Let Me In(Harry Styles)

The mysterious boy Harry moves in next to August, a girl who has to deal with her parents' divorce and being bullied. August develops a special bond with her strange neighbor, but when the small town they live in is startled by a series of brutal murders ever since Harry moved into the flat, it seems he's more involved with them than August thinks. "Innocence dies, Harry doesn't."



16. Chapter 14:Harry's POV.

WOOHOO HARRY'S POV. okay you can continue reading...

**** HARRY'S POV ****


The whole carride was silent. Sometimes I would just look at her really
quick to see her looking out of the window with absolutely no expression
on her face. She was deep in her thoughts and honestly, I wanted to know
what she was thinking.

“Should I turn up the music?” I asked as I pushed my feet harder on the
pedal and turned my head to look at her. The lights of the streets gave
her face an orange glue as she was looking straight forward with no
expression on her face.

“August?” I asked and her head immediately snapped up to face me.

“Yeah?” She asked as she looked me into the eyes.

“Are you okay?” I asked and turned my head to glance at the road.

“Yeah.” She quietly mumbled.

“You sure?” I asked and looke at her to see her looking down at her lap.

“Yeah I just... zoned out.” She muttered and turned her head to the left
to look out of the window of the door. I didn't want to interrupt her
thoughts anymore so I didn't speak, didn't turn on the radio and just
focussed on the road.

When we finally arrived back onto the parkingarea, I stopped the car and
looked at August to see her opening the door and getting out of the car.
I did the same and locked the car before walking to the entrance of our
flatbuilding. Suddenly, I felt something cold hitting me on the head and
I almost fell forward as I mumbled an 'oof'. I heard chuckling and
turned around to see August standing five metres away from me. A smile
was plastered on her face, her eyes twinkeled in the moonlight and her
blonde hair waved with the wind, sending the scent of her blood in my
nostrils but I did my best to ignore it. I looked at her hand, to see
snow on her globes.

“Oh you're going to pay for that one.” I said and bent down, made a
snowball and threw it at her, it all in vampire speed. She managed to
didge it an ran away after throwing another snowball at me, but she
missed. I quickly made another snowball and chased her, both of us
laughing as I did.

When I was getting closer and closer, I wrapped one arm around my waist
and pulled her into my chest. With the other hand in which I held the
snowball, I pushed the snowball in her face and she laughed as I brushed
the snowball on her skin. She managed to push me away while giggling and
I quickly ran away towards the entrance with a big smile on my face. I
opened the door and ran up the stairs and to my apartment. Once in front
of the front door, I turned around and saw August getting up the stairs,
still giggling. In vampire speed, I opened the door and got inside. I
ran to my bedroom and hid myself under the sheets of my bed.

“Harry!” I heard her lovely voice call out and felt the urge to laugh,
but bit my lip to control it. I heard the front door slamming shut
before it all turned silent. I waited a few moments and pulled up one
eyebrow when I still didn't heard anything. I was about to get out of
the bed when I heard the door slowly opening.

“Harry?” I heard August and bit my lip again to hold back my laughter. I
pulled up the duvet a bit, so I could take a look at her and saw her
legs were standing in front of me.

“Boo.” I joked and threw the duvet away before grabbing one of her legs
and pulling it towards me. August fell down, but not onto the bed, but
on me and mumbled an 'oof'. She looked up but her hair covered her face.
She puffed out her breath, causing her hair to fly out of her face and I
chuckled at what I saw. Once her eyes found mine, I saw her cheeks
getting redder by the second and a warm feeling spreading intself
through my whole body. Slowly, I pulled my head up to come closer to her
face. With her blue eyes, she watched me coming closer. Was I going to
kiss her? Or was it the scent of her blood which was driving me insane?
Shit. I quickly placed my hands on her hips and carefully pushed her
off me. I stood up and awkwardly stood there, feeling my tongue getting

