Let Me In(Harry Styles)

The mysterious boy Harry moves in next to August, a girl who has to deal with her parents' divorce and being bullied. August develops a special bond with her strange neighbor, but when the small town they live in is startled by a series of brutal murders ever since Harry moved into the flat, it seems he's more involved with them than August thinks. "Innocence dies, Harry doesn't."



22. Chapter 20: Goodbye


okay back to the story


I opened my eyes when I woke up, and noticed a piece of paper lying next
to the pillow. I grabbed it and rubbed my eyes to get my eyesight better
and my eyes more open. Holding the piece above my head, I read what was
written down on it.

Hey August,

I'm in the bathroom, just thought it was good to let you know. Hope you
will forgive me. Thanks for making me feel alive again.

Love, Harry.

I smiled and stood up, planning to talk to him. Looking down to see what
I was wearing, I saw that Harry had stripped off my clothes, but only
until I was wearing my tanktop and my underwear, which I honestly find
really gentle. I walked towards the door and opened it, but once I did,
I could feel something wasn't right. I closed the door behind me when I
heard the water of the shower hitting the floor, signalling Harry was
taking a shower.

Suddenly, the doorbell rung and I looked over at the front door. I
wondered who it was and if I would open the door, but Harry did not
stopped the shower so he probably didn't hear it. The doorbell rung
again before someone knocked on the door. I slowly walked over to it
with shaking hands.When I was standing in front of it, I took a deep
breath before standing on my tippy toes to look out of the small and
round window. I closed my left eye and looked into the little window
with my right, which was open.

It was the same policeman as I had seen before, like on school when one
of our teachers had been killed and he wanted to get through the crowd.
He looked down at his feet with an annoyed expression on his face before
looking up. He rung the doorbell again and looked to the left and right
as he waited. I decided not to open the door, knowing Harry wouldn't be
glad about it and because he maybe had discovered it was Harry who had
killed everyone the past week. When I almost stood on my feet again, the
floor underneath me cracked and I shut my eyes, preparing for the worst.

“Hello?” The policeman asked from the otherside of the door and my
breath hithed. “This is the policeofficer, I order you to open the
door!” He knocked on the front door again, but I couldn't find any
strength to move a muscle, and didn't know if I should open the door or
run away. “Open the door!” He yelled again and I silently and slowly
took a few steps back when it suddenly staid quiet.

Just when I thought he was gone and was about to sigh in relief, I heard
a shot and the lock of the door flung off it. I let out a girly scream
before I rn more into the apartment and hid myself under a table in the
hallway. The door bursted open and I pressed myself harder against the
wall next to me so I was hiding myself more.

“Police officer!” he yelled again and I saw the shadow of his figure on
the wall opposite of the front door. I saw he was holding a gun and
checked the space around him. Suddenly, his shadow became smaller,
signalling he was coming closer and I held in my breath. Fortunately, he
slowly walked past me towards the bedroom door. When he kicked the door
open, I shook in shock and I grasped for breath. The police officer
immediately turned around with the gun pointed in front of himself, as
he checked the hallway with his eyes, but his eyes never met mine
fortunately. He then turned his back towards the hallway again and
walked into the bedroom. He pulled up the sheets from the bed and held
the gun in front himself to protect him, but was met by nobody lying in
the bed. His eyes then fell onto the piece of paper and I held in my
breath and put my hand on my mouth, mentally slapping myself. I watched
as he grabbed the piece of paper and read every word Harry had wrote
down onto it. He then looked back into the hallway, but again, his eyes
never met mine. He walked out of the bedroom and stood in the doorframe,
checking the hallway yet again, but never saw someone. He then walked
towards the first door, which was the door to his left and which was,
unfortunately, the bathroom door. Slowly, he took steps towards it and I
prayed for Harry to be safe. When he kicked the door open, I closed my
eyes and wished for Harry to be hidden or safe. I then opened my eyes
again, to see nobody but the police officer in the bathroom, but
honestly, although I wished for Harry to be hidden, I now was concerned.
I watched as the police officer tried to turn on the lights, but they
never did.

Without thinking, I slowly crawled away from under the table and stood
up, but the police officer did not see me. I saw him looking into the
bathtube and my eyes followed his. I then saw something covered in
blanketrs lyining in it and I frowned my eyebrows, just like the police
officer did. He then looked at the window which was covered with carton
and reached his arm to rip one piece of carton open in the corner of the
window. I felt my heartbeat beating in my neck and head and my hands
sweating, almost making drippless. The police officer then turned back
around and pulled off one blanket. I held in my breath, waiting for what
I was going to see and I expected Harry, but then I and the police
officer both saw there was no one lying under it.

