Let Me In(Harry Styles)

The mysterious boy Harry moves in next to August, a girl who has to deal with her parents' divorce and being bullied. August develops a special bond with her strange neighbor, but when the small town they live in is startled by a series of brutal murders ever since Harry moved into the flat, it seems he's more involved with them than August thinks. "Innocence dies, Harry doesn't."



17. Chapter 15: ''Get out.''



That night, I slept wretchedly, waking every hour or so out of turbulent
nightmares, my entire body in a sweat of anxiety, and when I did not
sleep I lay awake and tense in every limb, listening, remembering and
going over and over the last few days in my mind. I asked myself
unanswerable questions about life and death while staring at the ceiling.

Finally, I woke up and couldn't take it anymore. I kicked my legs off
the couch and lifted my exhausted body up until I stood on my feet. I
suddenly felt all the muscels in my lower stomach squeeze together,
creating a wave of pain. I thought about ignoring it, thinking it was
just a spasme.

I quietly walked into the hallway and stood still in front of his
bedroom door, hesitating for a moment. I breathed in through my nose and
slowly opened the door. It squeaked as I did and I squeezed my eyes
shut, whishing it to stop. When there was enough space for me to get
inside, I slowly did and silently closed the door behind me. I turned
around and looked at Harry. His curls were laying messy on the pillow
and a few on locks on his face as he was lying on his side. His lips
were slightly parted and I heard his heavy breath escaping out of the
hole in between them. The duvet was only covering him until his hips. I
bit my lip as I took a look at his abs. Now I could look at them without
getting noticed. I saw the two moles under just under his chest. He did
had abs, but not too much. I snapped out of my thoughts when I heard him
letting out a deep breath and froze.

Slowly, I walked towards him and saw he was practically lying across the
bed, taking in all the space there was.

“Harry? Harry?” I whispered quietly and saw his eyes slowly opening
themselves. He then rolled over so he was lying on his bed and his eyes
met mine.

“Hey.” He said in his sleepy voice and gave me chills all over as he
looked at me with sleepy eyes and his eyebrows frowned.

“Can I sleep here? I had a nightmare and that movie we watched earlier
scared me.” I admitted and felt my cheeks blush in embarrasment.

“Sure.” He mumbled in a raspy voice and moved himself so there was
enough space for me. I crawled under the sheets, but didn't find any warmth.

“Thanks, sleep tight.” I whispered to him as I saw him closing his eyes.

“You too.” He mumbled and rolled over, his back facing me and I moved
myself so I was lying on my side, still facing his toned back. For some
reason, I immediately felt safe. I closed my eyes when I started to feel
sleepy again and slowly zoned out. Suddenly, when I was almost sleeping,
I something soft and cold pushing itself against my forehead for only
one seconds before pulling itself away, before I fell asleep.



“August wake up.” I heard a voice but ignored it.

“August wake up!” A voice now yelled and my eyes immediately shot open
and I immediately crawled away when I saw golden eyes looking at me int
he darkness. He was breathing heavily and unregular and I could feel the
tension building up.

“Are you bleeding?” Harry asked as he breathed out through his nose. I
quickly checked my arms and hands and pulled up the sheets, but didn't
saw anything.

“Not that I know.” I said and faced him again but crawled further away,
reaching the edge of the bed, when I saw his fangs sticking out as his
lips were parted and his breath was coming out of it really heavy.

“Well I know you are.” He said and I saw his body started to shake and
his hands grabbing the sheets quickly and sqeezing in it.

“Get out.” Harry demanded but fore some reason, I was frozen as I stared
into his golden eyes, fear taking over my whole body. I felt my breath
hitching and my heart beating harder than it normally did. I knew
somehow I needed to leave if I wanted to stay safe, but my muscels
refused to move.

“I said get out!” Harry yelled in his demon voice and I immediately got
the strength to move my muscels but harry already decided to push me
violently off the bed, making me land on the floor with a thud. As fast
as I could, I got up and ran out of the room, not even caring to glance
back at Harry. I opened the bathroom door and bursted inside before
locking the door and leaning my back against the door. I heard my own
breath and puffed the hair out of my face.I looked down and saw my skin
bouncing up and down because of my heartbeat. Right then, the spasme
returned and I got frustrated. I quickly stripped down my clothes, but
stopped when I saw the smudge in Harry's boxer.