“I'm going to take a shower.” August broke the silence and stood up, not
even looking me into the eyes. I walked out of the room while she
grabbed all her stuff she needed and walked into the livingroom. I
leaned my elbows on the counter and let my hands cup my face. I sighed
deep and closed my eyes. What was happening to me? What was happening to
my feelings? I heard the shower turning on and snapped back into
reality. I opened the fridge and took out a frozen pizza, which Will had
once bought for himself. I put it in the magnetron and turned it on.
While it was warming up, I grabbed one plate and a knife and placed it
on the dinnertable. Since there was no light in this room, I grabbed a
candle and fired it, giving the room an orange glue. The magnetron
beeped and I grabbed the plate and put the warm pizza onto it before
putting it down on the table. I didn't hear the shower anymore so I
walked to the bathroom to announce I made her dinner. Slowly, I opened
the door and felt my breath hitch when I saw her standing there, looking
at herself in the mirror and only wearing her matching pink lingerie. I
felt guilty for watching her, but for some reason I couldn't get my eyes
off her. I had watched her before. After the first time we met, I
watched her through her bedroom window getting changed and I remembered
she somehow knew some one was watching her and shut the curtains. But
now, she didn't seem to know. I watched her as she stood in front of her
mirror, eyeing her body and letting a tear slip down her face. I looked
at her body and noticed all the bruises. A lump in my throat appeared
and when her hand appeared in my eyesight and stroke her ribs, I looked
up to see her eyes shut. She sat down in front of the toilet and bowed
forward, letting the tears fall into the toilet. She stuck her shaking
finger in her mouth and suddenly, the adrenaline rushed through my veins
and I barged into the bathroom causing her head to snap up.

“What the hell do you think you're doing?!” I yelled and grabbed both
her upperarms to pull her up and stand on her feet. When she was, I
pulled her even more up so she was standing on her tippy toes and our
faces only inches away.

“Well?” I asked and looked intensly in her eyes. She stared into mine
and I saw hers filling up with water and one tear escaping her eye. I
immediately loosened my grip on her and let her fall down on her feet again.

“Why?” I asked her quietly.

“Why? Harry look at me! I'm wortheless and I look like a wreck! Harry,
I'm fat!” She yelled in her face and tears streamed down her face.
Again, a lump in my throat appeared and I brushed my curls out of my
face as I watched her hiding her face in her small hands. I tried to
grab them, but she took a step back and hit her back against the wall.

“August, how many times do I have to tell you you're not.” I said and
reached my hand towards her face. I pulled a lock of her blonde hair
behind her ear as she looked down, sniffling. She didn't answered.

“If I need to tell you a million times, then I will. I just want you to
believe me.” I whispered and she looked up. Her blue eyes were
surrounded by the white of her eyes which was now bloodshot and her
bottomlip was trembling.

“And I won't lie each time I will tell you.” I said and took a step
closer and looked down at her since I was a lot taller. I grabbed her
small and warm hand and pulled her with me out of the bathroom and to
the kitchen. When we reached it, she looked at the dinnertabel and
pulled up both her eyebrows.

“I thought you didn't eat or drink anything else than blood.” She
whispered, not looking up at me.

“That's true. This is not for me, but for you.” I explained and walked
over to stand behind her.

“I'm not hungry.” August said and I immediately knew she was lying.

“You suck at lying.” I told her and placed my hands on her shoulders
before pushing her towards the table. I felt her muscels yoke under my
touch but I ignored it. I let go of her shoulders and pulled the chair
out of under the table and motioned to her to sit down. With her eyes
glued to the floor, she sat down and looked at her pizza in pure horror.
I walked over and sat down opposite her.

“Please eat August.” I said. Slowly, she reache dout her hands and
grabbed the fork and the knife. I watched her as she cut a piece and
shoved it into her mouth. I immediately saw her face lighten up for a
few seconds before it returned to a guilty expression.

“I can't.” August whispered and was about to put her fork and knife back
down, but I stopped her.

