Let Me In(Harry Styles)

The mysterious boy Harry moves in next to August, a girl who has to deal with her parents' divorce and being bullied. August develops a special bond with her strange neighbor, but when the small town they live in is startled by a series of brutal murders ever since Harry moved into the flat, it seems he's more involved with them than August thinks. "Innocence dies, Harry doesn't."



27. Chapter 25: Harry's POV

**** HARRY'S POV(YAY!) ****

As she ,unfortunately, pulled away from the kiss, she laid her head down
on my chest again. We then laid in the warm water, which was honestly
way too warm for my cold skin, but I couldn't put August in a cold bath
and also her muscles needed to rest. I pressed her closer against me and
her hands laid down on my hands which were laying on her belly. Because
she now couldn't see I was staring, I looked down at the side of her
face and her beautiful body. I hurt to know she hates her body and even
starved herself. She looked beautiful, breathtaking actually.

I remembered it all perfectly, the first time we met.


That night I went outside after a fight with Will, my best friend, and
wanting to calm down but once outside, I saw her punching a tree while
screaming at it. As curious as I was, although I knew I couldn't contact
a stranger, I walked over to her, thinking she maybe could be my first
meal here in Holmes Chapel. Since her back was faced towards me, I could
only see her long blonde hair and her nor fat nor skinny body, and yes,
if I had to be really honest she had an amazing bum too. I remembered I
watched her for a few seconds until I finally asked what she was doing.
I saw her shoulders shaking, shocked by my voice before she slowly
looked over her shoulder towards me and my hungryness immediately

Smiling, I remembered seeing her face. Her blonde hair which cascaded
her face. Her thick eyebrows which made  her blue eyes pop out. Her
cheekbones making her face expression really sweet and she looked about
my age or a few years younger. And her lips, I loved them the most. Her
plump and pink lips which looked so kissable. She stared at me for a few
seconds before she stuttered out that she was doing nothing, and by only
hearing her voice, I could tell she was really shy and insecure. She
then asked what I was doing and I shrugged before taking a step towards
her and giving her the same answer she had given me.

Closing my eyes, I remembered her turning around to face me and I could
see it like I had made a picture with my eyes at that time. She was
wearing a black coat which made her petite body really slim as a belt of
her coat was around her waist. Her eyes twinkled in the moonlight and
when she turned around, her hair flew before falling down loosely on her
shoulders and back. She snapped me out of my thoughts by asking if we
had just moved in and I asked her how'd she know. As she answered that
she lived next door to me, I could see she had a bit of trouble inside
her. It maybe was because I was a stranger to her. I nodded again as I
stared into her eyes and took another step forward before telling her we
couldn't be friends. I saw her face drop instantly before she asked why
and frowned her eyebrows. I told her that it was just the way it is and
shrugged my shoulder before a more heavier wind came up and caused the
scent of her blood to fill my nostrils. As I breathed in through my
nose, I felt my mouth filling up with water as it smelled amazing. I
looked at her, as she turned around to face the tree again and for a
moment, I thought about jumping on her and draining her, but for some
reaons, I couldn't. My fangs started to grow and I realized I needed to
get out if I didn't want to drain her.

So I ran off in vampire speed.


I looked down at her again and especially at Augusts private parts. Her
boobs weren't big, but they also weren't small; they were just perfect.
Her waist was really small, causing her body to look really slim and
creating a hourglass figure. I then looked towards her head and stroke a
lock of her hair away so I could see the side of her face. She was
staring straight forward, looking deep in thoughts before she suddenly
looked up towards me. I looked into her eyes and smiled a warm smile. I
then bend my head down and placed a kiss on her cheek. August seemed to
be a bit taken back and I smiled when I saw her cheeks flushing into the
color red, loving the effect I had on her. She stared into my eyes again
for a few minutes and I decided to break the silence.

"What are you thinking of?" I asked her and moved a lock of her hair
behind her ear.

August looked down and bit her lip before looking up and answering, "Us."

"Us?" I asked her and she nodded. "In a good way or...?" I trailed off.

"Good way of course." August said and showed me a cute smile which made
me smile automatically.

"That's good." I said before grabbing her hands which were still laying
on mine.

