Let Me In(Harry Styles)

The mysterious boy Harry moves in next to August, a girl who has to deal with her parents' divorce and being bullied. August develops a special bond with her strange neighbor, but when the small town they live in is startled by a series of brutal murders ever since Harry moved into the flat, it seems he's more involved with them than August thinks. "Innocence dies, Harry doesn't."



19. Chapter 17:Harry's POV.

SORRY FOR NOT UPDATING SOONER. my best friend is going to China so I want it to spend last day with her..i feel awful.

*** HARRY'S POV ***


I slowly lifted the girl's lifeless body up in my arms, bridal style and
looked around quickly, wanting to find a place where I could hid her in.
I saw the last dripples of her red liquid falling down onto the ground
and held up my finger under her neck. The dripples fell on my index
finger and when it stopped, I put my finger in my mouth and licked it
clean, allowing the sweet taste in my mouth.

I snapped back to reality when I heard the sound of a car and quickly
ran down the alley. In frustration, I looked around and saw a huge bin.
A smile grew on my face and I walked over to the bin before I saw a
garbage lying next to it. I felt the smile growing bigger and I laid the
girl's body on the ground. I grabbed the garbage before turning back to
her body. I started to curl her up in a ball as best as possible, and
heard her bones cracking when I did. Biting my lip, I grabbed the
garbage and although it was a bit hard, I managed to get her into it. I
shut the opening by making a knot and opened the cover of the bin.
Sighing, I threw the garbage with in it the lifeless body of the girl
into the bin and looked to my left and right, checking if someone was
near who could've seen, but forunately, no one was.

I put the hood back over my head and my digged my curls inside of it. As
I put my hands in my pockets, I started walking down the dark streets
with my head facing the ground. Sometimes I would look up to see that I
wasn't getting closer to any building or street which was familiar,
since had went to the city instead of Holmes Chapel. Pulling up my arm,
I checked the clock and saw it was already half past eight in the
morning, which explained why it was getting lighter outside. My eyes
grew wide when I realized it and in vampire speed, I ran back to Holmes
Chapel, wanting to get there before the sun would set, because I would
be dead if it did before I got home.

Just when I got back at the playground which was surrounded by the
familiar flatbuildings, I felt the skin on my arm being ripped open and
a huge pain shot through me as I felt it burn. Looking over my shoulder,
my eyes widened when I saw the sun was setting and I pushed my feet
harder against the ground, feeling more skin being ripped open. I pushed
the door open, ran up the stairs and down the corridor and sighed when I
wasn't near a window anymore. I stopped running, but felt the wound
still burning and opened the front door, wanting nothing else than to
stop the pain. Once inside, I ran towards the sink and put my arm under
the cold water. I bit my inside cheeks as I hurt, but soon the cold
water was soothing the pain.

After something like ten minutes, I stopped the water with flowing down
and saw my wound was healed again. I smiled, thinking about how lucky I
was for getting here just in time. I dried my arm before I realized my
mouth and chin were still dirty. I quickly washed it with cold water and
dried it too. Suddenly, I noticed it was totally quiet in my apartment
and I pulled up my eyebrow as I laid the towel back down onto the counter.

“August?” I asked and walked into the hallway, but go no answer and no
sign of her

“August?” I asked again and opened the door of my bedroom, but it was
empty and still in the messy way I had left it. I opened the bathroom
door, walked into the livingroom and checked all of them over and over,
but August was nowhere to be found. I let myself fall onto the couch and
put my face in my hands. Did I scared her? Propably. Now she was gone
and this was my fault. I grabbed the nearest thing, which happened to be
a cup and threw it away in frustration. It hit the wall opposite and
broke into pieces. The sound of of the pieces hitting the floor was a
deafmaking sound, but I couldn't care less.

I suddenly noticed how tired I was, physically and mentally, and leaned
my back against the back of the couch. I cursed and called myself piece
of shit, exactly how I felt at the moment, how I felt ever since I had
became different, ever since my life as a teenager wasn't normal
anymore, ever since I met Augustm, although she also made me feel alive

August, those beautiful and bright blue eyes which looked into my dusty
green ones. Her long eyelashes, making her eyes looking even bigger than
they already were, the eyes that, only by looking at me, could make me
paralyzed. Her dark and thick eyebrows, which gave her eyes a strong
look and emphasized her cheekbones. Her lips, her pink and plump lips
which became smaller and longer whenever she smiled. I sometimes found
myself fighting back the urge to crash my lips down on hers, but I knew
I couldn't since she's worth some one better, not a monster like me.,
although she tried to convince me like I wasn't and sometimes, I did not
feel like a monster around her whenever she said or just didn't say, but
when I had killed some one, reality hit me and I couldn't think of a
better name I was worth than this.

My eyelids were becoming heavier and I tried to keep them open, but I
was not strong enough. Slowly, they closed my eyes and gave me no other
color in eyesight than black.

“Please, come back August.” I whispered before I felt myself slowly
stopping with listening to every sound I could hear and feeling anything
I could feel.