“For me?” I asked and looked into her eyes, which now weren't blue
anymore because of the orange glue which the candle gave. She stared
back in mine too, before sighing and starting to eat more. I watched her
as she ate her pizza and as time went by, she started to eat faster.

“Aren't you hungry?” She asked and right on cue, my stomach grumbled. I
shrugged my shoulders, not making eye contact.

“Why don't you feed of me?” August asked quietly and I immediately
looked up into her eyes, but once they met, she looked down at her pizza.

“It's not that easy. I can't control myself so if I will, it will end up
horrible.” I explained and sighed.

“Oh.” She mumbled and ate her last piece of pizza. “I'm sorry.”





“You can sleep in my bed if you want?” I said to her once she was
changed in a T-Shirt and a boxer of me since we forgot to bring her PJ's.

“No it's okay, I'll take the couch.” She said and showed her adorable smile.

“Don't be silly.” I said and was about to walk to the livingroom, but
was stopped by her grabbing the hem of my shirt and pulling me
backwards, although it didn't worked a lot.

“Harry stop it. It's okay. I'm already thankfull to you for having me
here.” She said.

“Fine.” I sighed and rolled my eyes.

“Night Harry.” August said quietly and before I knew it, she wrapped her
small arms around my waist and buried her head in my chest and pulling
away right after.

“Night.” I whispered back and watched her walking into the livingroom
and laying down on the couch. I walked into my room, turned off the
light and walked towards my bed. I laid down and immediately felt a wave
of tiredness coming and my eyelids becoming heavier. Slowly, I drifted
off to sleep


“Harry? Harry?” I heard a sweet voice and opened my eyes to see August
hovering over me. My eyes opened more when I recognized her.

“Hey.” Was the only thing I managed to get out.

“Can I sleep here?” She asked quietly. “I had a nightmare and that movie
we watched earlier scared me.”

“Sure.” I mumbled sleepily and moved myself, giving her enough space.
She crawled under the sheets and laid down, keeping space inbetween us.

“Thanks.” She quietly said. “Sleep tight.”

“You too.” I mumbled and rolled over. When I almost was asleep again, I
rolled over again and since my eyes were still open, I saw her face only
inches away from mine. Her warm breath stroke my face and light snores
left her lips as her eyes were closed. She looked really peaceful. I
couldn't control myself and leaned forward, pushing my lips gently
against the skin of her forhead for one second before pulling back and
closing my eyes.

“harry.” I heard her mumble and roll over so her back was faced towards
me and I chuckled at the fact she was probably dreaming about me before
I felt sleep also zoning me out.


I woke up and the scent of blood immediately filled my nostrils. My eyes
shot opened and I faced a sleeping August. I noticed it was still night,
since it was really dark. I could feel my fangs growing and pushing
themselves on my bottomlip.

“August? August wake up.” I said and lightly shook her, but she refused
to move. I started to freak out as I felt myself loosing control.

“August wake up!” I yelled and her eyes shot open immediately. When she
saw me, she immediately crawled away and her eyes widened. I noticed my
breath was heavily and unregular.

“Are you bleeding?” I asked her as I was panting heavily. August pulled
up the sheets and looked at her body.

“Not that I know.” She said and faced me again with an worried look on
her face.

“Well I know you are.” I said and felt my whole body shaking as the
scent got stronger.

“Get out.” I said. August didn't moved, only looked at me with wide eyes.

“I said get out!” I now yelled frustrated and noticed my demon voice. I
pushed her out of the bed and she landed on the floor with a thud. She
immediately got up and ran out of the room. I looked at the matress to
see blood on it and I felt myself totally losing control. I screamed and
growled loudly and grabbed hold of the sides of the bed as I felt all my
muscels yoking. It didn't matter how hard I was trying to control
myself, it still didn't worked. My mind went blur and there was only one
word going through my mind when I jumped out of the bed and stormed out
of the room and apartment in vampire speed:


i will update more tomorrow, oh and I dunno if I said but August is played by Cara
Delevingne. :)

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