Let Me In(Harry Styles)

The mysterious boy Harry moves in next to August, a girl who has to deal with her parents' divorce and being bullied. August develops a special bond with her strange neighbor, but when the small town they live in is startled by a series of brutal murders ever since Harry moved into the flat, it seems he's more involved with them than August thinks. "Innocence dies, Harry doesn't."



11. Chapter 10: Locked Up

"Hello?" I called and looked around me, taking in my surroundings. I
was standing among a lot of trees, the sky was dark and the cold air
sent shivers down my spine.

"August?" I heard a familiar female voice coming from behind me. I
immediately turned around, to see a woman with brown hair wearing a long
white dress.

"Mum?" I whispered and took a step forward. I saw the woman smiling,
although she was meters away from me.

"Mum.", I said louder this time and started to run towards her. When I
saw I was coming near her, tears started to form in my eyes. Suddenly,
her body went backwards, without taking steps.

"Mum!" I yelled at the top of my lungs and ran even harder, but it
seemed impossible to reach her.

"August what are you doing?" I heard a familiar deep voice and turned
around to see my dad laughing as he stood in front of me.

"Dad!" I yelled out and ran into his arms. I swept my arms around his
torso and buried my head into his chest. "Did you see that?"

"What?" My dad asked and chuckled.

"Mum just.. She..." I couldn't find the words and looked up to my
father. "She suddenly disappeared.", I saidand buried my head back into
his chest.

"It's your fault, August.", He said and I froze.

"What is my fault?"

"Why your mother is sick and is swallowing too many pills and drinking
too many alcohol. It's all your fault we are getting a divorce. If you
weren't born, we would still be together happily ever after." I froze
again and felt my heart stopping with beating for a few seconds.

"You don't mean that." I croaked out. Suddenly, my dad's body
disappeared and all that I was hugging was the air.

"Dad?" I called out, but suddenly, the ground beneath me disappeared. I
fell down into darkness and screamed all the air out of my lungs until I
fell down on the soft ground with a thud. I opened my eyes, and it
surprised me that I wasn't feeling pain. I looked at the snow on which I
was lying and slowly grabed it in my hands, but it wasn't cold. Slowly,
I stood up and looked around and saw I was standing in front of the
playground which was surrounded by our flatbuildings. I stopped with
shifting my eyes when I saw a figure sitting on the bench. His figure
drew curls and I immediately recognized it.

"Harry?" I asked and walked towards him. He was panting heavily and his
whole body rose up and down by breathing in and out.

"Are you okay?" I asked him when I almost reached him.

"Yes I am." I heard his husky voice and saw his head turning around to
face me. But when it did, I froze right on the spot. I stared at him as
he stood up and started walking towards me. He opened his mouth as he
breathed in and out, showing his fangs. His eyes were golden again and
unnaturally bright and his skin was paler than I had ever seen. I saw
that his face did wear an expression. It was one of what I can only
describe as lust, but I didn't knowwhat for. I was far from able to base
my reactions upon reason and logic. I could not bear to stay there, for
fear, but nor had I any strength left in my body to turn and run away.

"H-Harry." I whispered and he nodded before standing still in front of
me, way too close. He stared at my neck and licked his lips. He leaned
closer and I could not move anymore, I had become paralyzed.

"August, sweet, little August. You should learn to not trust people as
fast as you are doing at the moment.", He said and I felt cold breath
against my neck, sending chills all over. One hand grabbed my shoulder
and the other my neck and turned my neck to the right, giving himself
enough space. He leaned more closer and all that I could do was breathe,
which wasn't regular. I felt his fangs grazing my skin and I shivered
again, causing him to chuckle.

"Harry, please don't." I whispered and closed my eyes.

"Too late.", Harry said before pressing his fangs harder against my skin.


"No!" I screamed at the top of my lungs and shot up as I hugged the
duvet tight. The sweat was covering the skin on my forehead and on my
back and I was breathing heavily. I slowly let go of my grasp on the
duvets and managed to get my breathing regular again. I kicked my legs
out of the bed and stood up. Looking around, I saw I was still in a room
I didn't know and I immediately walked towards the door. I pulled again
at the handle, but it was still locked. Leaning my forehead against it,
I breathed deep in and out as I thought back to the last part of my

"You should learn to not trust people as fast as you are doing at the
moment." I remembered him saying and said it out loudly.

I banged on the door as hard as I could. "Harry! Harry open the door!" I
yelled and continued banging and screaming his name, but didn't get an
answer. I stopped and pressed my ear against the wood, trying to listen
to any sound on the other side of the door, but it was deadly quiet.

"Harry! Open this door!" I screamed and took a few steps back before
jumping against the door with my shoulder. I winced in pain when I felt
the bone cracking and fell down to the ground with my back leaning
against the door.

This all was a trick.