Right then, I heard a husky and loud scream, causing my the hair in my
neck to stand up and my heart to stop beating.  I listenend when I heard
his feet stamping on the ground before a door slammed shot, making my
whole body shake. I leaned my hands on the sink and took a deep breath,
closing my eyes and letting what happened sink in. I mentally slapped
myself for not realizing the spasme in my stomach meant that I was on my

After a few minutes in total silence, I slowly unlocked the door of the
bathroom and walked into his bedroom, where I saw the same red mudge on
the mattress and his pillow on the floor along with the halfside of the
duvet. I grabbed my clothes and searched in my pocket and when I found
my phone, I unlocked it and looked at the time. My eyes widened when I
saw it was Monday already and I needed to be at school in an har so I
quickly grabbed my keys and clean clothes and ran out of Harry's
apartment. I opened the front door of my apartment and got inside,
jogged to my room and shut the door. When I was finished with putting on
clean clothes, I ran to the bathroom and brushed the smudged mascara
away from my cheeks and under my eyes before re-applying it.  Once I was
done with everything, I looked at the clock and saw I only had 15
minutes to get to school so I put on my coat and grabbed my schoolbag
before running out of the apartment and to school.




School was really weird. Every one was questioning where Kenzie and
Taylor were and no one had any idea, apart for me, but I kept it to
myself. Each time I heard them talking, I thought back to that evening
and felt my whole body shaking, my breath hitching and my eyes shifting
everywhere but the persons who were talking about it. Apperently, their
dad bodies hadn't been found, yet.


“Why isn't my homework finished?” Kenny questioned as he yanked my hair,
causing me to let out a silent scream.

“Answer me!” He yelled in my ear and yanked my hair even harder.

“I-I didn't h-had t-the time.” I stuttered out, but it was a lie; I did
had time.

“Didn't had time?” He repeated. I nodded and squeezed my eyes shut as he
turned me around.

“Look at me shortstuff!” He yelled and I heard his friends laughing at
my nickname. They almost called me that because I was the shortes girl
of class and they were the tallest boys. I ignored him and kept my eyes

“I said look at me!” Kenny yelled again and pressed my body closer
against his. His face was only inches away and when I opened my eyes,
his darkbrown ones were boring into mine.

“When I want you to get my homework done, you get my homework done. Get
it?” He asked and his famous smirk appeared. I nodded my head, almost
not noticable.

“Good.” He growled and pushed me out of his arms backwards. My back was
pushed against one sink and a huge pain shot through me. I squeezed my
eyes shut and took in a deep breath. I heard Kenny's evil laugh and his
friends soon joined when they started walking towards me. My eyes
widened and I tried to run away, ignoring the pain that was going
through me. Unfortunately, two arms snaked around my waist and pulled my
up so I wasn't standing on my feet anymore. Tears prickled in my eyes.
The grip loosened and I fell forward  onto the ground. I wanted to get
up, but a white converse stopped me when it stapped on my hand. I wailed
in pain and a tear escaped my eye when it started to move, causing all
my fingers to crack and did the same to the other. After he was done,
 they walked past my painful body and out of the toilet, laughing.

*(A/N: Start playing the song at the side)*

I lay there, letting the tears stream down my face and not having any
strength to get up. Slowly, I tried to move my fingers, but they refused
and hurt. I did my best to get up and finally maganaged to while
ignoring the pain that was going through me. With my hand, I held hold
of my back as I slowly walked to the mirror. As I looked at it, I saw a
girl with bags under her red and puffy eyes, her blonde hair going in
all directions, mascara running down her cheeks and no color in her
skin. Honestly, she scared me. I quickly brushed the mascararuns on my
cheeks and under my eyes away and when I was done, I tried to pick up my
bag but my back and fingers were huring and it was unbearable. I took a
deep breath and bit my lip before quickly bending down, moving my
fingers to hug the handle of it and quickly, I walked out of the toilets
and walked down the hallway to my locker. I tried to twist the handle,
but the pain in my fingers was unbearable. I leaned my forehead against
the locker and took in a deep breath as I felt the salty liquid falling
down in the corners of my mouth.

