massive grin
on his face. The rest of the ride, I enjoyed the wind that was waving in
my hair and the screams that were filling my ears so when it was over, I
was quite disappointed. We got out and walked to the exit.

"And?" I asked with a hint of hope in my voice.

"Awesome." He answered and smiled before doing his amazing hairflip.
When we started to walk, I noticed all the girls looking at him while
whispering into their friends' ears. I wondered why, but soon found out
because he was really good looking. The thing was, harry didn't seem to
notice it, just continued walking.

"Let's get some candy.", I said and grabbed his cold arm to drag him over.

"August I don't like candy.", Harry said when we were waiting in line.

"You don't?" I asked with wide eyes.

Harry looked down, "No, sorry." He mumbled just before the woman behind
the paydesk asked our order. I answered it by asking a CurlyWurly
and paid her. We got out of the line and I opened the paper around the
CurlyWurly and took a bite.

"August, may I try one?" Harry asked quietly. I looked up and saw him
looking at it with an unreadable expression on his face.

"Of course." I answered and reached the CurlyWurly towards him. He
grabbed it and hesitantly took a bite. I looked at him hopefully and
he smiled while eating, signalling he liked it. He swallowed it down his
throat and smiled.

"Like it.", He said before his eyes widened and his neck veins yoked. He
ran off really fast and I stood there for a few seconds, watching him
disappear in the distance until I came back to reality.

"Harry!" I yelled and started chase him. He turned around the corner so
I pushed my feet harder against the ground, not wanting to lose him out
of my sight. When I ran around the corner, I stopped when I
heard someone coughing.

"Harry?" I asked quietly and took a step forward when I saw a figure
bowed forwards. I just stood there in the sidewalk, watching him
concerned while he was coughing and leaning against a car to keep him
up. When he was done, he slowly turned around. He looked at me with
regret written all over his face before looking down. I quickly stepped
off the sidewalk and walked towards him to embrace him in my best hug I
could give. I buried my head in his chest and inhaled the scent of his
cologne. His arms hesitantly and slowly wrapped themselves around my
tiny body and his hands laid down on the small of my back.

"August do you like me?" Harry asked quietly with a husky voice. I
thought for a moment, wondering why he would ask me.

"Yeah," I mumbled against his chest. "a lot." I added to make it sound
more convincing and wrapped my arms more tighter around his torso, to
feel it was really toned.

"Would you still like me, even if I wasn't a boy?" He asked quietly. I
frowned my eyebrows.

"Yeah I think soWe stayed in this embrace for a minute, until I slowly
pulled away and smiled at him. He smiled back and together, we started
our walk home.

"Why did you moved in here?" I asked.

"What do you mean?" He asked and pulled up one eyebrow.

"Well, why did you moved in here?" I asked and raised my voice when I
said 'here'. "No one moves here." I explained and put my hands in the
pockets of my skinny jeans. I looked up at him, to see he was thinking.

"We move a lot." He finally answered and looked down at me. We reached
the dark alley which led to the playground that was surrounded by
our flatbuilding. He suddenly grabbed my arm and turned me so I was
forced to look at him.

"What happened there?" He asked and pointed his finger at the cut on my
cheek with his eyes fixed on it.

"I, uhm, fell." I lied and looked down as I bit my lip.

"You fell?" Harry repeated me in a tone he didn't believed it.

"Yeah." I lied again.

"Don't lie, August.", Harry said and took a step closer towards me.

"Some kids from school." I whispered, this time speaking the truth and
looked down.

"August listen, you have to hit back.", Harry said.

"That won't stop them, only make them angrier.", I said and looked up
into his eyes as I leaned my back against the wall.

"Then you have to hit back hard. Do it harder than you dare.", He
said and his eyebrows frowned.

"That still won't stop them." I whispered and looked down at our feet.
It stayed quiet while I was trying to hold back the tears.

"I'll help you." Harry suddenly said. I looked up again and pulled up
one eyebrow.

"But I barely know you and you barely know me." I explained. Harry
looked down and grabbed my hand. His big hand cupped itself around my
small one and he brushed the palm with his thumb.

"You already know me better than everyone else does." He whispered,
still looking at our hands. Suddenly, I heard rustle in the shrubs and
my breath hitched. Harry looked up and gave me a questioned look.

"What?" he asked as he looked at my face that probably looked like I
just saw a ghost.

"I-It's him." I whispered and started breathing heavily.

"Who?" Harry asked and grabbed my chin with his free hand to turn my
head towards him.

"The killer.", I said and felt my chest rising up and down and my heart
dropping to the pit of my stomach.

"The killer?" He asked just before something crawled out of the shrubs.
I screamed a girly scream causing the cat to run away immediately.

"August, shh, it was just a cat, just a cat." Harry whispered and stared
into my eyes while saying it.

"I'm here, you're safe now. Nothing will happen." He whispered and laid
his cold hand down on my cheek. I finally calmed down, but continued
staring into Harry's eyes. Because it was really dark, they looked
really dark too. Suddenly, I saw his face coming closer to mine.
I didn't moved for some reason, just looked him into his eyes while they
were coming closer and closer. When his face was only a few inches away
from mine, he licked his lips and glanced down at my lips.

"August!" I heard someone yell, who I recognized as my mum. Harry
immediately leaned backwards again and looked down. I sighed angrily,
obviously annoyed by my mum ruining the moment and stamped my way to the

"Yes?" I yelled to my mum who was standing on the balcony.

"I told you to not ever leave the playground!" She yelled.

"I didn't mum!" I lied.

"Anyway, come home.", She said before disappearing back into the
apartment. I sighed again and turned around to walk back to the ally.
But when I reached it, I saw Harry was gone. I pulled up one eyebrow
before walking to the entrance of the flat building. I walked up the
stairs and opened the door to the corridor, to see Harry standing
inbetween his and my door. He looked up from the ground and smiled when
he saw me.

"Goodnight August." He whispered.

"Goodnight Harry." I smiled back opening the door and got inside my
apartment, with somehow a lovely feeling.


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