Harry lied to me all the time. He just wanted my blood so he would
survive and I'd die. He acted weird, so I would become curious and
wanted to stay around him. He acted like he and I were friends, so I
would have trust in him. And these to thing went all good for him, he
got me good. Now I was his property and he was doing what he had planned
to do with me ever since the moment we met, or ever since the moment he
saw me.

I snapped out of my thoughts when I heard a door slamming shut and I
recognized it as the sound of the front door. My eyes widened when I
heard a few quiet footsteps and I shot up. I looked around, trying to
find a place to hide, but since there weren't many objects in this room,
I didn't see anything. I heard footsteps approaching and the only thing
I could do was running towards the bed, lying down on the ground and
rolling myself under it. Right when I was in position, I saw the door
opening and two naked feet walking inside.

"August?" I heard Harry's husky voice. I pressed my lips as hard as I
could together and forced myself to not make any sound. I remained
silent, didn't move any muscle, even not my fingers.

I heard him sigh, "August I know you're in here, get out wherever you
are or I'm going to search for you.", He saidand stood still. But I
still didn't move and didn't come out.

"I can smell you are in here.", Harry said and I heard him inhaling
through his nose before he walked towards the bed. I felt my heart
beating really hard and to me, it seemed like you could hear it. I
closed my eyes and prayed to God that he wouldn't find me. When I opened
my eyes again, his feet were out of my eyesight and I wanted to sigh in
relief, but two hands grabbed my ankles and pulled me out of under the
bed. I screamed and tried to kick myself free, but he was too strong.
When I looked up, I saw Harry looking down at me with his eyebrows
frowned and I immediately tried to crawl away, but he grabbed my ankle
again and pulled me back towards him.

"August what are you doing?" He asked and tried to grab my hand, but I
swept it away and curled myself up in a ball, protecting myself.

"August I'm not going to hurt you.", He said and sighed, reaching his
arm out for me to grab. I looked up at him, with an angry expression on
my face and pushed me with help of the bed up, rejecting his hand.

"You are not going to hurt me? Harry I'm done with all these lies!" I
yelled in his face.


"No Harry! Why did you lock me up in this room?" I asked him and raised
my eyebrow.

"Because I-," I cut him off again.

"Because what? Because you lied to me all the time I thought I could
trust you? Because all you want is to suckme dry so you'll survive?" I
asked and pointed my finger at him, feeling the adrenaline rushing
through my body.

"No I-," Yet again, I cut him off.

"Because all you want is my red liquid, isn't it? You filthy liar." I
spat at him and suddenly, I felt all my anger getting control of my
body. The anger of my mum not caring about me, the anger of my dad
leaving me, the anger of Kenny and his friends bullying me without a
reason and the anger of trusting someone who you thought was
your friend, but he turned out a liar, Harry. I balled my fist and
before I knew it, it was swayed in the air on it's way to Harry's cheek.
Suddenly, everything went slow-motion. I looked into Harry's eyes as my
fist was still making it's waytowards him, but saw they were already
looking at me and his eyebrows were still frowned. In only one second,
his eyes flashed into the color of gold and it seemed like he was
looking into my eyes like he was pulling out my soul. Suddenly, a huge
wave of pain flashed through my head. I immediately grasped my head with
both my hands as I fell down on my knees in front of him. I screamed it
out in pain and squeezed my eyes shut. It felt like a
thousandknives were all stabbing my head all at the same time.

"Please, stop." I whimpered and just as it had appeared, it disappeared
and I fell down on the ground, gasping for air.

"You are the one that should know violence is not the key to
solving things.", Harry said and walked over to stand behind me. He put
his arms under mine and pulled me up back on my feet. As soon as I got
up, I leaned my back against the wall.

"Listen, I'm not going and planning on hurting you, I really won't. I
brought you here because you now know what a horrible creature I am and
I don't want to risk that you blurt it out to someone.", He said and I
looked up to meet his eyes which were filled with guilty. "I care about
you, a lot, and I will never forgive myself if I'll ever hurt you
because I have never cared so much about a person like you.", He
said and stroke my upper-arms. I looked down and bit my lip. Honestly,
what he just had said didn't sound like a lie. I looked up and into his
eyes, trying to find any sign of him lying like shifting eyes biting his
lip, but didn't find any, only truth.

"B-But you l-locked me up in t-this room because you d-don't trust me?"
I asked and felt a lump in my throat appearing. Harry sighed and looked

"No, it's just.. I... Damn it!" He yelled and pushed both his hands each
on the sides of my head onto the wall. He sighed again and looked down.
"I'm sorry, I need to think.", He said as let go of the wall and started
to walk towards the door.

“But being friends means that you can trust each other.” I whispered,
almost not loud enough to hear, but he heard it and stopped dead in his
tracks just before he reached the door. He turned his head and looked
down at the ground next to his left shoulder. It stayed quiet for a few
seconds and I watched as he stood still and stared at the floor before
he opened the door, left the room and closed it behind himself, leaving
me falling down onto the ground crying out all the tension from what
just had happened.



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