I woke up when I heard a door slamming shut and I immediately got up and
walked into the hallway, to see a schoolbag inn the corner next to the
front door. When I heard the shower being turned on, I turned my head to
the bathroomdoor and saw light coming out underneath the door. I smiled
to myself and felt a warm feeling going through my whole body when I
realized she hadn't gone away, just went to school. I turned around and
was about to walk back into the livingroom when I suddenly heard an
earpiercing cry coming out of the bathroom. I immediately turned around
and ran towards the bathroomdoor. I tried to open it, but saw it was
locked. When I heard heartbreaking cries, I tried to pull harder and
bang the door, but it wouldn't open. I took a step back before punching
the lock as hard as I could, not feeling any pain as I did The lock
broke from the door and I opened the door without hesitating.

My heart broke when I saw her, sitting on the ground with her clothes
on, her tears mixing with the warm water which was streaming down her
whole body as she hugged her knees tight. I snapped out of my thoughts
when I saw her shoulders shaking as she cried. I quickly walked over and
stopped the shower from letting the water fall down onto her. I bend
down and put my arms under her armpits and pulled her up her feet. When
she stood on her feet, her knees buggled before she almost fell down,
but I caught her by wrapping one arm around her waist and pushing her
agains my chest. Suddenly, I noticed she had stopped crying and I eyed
her up and down as she stared straight forward.

“You need to take your clothes off.” I said and I moved my head so I was
in her eyesight.

“I can't.” She answered with an husky, but without emotion in her voice.
“My fingers...” She trailed off, still looking straight foward.

“Okay, then Im going to do it, but I promise you I won't look. I said
and closed my eyes as I reached my arms to the hem of her shert.
Carefully, not to touch her, I took of every clothe that she was
wearing. I didn't even dare to touch her skin, although I wondered why
she didn't say anything since most girl woudn't trust, being sure the
boy would peek, but I kept my promise and didn't.

When I was done, I pushed her slowly down on the toilet lid with still
closed eyes and when I turned around to walk out of the bathroom, I
opened my eyes so I wouldn't see her and did what I had planned. I
walked into my bedroom and looked through my closet and grabbed a
T-Shirt. Then, I searched until I found her underwear before walking out
of the bedroom and into the bathroom. When I opened the door, I quickly
closed my eyes again and inhaled through my nose. Her scent went into my
nostrils and gave me enough information of where I needed to walk to.
Once I reached her, I pulled on her underwear and closed the hook of her
bra before putting my T-Shirt over her head.

When everything was done, I opened my eyes to see he blue ones, which
weren't as bright as they normally were. The white in her eyes was
bloodshot and the skin under her eyes was really dark. I smiled to
reassure her, but she didn't smiled back and didn't bother why not. She
looked defeated and I had no idea what was going on right now. Had I
caused her in this state? I reached my arms around the skin just above
her knees and around her waist before dragging her up bridal style. I
walked out of the bathroom and into my bedroom and laid her gently on
the bed.

“I'll be right back..” I said and rushed off in vampire speed. In the
kitchen, I made her a glass of water and ran back to her. I sat down on
the edge of the bed and with my free hand, I reached under the place
inbetween her shoulderblades before pushing her up. I watched as she
came closer to me with no color in her face. I placed the glass against
her lips and waited for them to open. When they did, I tilted the glass
and let the water fall in her mouth. I saw her throat moving as she
drank it until the glass was empty and then pushed her gently back down
on the bed.

“You need to sleep.” I ordered and brushed her hair out of her face. I
grabbed the pillow from the ground and placed it back on the bed under
her head. I stood up and pulled the duvet over her shaking body and felt
guiltness rush through me.

“I'm sorry.” Was all I managed to whispered out and quickly walked out
of the bedroom and into the kitchen. I placed the glass in the sink
before sitting down in a chair in front of the dinner table. I looked at
the carton, which covered the windows before putting my head in my hands.

“What have I done?” I asked myself and shook my head.





I woke up and felt a hard surface against the leftside of my cheek. I
pulled myself up, and saw I had been sleeping with my head on the table.
Straightening my back, I felt and heard all my backbones cracking. I
slowly stood up and walked into the hallway. I knocked on the bedroom
door, but received no answer. I pulled up one eyebrow and opened the
door, but found no one inside. My eyes widened and I scanned all the
rooms in this apartment in vampirespeed, but August was nowhere to be seen.

Then, an idea popped into my head and I ran back into my bedroom. I
grabbed the pillow and pushed it against my face. Inhaling air through
my nose, I smelled the scent of her in the pillow and smiled to myself
before throwing it back on the bed. I inhaled my through my nose again
and smelled her scent, which led me into the hallway, out of the
apartment, down the streets until I came in front of a big body.

I frowned my eyerbows, thinking back at the last time I was here. The
last time, I had killed Will here because he went out to supply me
blood, but got into a car accident and burned his face by throwing
vinegar on it. I snapped out of my thoughts when I thought back at the
reason why I was here right now and inhaled through my nose. Her scent
was a lot stronger than it normally was and I knew I was close. I
followed it up the stairs and came on the seventh floor. I walked down
the corridor before I could smell her scent was really strong signalling
I was really close. I turned my head to the right and looked out of a
window into a room and froze right in my spot and quickly swallowed the
lump in my throat away.


There she was, lying on the bed, hugging her mother while tears streamed
down her face and the monitor only beeped one beep that continued endlessly

I will update more tomorrow, probably late coz I have to go shopping, i hate shopping. :/

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