Let Me In(Harry Styles)

The mysterious boy Harry moves in next to August, a girl who has to deal with her parents' divorce and being bullied. August develops a special bond with her strange neighbor, but when the small town they live in is startled by a series of brutal murders ever since Harry moved into the flat, it seems he's more involved with them than August thinks. "Innocence dies, Harry doesn't."



15. Chapter 13: ''I'm so sorry,Harry''

I opened my hands, letting the snowflakes fall into them and turning
into water once it touched my bare skin. Tracing my fingertips down the
palm of my hand to my wrist, I shivered at my own touch. I closed my
eyes and leaned my head back against the wall. When I opened them to
look up, my eyesight was blurry from all the tears and my eyelashes were
in the way because they were we because of the wet mascara which made
them heavier than they normally were. The snow fell down in different
directions and I looked more up, not caring about the snowflakes falling
into my eyes.

Suddenly, I heard a loud scream which hurted in my ears. I immediately
backed my back more against the wall, wondering what it could be and
hugging my knees more tight. I looked into the direction of the opening
of the alley, but saw nobody. With shaking hands, shifting eyes and a
unregular breath, I turned my head back and looked at my hands. I wished
I would die, I really did.

Footsteps filled my ear and I turned my head to look at the opening of
the alley again, and saw a figure standing there. My eyes widened and I
crawled back as far and fast as I could.

“August, it's me.” The voice of the figure said and I recognized it as

“Go away.” I muttered and pushed my back back against the wall and
hugged my knees, staring at the wall opposite. Instead of walking away,
he only walked towards me and sat down right next to me.

“I said go away.” I muttered again and turned my head to the left, not
wanting to look into his eyes. I knew Taylor must have told him
everything about what happened that night, but not in the good way. But
I knes he would believe her, she was so good at acting.

“August look at me.” Harry demanded.

“No.” I said and refused to move my head. A big and cold hand grabbed my
chin and jaw and turned my head against my will. I closed my eyes, still
refusing to look at me.

“I said look at me!” He now yelled and I immediately opened my eyes in
shock to be met by his angry looking eyes. I looked down on his chin and
saw the red liquid coming out of his mouth and dripping down from his
chin. I shivered and wanted to turn my head back, but he held it more
tight so I couldn't.

“Spit out.” Harry growled as he looked at me right into his eyes and I
couldn't find the strength to leave my gaze from his eyes. It was like I
was in trance, only seeing his face and only hearing his voice.

“Haven't they told you?” I asked him quietly.

“I only heard what they said before you ran off. Now explain
everything.” He said, still holding my chin.

“What they told wasn't true.”

“Okay but when is the truth then?” He asked.

I sighed and bit my lip, “It all happened during a schoolparty...”


Flashback –


“I'm just going to use the toilet, I'll be right back.” I said to my
best friend Taylor.

“Sure, I'll wait.” She answered as she smiled at me and fixed her
purple dress. I walked off towards the girls bathroom and waited in the

“August! Have you seen Taylor?” I heard an voice yelling and I snapped
my head to the doorframe to see Kenzie standing there in her blue dress.

“Yes she should be there.” I answered and pointed behind her.

“Thank you.” She said and smiled before walking away.

I never have had such an amazing night. I danced, laughed, danced, sang
and had fun. When it was my turn, I relieved myself and washed my hands
before walking back into the B10-hall of our school. I pulled up one
eyebrow when I didn't saw Taylor anymore. I opened the door of one of
the classrooms which was dark and heard some shuffling.

“Taylor?” I asked, walking more into the room. Suddenly the door
slammed shut behind me and just when I wanted to turn around, an arm was
wrapped around my neck. My eyes widened and I wanted to scream, but an
sweaty hand covered my mouth, making the scream come out as a muffle. I
felt myself being lifted up and a face pushed against the left side of

“Be quiet baby, you are making an scene.” A raspy and deep voice said.
This wasn't Taylor, it was an manly voice, but somehow it sounded really
familiar. I started to kick with my legs which caused him to pull his
arm more tightly around my neck. My breath choked and I gasped for air,
which I could barely get. Suddenly, his arm let go of my neck and I fell
to the ground. I wanted to scream, run, do everything that was needed
for escaping, but I couldn't find the strength. Black spots were dancing
in front of my eyes as I took a loud gulp of air, wanting nothing else
than filling my lungs with oxygen. I couldn't stop what was happining
next, my muscles were trying to move but they couldn't. I felt myself
being rolled over so I was laying on my back. An weight lied down on me
and two hands grabbed my dress, pulling it up. I tried to fight, but
gave up when I realized it wouldn't help. When I felt his hands on my
belly. Something inside me clicked and I managed to move my leg, but
stopped when I saw a light falling down on us. Before I couold look up,
I was rolled over so I was the one sitting on him. I looked at his face
and gasped when I recognized it – Kenny.

