Let Me In(Harry Styles)

The mysterious boy Harry moves in next to August, a girl who has to deal with her parents' divorce and being bullied. August develops a special bond with her strange neighbor, but when the small town they live in is startled by a series of brutal murders ever since Harry moved into the flat, it seems he's more involved with them than August thinks. "Innocence dies, Harry doesn't."



24. Chapter 22:"Let's finish with what we started before."

I slowly stepped out ot my apartment and raised my bag on my shoulder.
With my head down, I walked down the corrider and down the stairs. I was
so afraid of what was going to happen. My heart was beating a thousand
times faster than normal and I knew it was totally wrong to go, but I
was forced to and the only thing I could do was hope he had gotten ill
or something else.

As I walked past the bench, memories of Harry flew back in my mind. I
tried to convince myself he didn't exist, had never appeared in my life,
but the almost healed cut on my cheek, the mess of the snow where he had
attacked Mrs. Barker, the solved rubik's cube, the smudge on one of my
chushion covers and not to forget: the two pictures.

I stopped walking and grabbed my bag. I dug into it until I had reached
my wallet and pulled out the two pictures before leaning against the
wall of the alley where I was currently walking. The same alley in which
he had almost kissed and killed me. I looked at the first picture;
Harry's arm around my shoulder and mine around his waist. I looked at my
face to see I was smiling a toothy grin. I then looked at Harry's face
to see he was also smiling and to be honest, it didn't look fake. I felt
a smile growing as I looked at him for a few seconds. I then looked at
the second picture, of him kissing my cheek and I immediately felt a
cocon of butterflies exploding in my stomach.


/“Beautiful. Since you're a good couple, you get another one free, but
only if it will be a kiss!” The man said who had taken pictures of us
and looked at up. I froze and started panicking inside of me. I stood
there and looked at Harry, to see him looking down at me. I turned my
head to look at the camera when I felt two soft lips brushing my cheeks,
giving me goosebumps all over./

/“How sweet!” The man exclaimed and held the camera in front of his
eyes. I smiled, not really aware of what was happening, only feeling
Harry's lips on my skin. When the camera flashed, Harry pulled his head
back and the man walked towards us. He pulled out two pictures and put
them into an envelope before handing it to Harry. He thanked him and
walked away. I wanted to walk with him, when the man tapped me on the
shoulder. I turned around to face him./

/“Believe me, I've never seen a couple so in love like you two.” He said
with a big smile before walking away. I watched him walking away,
letting the words sink into me./


A few tears escaped my eyes and fell onto the picture, snapping me back
to reality and I quickly brushed the picture clean before putting both
back in the bag. I then brushed the dried tears away from my face before
I continued strolling towards the swimmingpool of my school. The snow
squeezed under my feet and I thought back to my dream from last night.
The sight of my stomach and chest being ripped open never left my mind
and I shivered. I didn't know what to think of it; was it a warning? Or
was it just a dream because I missed him, which also meant his vampire

I snapped out of my thoughts when I walked through the doors of the
swimmingpool. As I looked around and walked down the corrider, I didn't
see Kenny and his friends. I sighed in relief and walked towards the
changing rooms. I got in one and stripped off all my clothes. Once I
wasn't wearing anything anymore, I shivered in the cold air and quickly
opened my bag and reached for my black bikini. I put it on and looked
down at myself. My ribs weren't plastered anymore, the doctor told me
they had healed really quick and so did my fingers.

I stepped out of the changing room and walked towards a locker that was
open. I put in my bag, shoes and coat and locked it before putting the
key, which was hung with a bracelet, around my arm. I then slowly walked
out of the changing rooms with my head hung down. Following the others ,
I walked through the doors.

"Class H4b! Come together here by me!" My mentor yelled and I looked up
to see him looking around as he had raised his hand. I strolled over
towards him and he waited until we were all standing around him in a

"Look at her." A girl whispered and I glanced over at her to see her
finger pointed towards me as she whispered in her friends ear.