Suddenly, August sat up and looked at me with a worried look on her
face. "What is-" I asked her but she cut me off.

"It's Christmas tomorrow!" She yelled and her eyes widened at her own
words, and so did mine.

"What?" I asked her astonished. "I totally forgot."

"Me too." She admitted and looked down, "Did you celebrated it  once the
last few years?" She then asked quietly and I felt disappointment rush
through me as I shook my head.

"I head no body to celebrate it with, Will was always busy." I explained
and looked at our interwined fingers.

"Why?" August asked and leaned the side of her head in the crook of my neck.

"Work, he needed the money for us and in the evenings he always went
hunting for me to supply me blood." I explained and sighed deep.

"Was Will that man with who you were always fighting?" August asked and
I nodded. "But if he wasn't your father, what was he then?" She then asked.

"He used to be my best friend, well, he still is, but he isn't here
anymore." I explained and August shot up again.

"What do you mean?" She asked and tilted her head.

"He died." I said quietly and felt sadness going through my body.

"Oh." August sighed and looked down before whispering, "I'm sorry."

"It's okay, love." I said and kissed her forehead, trying to reassure
her. It stayed quiet and she leaned back into my arms again and dug her
head deep in the crook of my neck.

"Why were you always fighting?" She asked quietly and started to strike
my collar bones again and I immediately thought back to what happened an
hour again when she did it.

"He was getting tired of it, tired of supplying me blood. He said he was
too old and such other stuff. At those moments, I always were hungry and
when I'm hungry I don't care about anyone but myself so then I yelled at
him." I explained and felt guilty and sighed. "Let's just finish this
bath." I told her and she snuggled deeper into my chest before I closed
my eyes.




I slowly pushed August away from my body before getting out of the
bathtube. I walked over to one of the drawers and grabbed two towel
before turning around to see a wet and naked August standing in the
bathtube. She saw I looked at her and her cheeks immediately flushed red
as she looked down. I really didn't understand why she was so insecure.
It must have been the things that Kenny boy and his friends said to her.

I walked over to her and handed her my free hand. She grabbed it and
smiled shyly as she got out of the bathtube too. Then, I walked over
behind her and laid the two towels down on the ground before grabbing
her hair. I squeezed in her long, blonde hair and the water that was
still in her hair, dripped into the bathtube, making a splashing sound.

Bending down, I grabbed one towel as I let her hair fall down her back
again. I cupped one of her arms with the towel and started to rub it
dry. I then did the same to her other before rubbing her back. I stopped
just before I reached her well-shaped bum and went to rub her legs
first. It may sound stupid but to me, it was a special moment. I have
never felt so many butterflies in my stomach for a girl like I had for
August. When I was done, I started to brush her bum and I saw goosebumbs
appearing on her skin. Smiling, I loved the effect I had on her. It
statisfied me that she felt the same towards me.

I stood back up and walked over to stand in front of her. Her eyes
looked into mine for a moment and I couldn't help but smile. She smiled
back before I started to rub her stomach clean. When I went up, I heard
August holding in her breath as I reached her two hills. I looked into
her eyes and saw she was already looking directly into mine. My mouth
curved into a smirk, still looking into her eyes as I was continuing to
rub them clean. August was also still looking into my eyes and I could
tell by her eyes sparkling she was enjoying every move I did. Also, I
could hear her heartbeat starting to beat faster and faster which I
could hear because my hearing had improved ever since I turned.

When I was done, I rubbed myself dry in vampire speed before throwing
both the towels across the bathroom. I grabbed my clothes and with my
free hand her hand and led her out of the bathroom and into her bedroom.

"I'm going to throw on some clothes." August said before letting go of
my hand and walking over to the closet. I watched as she stood on her
tippy toes to grab her underwear out of the closet and then bend down to
grab a pair of jeans and a long sleeved shirt with the print of a
dreamcatcher on it. She turned around and walked out of the bedroom. I
heard the bathroom door closing. Throwing on her dads clothes, I looked
over to the window. The curtains were still in front of the window, but
I could tell that the sun was already shining by the light that was
coming through the curtains, but this kind of light couldn't hurt me.

