Moonlight Sonata (Moonlight Series): Book 1

If you lose someone who was the only person who mattered, you're done. But, what if someone you find just by a dream, changed the emotion. How do you think Claire handled her thought of her killing her own mother? How can you react to that? Losing the only the only one who you thought would care for you. Claire finds her other half, Blake, making her heal through her pain of loss.


15. Pain


         There was so much anger coursing through my body as i held my sweet lifeless Claire in my arms. I felt the life drain from her body as she fell unconscious. All my fear and anger turned into hate as I held my Claire in my arms. I wanted to protect her  as if she was still here. A have of myself just died with her as she took her last breath. Then my tears started to fall as I held her as close as I possibly could. She was gone and I could never get her back. I suddenly felt a small weak hand touch my face and wip my tears. I opened my eyes and saw that Claire had came back to me. I began to speak but she cut me off with one of her soft kisses. I stopped kissing her and said,""You can't ever leave me like that again.. I felt your life drain from lost so much blood...that I..I--"  She rubbed her hand on my face and said,""I can't ever leave you like are my soul are my other half.You complete me."

  I kissed her for what seemed like hours and then she fell asleep. I geared things through my mind and cam to the conclusion that I had to talk to my dad. He needed to tell me what to do to be able to protect Claire..I kissed her on her four-head and picked her up to carry her downstairs. There is noway that I am leaving her. Not if there is a possibility of Leelan coming to finished what he started. She is with me at all times. Never to leave my side. She was so close to death that I almost lost her.

   I carried her with me to my dads private study and lay her on the couch very gently."Dad..we have a problem and it needs to be fixed now..She was almost killed tonight..and I want her under the protection of 'The Council' as well as mine. She needs extra protection....I don't no reason of why someone wants to harm her..but I will figure it out. Which means she needs more protection. .." He looks at me wearily and says,"We need to get Dr.Sterlings to come check her head and I will see what I can do with 'The Council' I will wright a letter and wait for the response..I should have it here in a few days..." I look at him with a firey look,"I can't wait that long...she needs protection now Dad!"

   I start to pace the room nervously when my dad stops me,"The trip to 'The Council' is a three day trip..if you want to make there you can leave Claire here with me an--" I cut him off right there with anger bubbling to my surface,"If I make that trip to 'The Council" I am not leaving Claire she will stay with that clear?" He had a look on his face that was a look of understanding,"Son...I understand what you are I suggest whatever you feel fit to do.." I think about my options and figure the best choice would be to make the travel and confront 'The Council' myself,"Dad..we are making the trip and will talk to them together...we will leave in the morning. And please get Dr. Sterlings here to look at her head." He makes a phone call and says,"He will be here in five minutes."

    I picked up Claire and carried her back to her bed. She wakes up and smiles a little bit. Gosh! How I love that sweet smile.I start to pack some clothes but she stops me and says,"Hey, whats going on baby?" I sit on the side of the bed slowly."We are going on a trip to try and make you safe..Dr. Sterlings will be here in a few minutes to look at your head. ok?" She slowly nods her head ok and we here a knock on the door. Dr. Sterlings walks in and looks at Claire,"I'm here to look at your head. Is that ok?" She looks at me and I confirm that it is ok to let him check it."Yes..Its ok..." She says quite nervously. I go and sit by her as her looks at her head."You will need a few stitches .I will go ahead and give them to you now if you think you can sit still." She looks at me and I no that she wants me closer."I'll be here Claire." "ok. Lets do it." She says with a comfortable smile. I move to sit behind her and put my arms around her waist. Dr. Sterlings gets his tools ready and begins the process. She flinches a few times and I rub her back."It will be ok Claire..Just calm down." I feel her body calming down slowly. I smirk. I am glad that I have that kind of effect on her. When Dr. Sterlings finished he sayed,"All done. I guess I will be off now.It was good to see you two I just wished it was under better circumstances..."

     He walks our the room and I turn Claire around and push her closer to my body. I began to kiss her forcefully, and for some reason I feel the need to claim her and mark her as mine. I knew for some reason this beautiful girl in front of me wouldn't mind. I not letting any man touch her or think about touching her. I would die before I let that happen and I know that she feels that same way about me. I continue to kiss her until I felt I felt content. I gasped for a breath and I said,"I don't ever want to stop.I want to kiss you forever and never let you go." I layed my head on her chest  and she rubbed the back of my head softly. She spoke one word so quietly that is was almost unautoable,"Never." I began to kiss her once more as I layed her on the bed and we kissed until we fell asleep. I held her in my arms all night. She nuzzled her head in my neck and I just focused on the softly and steady beat of her heart. She was mine..and no one can have her. She makes me whole. She already has stolen my heart.


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