“A-August?” An silent and broken voice made both of our heads shot up
towards the doorframe, where Kenny's girlfriend, and my bestfriend,
Taylor was standing. I wanted to say something, but couldn't find any
words and was quickly cut off by Kenny.

“I don't know what she did, she forced herself onto me.” Kenny said and
pushed me off me and standing up.

“August?” Taylor asked and stepped into the room.

“N-No! It's... Taylor” Were the only thing I could manage to croak out.

“Just save it.” Taylor said and crossed her arms over her chest. “How
could you? My very bestfriend just ended up doing this.” She spat and
pointed at me and Kenny.

“No Taylor it's-” I started but was cut off by her.

“I can't believe you, I really don't.” She walked over to Kenny and
grabbed the collar of his T-Shirt and pulled him with her towards the

“You're a slut, August.” She said before walking out of the door and
slamming it shut. I stood there for a moment, letting it al sink in and
when I realized I just lost my bestfriend, I broke down.


End flashback –


“Ever since this, they started to bully me.” I whispered before I let
the tears fall freely down my face. Harry's hand released from my chin
as he looked at me with an unreadable expression written on his face. I
quickly looked down and buried my face in my hands as I continued
sobbing, feeling the same tension as I felt when it happened going
through me. Two strong arms suddenly wrapped themselves around my
shaking body and I felt myself being pushed into someones chest.

“Why didn't you tell me?” Harry asked.

“I-I'm so sorry, Harry.” I croaked out and squeezed the clothe of his
blazer in my hands. “It's just something I didn't want to be reminded
of.” I explained and continued crying and shaking in his arms.

“Shh, it's okay.” Harry reassured me and a big hand started to stroke my
back, trying to calm me down.

“So what the girls from earlier wanted to tell me wasn't the truth?”
Harry asked and pushed me out of his chest to look into my eyes. He
cupped my face in his big and cold hands and stroke the tears away as I

“What are their names?” He asked , looking me directly in the eyes,
almost making me drown in them. “I know that one was Taylor, who was the

“The one that flirted with you? That was Kenzie.” I said, but felt a
weird feeling going through me when I said 'flirted'. Harry nodded and
sighed, sending an disgusting scent into my nostrils. I looked at his
mouth and controlled the shiver that wanted to go down my spine when I
saw it.

“Have you...” I asked, not even finishing it because I knew he knew what
I was taylking about. He sighed again and closed his eyes as he nodded.

“Who?” I asked and thought back to the scream I had a few minutes ago.

“Kenzie and Taylor.” Harry said and leaned back and straightened his
back, making himself sitting a lot higher than me.

“What?!” I whisper-yelled as I looked at him with wide eyes.

“I'm sorry I was hungry and I don't like people bringing down people I
like. And face the positive side of it; now you don't have to deal with
being bullied by them.” He said and rubbed the back of his hand against
his mouth, only making his hand dirty with the red stuff. I slightly
nodded and turned my head to stare at the wall opposite.

“Shall we go? It's getting late and cold?” He said but the end of his
scentence became a question, wanting me to answer because he never was
cold. I nodded again, not leaving my gaze. I heard and saw him standing
up from the corner of my eye. He reached out his hand to me and I slowly
took it before being lifted up as if I was weighing nothing. When I was
standing on my feet, I looked at him. I reached my arms towards my neck
and took of my scarf.

“Here.” I said, giving it to him. He looked at it and pulled up one eyebrow.

“So people won't see the...” I trailed off and bit my lip.

“Thanks.” Harry said and grabbed the scarf out of my hands and put it
around his neck. He buried his chin and mouth into it and looked at me.
I nodded and smiled towards him and I saw the muscles in his fave moving
in the same way when he smiles. He reached out his hand again and I
looked at it. Slowly I handed my hand in mine and he immediately held it
more tighter around my hand. Although his hand was extremely cold, a
warm feeling exploded inside of my stomach and spred out through my
whole body. Together, we started walking out of the alley and on our way
back to the car. All the time, I wanted nothing else but smile, but
tried to hide it because I would possible look like a freak if I did so.
I was happy Harry stayed the same after I told him about it, he didn't
judged me on my past, just like I had done when he told me about his
past.But now we both had told about ourselves a bit more, it felt like
our bond had immediately became stronger.


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