"She's skinny, isn't she?" She whispered back and I quickly looked down.

"No! She's fat! Look at her!" An other girl yelled plus whispered and I
felt the tears brimming in my eyes.

"Okay is everybody here? I'm going to call your name and if you are
present, say 'yes'." My mentor said and grabbed a piece of paper. He
started to call the names of everyone and I heard them all saying 'yes'.

"August Moonsky?" The mentor asked as he looked around but never saw me.

"Yes." I quietly said and I looked down as soon as I felt everyone's
eyes burning on me."

"Kenny McCan?" I froze as soon as I heard that name and I squeezed my
eyes shut. "Kenny?" My mentor repeated and looked around him when it
stayed quiet. I looked up to see he was nowhere and I almost pulled up
one eyebrow, but didn't do it since I didn't want people to see it.

"Kenny?" My mentor asked again, but yet again, no one answered. I then
noticed his friends also weren't there and I immediately wondered where
they all were. It could be one of them was ill, but all three of them,
 that's suspicious.

"Well he isn't here." My mentor sighed and wrote something down on the
piece of paper before continuing with calling peoples names until he was

"Well then, let's start with swimming from wall to wall. Everyone get in
the pool." My mentor demanded as clapping in his hand. I slowly followed
the others into the pool, aware of everyone staring. Letting myself sink
in the water, I let the nor warm nor cold water embrace my skin.

Just when the others and I started to swim, the door bursted open and in
came one of Kenny's friends which wasn't here before now. "Sir, sir!"
 He yelled and I looked over at my mentor to see him looking up.

"What's wrong?" He asked and frowned his eyebrows.

"There is a fire!" Kenny's friend yelled and I felt my heart drop to the
pit of my stomach.

"What?!" My mentor yelled and ran over to him and through the door and
all the time, the eyes of kenny's friend were fixed on me. He then
followed my mentor out of of the swimmingpool and I looked around to see
everybody's eyes were scanning every one in the swimming pool with a
concerned look on their faces.

"Everybody out of the pool!" A manly voice suddenly yelled and my head
shot up towards the place the voice came from and I saw Kenny and his
friends bursting through the door. Everyone immediately screamed and so
did I, panicking out. I got out of the pool as fast as possible and ran
towards the fittingroom again, wanting nothing else than to get out. I
opened my locker and grabbed my T-Shirt before putting it quickly over
my head. I grabbed my stuff and when I closed the locker, Kenny's head
popped around it.

"Hey there shortstuff." He said and my eyes immediately widened. I
turned around, wanting to run away, but his friends blocked my way as
they stood in front of me. Two arms were wrapped around me from behind
and my head and body were pushed against a chest. Then, a head laid down
on my shoulder.

"Let's finish with what we were interrupted before." Kenny whispered in
my ear and I immediately screamed all the air out of my lungs, knowing
exactly what he meant.

"Shut up." Kenny growled before pushing my back against the lockers with
one hand pressed around my throat. He then moved myself more up against
them so my face was on his level and my feet weren't resting on the
ground anymore. I kicked in all directions, but his grip was too strong.
My hands were on his big arm, trying to pull it away but it never did.

"Please!" I begged out as I screamed and squirmed around in his grip.

Kenny tilted his head to the left and looked at me sweetly, but it still
looked as evil as possible. "Oh so you want it too? Well let's do it
then." He said and before I could argue, that it wasn't what I meant, I
was thrown on the ground and landed on my stomach. Just as I started to
stand up, I was pushed back down again and turned around. I saw Kenny
was on top of me looking at me with a smirk plastered on his face,
freaking me out even more.

"Get her." He said to his friends and I turned my head to see them both
walking away until I suddenly felt my arms pinned either one beside both
sides of my head. I immediately tried to pull them away from their grip,
but they only looked at me with an evil smirk as they hold me and didn't
let me go. When I felt two hands at the collar of my shirt, I immediatly
turned my head again to see Kenny looking at me with the most evil smirk
he had ever gave me. He then ripped my shirt open and I screamed all the
air out of my lungs again.

