Let Me In(Harry Styles)

The mysterious boy Harry moves in next to August, a girl who has to deal with her parents' divorce and being bullied. August develops a special bond with her strange neighbor, but when the small town they live in is startled by a series of brutal murders ever since Harry moved into the flat, it seems he's more involved with them than August thinks. "Innocence dies, Harry doesn't."



3. Chapter 2 Totally Alone

I ripped the paper around the two Twixbars open and got them out. I put
them both at the same time in my mouth, because I didn't want that they
would feel lonely, because I knew how they then felt. I took a bite when
I suddenly heard a door open. My head shot up towards the entrance of my
flat building and I saw the man who moved in together with the strange
boy with the curls. He tried to fire his cigarette, but it didn't work
because of the cold breeze. I stared at him until his eyes suddenly met

"Hi." I greeted him politely and quietly, waving my hand slowly. He just
stared at me before grabbing his bag and walking away to the parking
area. I frowned my eyebrows, wondering why he ignored me. Just before he
opened his car, he looked at me again for a few seconds. But still
didn't say anything. He got in the car and drove away with high-speed.


I sat on the bench for another hour or so until I was done with sitting
and felt my eyelids becoming heavier. As I got of, I put the paper of
the Twix into the bin and walked towards the entrance. I ran up the
stairs and walked down the hallway. Just before I opened the door, I
heard someone coming up the stairs. I turned my head and saw the man who
I saw an hour ago. I quickly turned my keys and closed the door when I
was in my apartment just before he walked past. Slowly, I put my coat of
and threw the keys in the little closet. I walked towards my room and
once I got in, I suddenly heard voices. As curious as I was, I sat down
on my bed, laid my hand on the wall and pressed my ear against it.

"Where is it?" I recognized his husky voice, it was the boy with the curls.

"It's not enough." A deeper voice said, signaling it was the other man.
There was a silence so I slowly put my head away from the wall and
sighed. But then, the voices started again.

"Why not?" Someone yelled, but I didn't recognized that voice. It
sounded really husky, but it was that kind of voice you heard when the
Beast talked in the movie "The Beauty & The Beast". To me, it honestly
sounded like a monster. It stayed quiet, I only could hear someone's
heavy breathing.

"Answer me!" The monster voice yelled again.

"Maybe, I was scared because I could have been caught. Maybe, I'm just
tired of doing this." The man said quietly and I could hear the pain in
his voice. The heavy breath became heavier and heavier and suddenly, I
heard a loud growl before a door slammed shut.

I slowly leaned away from the wall again, staring at it. My heart was
beating like it was going to jump out of my ribcage and my hands were
shaking. I quickly pulled on my pj's and jumped under the duvets. I
wrapped it close around me and when I had lain in my bed for a few
seconds, I could still feel my heart beating really hard. I closed my
eyes,wishing sleep would wash over me as fast as possible.


The bell rang so I closed my locker and walked down the hallway. When I
turned around the corner, I saw a crowd of people standing and watching
something. I slowed my speed and stopped when I was standing in the
crowd. They were looking at a closed door, but next to it was a
long window. The police were talking to the director of this school and
they all looked frustrated.

"Sorry, can I get through? Thank you." A male voice said and I walked
out of the way. It was another police officer. He opened the door and
walked in before slamming it shut.

"Everyone, go to the theater and sit down on one of the chairs." A voice
suddenly said through the hallway. Everyone, including me, started
walking towards the theater and once we got there, we sat down, each on
one chair. We waited for a few minutes and suddenly I heard a girl
yelling. I turned around to see Kenny and his friends teasing a girl
that was sitting in front of them. But right when I turned around, they
looked at me and Kenny's famous smirk appeared. I quickly turned back
around and sat more slumped.

"Hello boys and girls." I looked up to see the school-director standing
on the stage with a microphone in his hands in which he talked into.

"As some of you have heard, there was an incident last night. One of our
teachers, Mr. Frekler, was killed in a horrible way. The person who
killed him, left a bucket full with his blood behind and the police
assume he wanted to take it with him, but they saw him so he ran off."
My eyes widened and my lips parted slightly. I wondered why they would
kill someone for blood.

"The police officers and all the other teachers, including me, advise
you to be careful when you walk down the streets. Be sure you don't go
out during the night, only in daylight so your eyesight is clearer.
We're talking about your safety, and we all are concerned and don't want
to lose one of our students." I let it all sink in as I looked down at
my lap. Usually, this little town was very quiet. Nothing happened here.
The worst thing that had happened in the past seven years, is probably a
raping, but that was it. I looked around to see all the students hugging
each other and some even crying. At this moment, I honestly wished I had
one who would like to hug me too because I also felt the tears pricking
behind my eyes. But I didn't had someone, so it was just me that had to
comfort myself.

And it was just me, who had to look after myself in this horrible situation.


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