Moonlight Sonata (Moonlight Series): Book 1

If you lose someone who was the only person who mattered, you're done. But, what if someone you find just by a dream, changed the emotion. How do you think Claire handled her thought of her killing her own mother? How can you react to that? Losing the only the only one who you thought would care for you. Claire finds her other half, Blake, making her heal through her pain of loss.


20. Protection needed


        I woke the next morning with my beautiful Claire in my arms. All the sudden flashes of images surface to my mind and I see Leelan on top of Claire and my my anger goes haywire. Claire is crying under the pressure of Leelan on top of her...she starts to shiver in my arms and I wrap her in my arms and kiss her on the four-head. I gently rub her head as as I hear a soft voice say,"Blake ...I need to talk to you...its really important and I need you to be honest with me ok?" I nod my head and she looks so scared,"How do you no Leelan, Charlie,and Jake?" "Well..."I started to say and then got really nervous. She gets up and sits in my lap to face me,"Come on Blake!" "When I was in training to be a successful warrior I went to a place called'The Academy '...its were we go and learn about some parts of out heratiage and we learn a little bit of information on soul mates...but the main reason anyone goes to 'The Academy' to learn how to protect the people who need it the most...and our soul mates. ...Leelan was in my level and Charlie and Jake was a year ahead of us....I was going into the practice field one day and Leelan walked up to me and started to talk to me like we were old friends..I enjoyed his company..he was a good friend to hang out we walked to the practice field that day Charlie and Jake were out practicing and we stared in amazement as we watched them fight..they were amazeing compared to a pair of first years..they took us under their wing to teach us everything they new about fighting and protecting...and then Lylian can along and when Leelan saw her..he just new...that she was his soul mate...but she rejected him the moment she saw him...and I could tell by the look on his face that he was in pain..and unbearable pain..he can never bond or claim with anyone...but in my belief he should be glad that she still speaks to him even though she rejected him...most of the time rejected mates can't be around each other..definitely if they are with another person..their pain just intensifies..." She looks at me and looks upset then twiddles her thumbs,"Do you think that is why he keeps trying to get to me?Because he is jealous?" I pull her face up so I can look her in the eyes,"I could be the reason why...But I wont let anything happen to you..I promise.."

      I move my four-head to touch hers then we hear a knock on the door. Max ran in,"Blake we have a problem...Leelan is in the house and request for you both to come down...we will a make our block around Claire for her protection.."I get up off the bed and pull Claire beside me as we walk out the room and form the block. 

   We arrived downstairs and Claire gripped my hand hard. She must be frightened right now. "Leelan...what is your importance here?" He walked up to me and said,"I have herd you have been talking about there a reason why?" I cupped my hand around Claire's waist and pull her close to me."Claire deserved to know what happened at 'The Academy' ....she deserves to know everything..." "What gives you the right to tell someone about my personal life Blake?!.She is just a human for crying out loud!" I turn to him and say,"She is my mate...and it doesn't matter if you care or not...she will know everything..." Anger fumed up in Leelan's face and he stormed out of the house. I turned to Claire and pushed my four-head to hers,"Are you ok baby?" She nods her head and a small tear escapes her eye and I wipe it off."It will be ok..I promise...I will protect you even if I haft to put my life at risk.." She nods her head and I give her a gentle kiss on her lips. The feel of her kisses makes me want to claim her this minute just to get Leelan to leave us alone.

     I pick her up and carry her back to her room and lay her on the bed. I leave to go converse with the boys when she pulled my hand and began to cry."Hey,hey..shhh...It will be ok..." " Blake...I'm afraid..." My body hardens around her and I say,"Why?What has happened?" She cries and says,"I'm afraid he will take me from you and do things to me.....were we can't bond....." She cries even harder,"I will never let that happen..." She grips my shirt and says,"As long as we are here he is able to find us...but maybe if we leave we can go to another location for safety...go stay closer to 'The Council' or something....." I no she is right....and I haft to make a decison."If we go closer the 'The Council' I am going to ask them if we are able to bond early...since it is a matter for your safety..they might consider it.....its a long shot...but it just might work...but there is one thing I need to ask you first...."I hesitate to ask her and see the worry on her face,"Claire White...Will you marry me and bond with me?" She looks shocked and then hugs me."There is nothing more I would love to do Blake. I love you!" 

   She starts to cry as I lift her up and kiss her passionately...This girl will be my wife...and she will complete me with our bonding ceremony and claiming ceremony....She already completes now...but afterwards we will be so much stronger...I love this girl..I have fell completely in of love with her...

   I lay her back down on the bed,"I love you Claire...more than anything...."She smiles and thinks, I love you to Blake.... Please don't ever leave me.....I think,That can never happen...i've completely fallen for you.. I lay beside her has she drifts off to her peaceful world of sleep. I rub her back until sleep consumes her completely and she travels to her dream state.

   I get up and exit the room to see the guys crowded around her door."I need all of you to pack your things and I will pack Claire's things and my things...we are leaving to go to a house in the mountains I have set up just in case something like this happens. We need to be gone in less that thirty minutes and we should be there by daybreak..I think Claire will sleep until we get there so lets get on the road.." "Ok Blake we will be ready!!" Max said enthusiastically. 

    Thirty minutes later....

         I picked up Claire and gently put her in the back seat and sat beside her. The guys loaded the rest of the stuff and Max started to drive. As we drove to our escape house Claire layed her head on my shoulder and I felt content. I closed my eyes and drifted off to a deep sleep with the perfect girls head on my shoulder...

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