"No! Please!" I begged and tears started to stream down my face as his
hands traced the clothe of my bikini.

"You're disguisting." I then whispered and he immediately stopped and
looked into my eyes.

"What?" He asked and narrowed his eyes.

"I said that you're disguisting." I spat and with all the courage I had,
I spit my saliva in his face.

"August!" He yelled and his hands immediatly brushed over his face,
wiping the liquid away. I took this moment to raise my leg and kick him
in the right place. He immediatly groaned and squeezed his eyes shut in
pain as he fell off me.

"Kenny!" I heard one of his friends saw from behind me and I felt both
their grips loosening around my wrist and I immediatly pulled them away
before standing up and running away. Just when I was running past the
swimmingpool, I felt two arms grabbing my arms and pulling me back.

"You shouldn't have done that." I heard Kenny's angry voice and before I
knew it, I was thrown into the water. Once my back hit the water, a wave
of pain went through my entire body and when I was under the water, all
I wanted was to surface. I swum upwarts again until my head was above
the water. I grasped for air as I was swimming towards the swimmingpool
wall again.

"I'm sorry August, we let you choose between pain or die, and you choose
for the second one." Kenny said as he knelt down in front of me.
"Goodnight." He said sweetly and before I could take a deep breath, he
pushed me under the water as he held hold of my hair. I tried to get out
of his grip, but that really hurt. I squirmed around, doing everything
which could possibly help me but as time went by, and more air was
escaping out of my mouth because I was screaming, I started to realize
it wouldn't work. I felt myself getting weaker and weaker because of the
lack of oxygen.

This was it. This was the end. My life would be over in a few seconds or
minutes. I really deserved it. I was ugly, had no friends, no familiy;
nothing to live for. I was an outcast and a loner. Everybody I loved
already left me because of me. This was all my fault, every one would
have had a better life if I wasn't born. I deserved to die.

I stopped screaming and closed my eyes, waiting for my moment when I
suddenly heard a voice although it wasn't loud because I was under the
water. "Okay Kenny."

"Shut up." I heard him reply which was followed by silence. I slowly
started to drift off.

"Dude c'mon." I heard one of his other friends say.

"I said shut up!" Kenny now yelled so it was really clear for me to
hear. Exactly when he was finished with speaking, I heard something
break and it sounded like glass. I then felt and saw something above me
flying and then I heard a familiar growl which made me froze. I felt the
grip around my hair loosening as I saw the blue water in the pool
turning red all around me. Suddenly, something fell into the water just
in front of me and I looked up to see only Kenny's head covered in blood
and a painfull look on his face slowly falling towards the ground of the
pool. When I saw it, I screamed again, suddenly heavig enough power. I
then heard bubbles and turned my head to see the upper body and head of
one of his friends getting pulled in the water, although the person who
did it wasn't in it. Suddenly, everything around me went more faster and
when I almost couldn't see anymore because the water became too dark, I
snapped back to reality and surfaced as fast as possible. Once my head
was above the water, I grasped for air and with all the strength I had,
I swum towards the wall of the swimming pool and held myself up with my
arms. I laid my head down onto the floor as I coughed all the water out
of my lungs and inbetween it, tried to catch my breath and I felt my
chest going big and small as I did. As I did, I still heard the familiar
growl filling the room along with the screams of Kenny's friends for
help and splashes of the water, but the growling only continued.
 Closing my eyes, I started to breath more regular again and tried to
control the goosebumps which the familiar growl gave me. I finally
couldn't hold back the tears anymore and started to cry out loud,
letting deafmaking cries coming out of my mouth.

Suddenly, it went quiet and all I could hear were footsteps coming near.
I saw two bloody feet standing in front of me and then two bloody hands
were placed on my cheeks and pushing my head up, forcing me to look in
his eyes.


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