Sighing, I walked away towards the exit, coming to the conclusion I
couldn't open my locker with my hands. When I opened the doors of the
exit, the cold air hit me and I immediately shivered, but forced myself
to walk home. After slowly walking because of all the pain, I was glas I
reached the entrance of the flatbuilding. Instead of walking up the
stairs, I took the elevator. I walked down the hallway to my front door
before realizing I had left the key in my locker. Biting my lip, I
looked at the front door of Harry's apartment and slowly walked towards
it. I hesitated when I pulled at the handle, but it opened in my
surprise. Once inside, I immediately dropped my schoolbag off my
shoulder and walked into the bathroom.

My body was shaking and my mind was a blur. I didn't even cared about
taking my clothes off, not that I even could do it with my fingers. I
let the warm water wash me as I stood under the shower. Suddenly, I let
out a cry and dropped to my knees. I moved myself so I was sitting andd
hugged my knees tight. The water continued with streaming down, making
me and my clothes wet and I shut my eyes, whishing the water could wash
everything away and cried my eyes out.

Suddenly, I felt two hands reaching under my arms and pulling me up on
my weak legs. The strength in my whole body had disappeared and I almost
fell down again, but an arm wrapped itself around my waist and pushed me
against a hard torso. I heard the shower being turned off and nother arm
being wrapped around me. For some reason, I had stopped crying and was
looking straight forward, not feeling any emotion I should or I should
not feel, not thinking about anything and not caring about anything.

"You need to take your clothes off." His deep voice said and I green
eyes coming into my few as he moved his head.

"I can't." I said without emotion in my voice. "My fingers..." I trailed
off, still staring straight forward.

"Okay, then I'm going to do it, but I promise you I won't look." He said
and I saw him shutting his eyes as he reached his arms to the hem of my
shirt. Slowy, he took every clothe I was wearing off, carefully not
trying to touch my skin. I was in a total trance, didn't struggled and
let it happen. When he was done, he sat me down on the toilet lid and
walked out of the badroom. Not soon after he came back with clothes and
quickly shut his eyes when he came back in. Maybe it was his
vampire-instinct, that he could smell my blood and knew exactly where I
was, because he walked without bumping into something towards me.
Slowly, he put on a T-Shirt and underwear before opening his eyes and
they immediately met mine. He smiled, but I didn't felt the urge to
smile back, I was beaten, now it was clear how hard this situation had
affected me, both mentally and physically. He reached one arm around the
skin just above my knees and one around my waist and dragged me up
bridal style. He walked out of the bathroom and into his own room before
laying me gently on the bed.

"I'lll be right back." He said and in a blur, he was out of the room and
just a few seconds later, he came back with a glass of water in his
hands. He sat down on the edge of his bed and placed one hand on my
back, pushing me up and with his other hand, he placed the glass against
my mouth. I slowly parted it and he tilted the glass, letting the water
fall in my mouth and sliding down my throat as it wet all insides.

"You need to sleep." He ordered and brushed my hair out of my face. He
grabbed the pillow and placed it back on the bed under my head and sat
up to pull the duvet over my shaking and broken body.

"I'm sorry." He whispered and walked out of the room. I tried to control
my body and relax all the muscels, but it did take a while before it
did. I wanted to scream for Harry to lay here with me, but I didn't had
any strength and when I finally had, only a husky sound came out of my
mouth. I closed my eyes end slowly fell asleep, hoping the next day
would be better.


I woke up by the doorbell ringing and waited until Harry was going to
respond it, but he didn't. I sighed and slowly got up, feeling the pain
going through me again although it was less worse than before. I
strolled into the hallway and towards the front door. I stood on my
tippy toes and looked out of the little window and saw it was the man
who told me about my mum. Immediately a lump in my throat appeared and
with shaking hands, I opened the door slightly. The man looked up and me
and smiled.

"Good evening Mrs. Moonsky." He said.

"Hi." I answered and held the door tightly in my hands. "Why are you here?"

"I have news, about your mum."


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