Sighing, I threw on the clothes and heard the door opening so I turned

"Harry, I'm going to go outside, you coming?" She asked, still holding
the door with her small hands. Eyeing her up and down, I took in what
she wore and it looking really could, simple but good. When she realized
I was staring, her cheeks flushed red again and she looked down. I
walked over to her and bend my head down next to her head.

"You look beautiful." I whispered in her ear and I heard her breath
hitch. With a smile on my face, I pulled away and took a step back again
as she stared at me.

She shook her head before looking at me again, "Back to what I asked,
you coming?" She asked and tilted my head.

"I can't." I explained feeling disappointed.

"Oh." August breathed out quietly and looked down. "Sorry."

"It's okay love, just go and I'll wait for you." I said to August and
she smiled before grabbing a small back. Suddenly, my breath was caught
in my throat and worriedness appeared. "You are not goint to school, are
you?" I asked her and my eyes widened.

Her eyes immediately widened too, "No of course not!" She said. "Never

I smiled, "Good, but where are you going to then?"

"To the ehm, mall, to do some shopping things." She said a bit unsure
and looked down as she rubbed the back of her neck. I tilted my head to
the side and looked at her with narrowed eyes.

"You sure of that?" I asked her and narrowed my eyes even more.

 "Y-yes." She stuttered out before walking over to me and placing a peck
on the lips. "But I'll be back in an hour." She said before she
disappeared out of the bedroom and after a few seconds of hearing her
footsteps fading away, I heard the front door slamming shut. Sighing, I
walked out of the bedroom and towards the livingroom. I didn't open the
curtains, not even daring to, and walked over the couch. I hopped myself
onto the comfortable furniture and turned on the TV.

"An incident has happened in Holmes Chapel again. After a week of no
sign of murders, it happened again and even worse than before. Three
kids, all boarding to Holmes Chapel High School, have been killed in the
swimmingpool of the school. Their mentor will now tell his story." A
woman announced before giving the microphone to the man standing next to
her who had tears in his eyes and sadness cross his face.

"I just told my students to get into the pool and so they did. Then, one
of the boys who have been killed ran towards me telling me there was a
fire. I went outside and saw there was a fire. I wanted to go back, but
the doors were locked. After a few minutes of pulling, I heard
screamings and people begging someone to stop. I started to freak out
even more and finally pulled one door open. As I went back, the screams
faded away and when I opened another door to the swimming pool, I was
welcomed by a pool full with blood and limbs and heads laying
everywhere." He said before breaking down in tears and the woman grabbed
the microphone again.

"Just when Holmes Chapel thought it was safe, it isn't." The woman said
and just before I she continued, I turned the TV off and sighed deep.

Suddenly, the doorbell rung and I slowly stood up. It was better if I
opened the door, I had to act innocently and mysteriously, otherwise I
was soon going to be discovered. When I reached the door, I bend my head
down and looked into the little window to see a man standing in front of it.

"August? It's me." He then said and I realized it was not a stranger,
some one August knew so I opened the door slowly.

"August I- Oh hello." The man said and reached out his hand. As much as
I disliked touching, only August to be honest, I held out my hand and
shook his slowly. "I'm Marc Moonsky, who are you?"

"Harry, a friend of August." I explained but for some reason the word
'friend' had a hard time coming out of my mouth.

"Ah I see." The man said anodded towards me. "Is she home?" he then
asked and I shook my head.

"Is she at school?" The man asked and tilted his head a bit to the left.

"No she's at the mall." I explained and he nodded again.

"Then I'm going to find her." He said before handing me his hand again
and shaking it. "Nice meeting you, Harry." he said and flashed me a
small smile before walking down the corrider towards the staircase. I
quickly closed the door and walked back into the living room. Moonsky,
Moonsky, from what have I heard that name before?
Shaking my head, I
decided to clean the dishingmachine and walked over to the kitchen, but
then something caught my eye.

I grabbed the card in my hands and read the horrible words which were
printed on it.

"Rest In Peace Diana Moonsky - Walker. You will never been forgotting.
The best mother a daughter can have. Love you, August Moonsky."  It
immediately clicked and my eyes widened as I remembered why her mother
died and what she yelled that time to me and the nurse - that man who
asked for her, was her dad.



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