The police officer then pulled away the other blanket, and there he was;
his curls messy and his eyes closed as he looked asleep. The police
officer sighed as he looked at him, but I could see confusion written on
his face. He then reached his arm towards the window again, and ripped
the carton more open. I watched as the sunlight fell down onto Harry's
arm and his skin immediately ripped open, steam coming out of it.

“No!” I screamed and the police officer immediately turned around and
held the gun pointed towards me.

“Jesus Christ, girl you-” He was cut off by a familiar growl which gave
me chills all over. Harry jumped onto his back and dug his teeth into
the skin of the neck of the police officer. I heard him screaming and
saw him trying to get him off him, but Harry was too strong. Then,
everything suddenly went in a blur but it wasn't that fast because I
still could see what was happening. Harry bonked the body of the police
officer against the walls as he continued to growl and bite him, while
the police officer screamed it out in pain. I saw the shampoo- and
showergeltubes falling down as they bumped into them before the police
officer fell to the ground, taking Harry with him. He tried to get up
and pin Harry down, but Harry was a lot faster and stronger. Harry got
up and grabbed his feet before dragging him back into the bathroom
again. The door closed a bit, but one feet of the police officer held it
open. Harry crawled on top of him and sunk his teeth again in his neck,
sending a cracking nose into the air along with the screams of the
police officer. I saw the blood spitting out of his neck and splashing
against the door.

Although I didn't want it, I walked towards the door and looked into the
bathroom. I grasped for air when my eyes met the eyes of the police
officer as Harry continued to gulp down his blood, making slurping
sounds. The police officer slowly reached his bloody hand towards me,
shaking as it did. I swallowed the lump in my throat away and reached my
arms towards his hand, but when I almost reached it, I felt guiltyness
going through me and I reached for the doorknob. I closed the door and
walked backwards away from the with blood covered door. I then turned
around and squeezed my eyes shut as I put my hands on my ears. Although
I had my hands on my ears, I heard the door open and footsteps slowly
coming closer. I put my hands down just before I felt two arms wrapping
themselves just under my breasts and a head laying down on my shoulder.
I looked down, biting my lip when I saw the arms which were holding me
covered with blood. I turned around, still in his arms and faced his
face. His eyes turned back to their normal green ones, but his chin,
mouth and cheeks covered in blood told the story. He then let go of me
as I took a step back and looked down.

“August I have to go away.” He said in a raspy voice and I looked up to
meet his eyes. I took another step back as I started to breath faster.

“No!” I yelled.

“I'm sorry August, I have to.” Harry whispered and looked down.

“No you don't!” I yelled as I took another step back.


“No Harry! You can't just come in my life and make everything better and
then leave again! I finally had a friend! I finally had someone who
understood me! I finally had someone who didn't judge me! Every one
already left me, Harry! My dad, Taylor and Kenzie, my mother, and now
you too? Harry I-” I was cut off by him crashing his lips down onto
mine. He grabbed my waist and pushed me hard against him. I was taken
back at first, but then closed my eyes as our lips started to move in
sync. This was my first kiss ever, I never knew how it felt. A cocon of
butterflies exploded inside me, sending a warm feeling through my body.
When he opened his mouth more and licked my lips for entrance, I let him
in without thinking so there was no way of denying it. When his tongue
touched mine, I could taste the blood of the police officer. I
immediately snapped back to reality and broke down. I wanted to pull
away, but Harry never let me. Although I didn't want it, my tongue
started to battle with his, but the taste of blood made it all
disguisting. It made me realize what he was, it made me realize what the
difference between us two was. Harry's hands moved themselves towards my
cheeks and started to brush away the tears, which flew down my cheeks as
he still battled with my tongue. After a few moments, he pulled away and
rested his forehead against mine.

“I'm sorry August, I have to For my own good and for your own good.” He
said before grabbing my arm. I was still in a trance, not thinking and
not struggling as he pulled me with him towards the front door. He then
opened it and pushed me outside and I turned around to face him.

“Goodbye August.” He whispered and then I came down onto earth. I wanted
to say something, but the door was already closing. Just as I reached
the handle, it was closed. I pushed against the door, but it never opened.

“Harry! Open the door!” I demanded and continued to push and bang
agaginst the wood, but it still refused to do what I wanted.

“Harry!” I yelled and pushed one last time, before I broke down again. I
leaned my back against the wall opposite of the front door and brushed
myself down until I was sitting on my bum.

“Harry.” I whispered, but it was too late.

I had lost him too.

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